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Happy Mothers Day!

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Whitewineformeplease Sun 12-May-13 01:27:30

My first Mother's Day as a mammy! Wishing a great day to all overseas mums! thanks

howdoo Sun 12-May-13 01:31:57

Happy Mothers Day back! Is my 8th (I think) - although actually have another 3 1/2 hours to go. Also DH is on holiday (the bugger) and not back til tomorrow afternoon, at which point he will have two DSs clamouring for his attention while I go and have a lie down!

TrucksAndDinosaurs Sun 12-May-13 01:33:22

Happy Mother's Day!
DH forgot the UK one but the supermarket here is full of Mom cards with Cheesey messages so he gets another chance grin

Whitewineformeplease Sun 12-May-13 02:06:59

I remember the UK one, all the Facebook messages and photos, I sulked a bit cos I felt really left out! Am having a lovely day so far, a long lie in, breakfast in bed and am heading out for lunch with the in-laws shortly. Also got Game of Thrones season one on DVD as a pressie. Now I can see what all the fuss is about!

Alligatorpie Sun 12-May-13 05:13:25

Happy mothers day! We have already had the British one and Egypt has its own, but i keep telling dd that this is the important one.

echt Sun 12-May-13 06:42:03

Happy Mothers' Day. Wow, it's big in Australia; restaurants full of families; pavements chockers with tiny kids and grandmas.

We had a vair naice lunch in town and are about a have lie down to recover. I mean a real lie down, not a metaphor for the old rumpy pumpy.grin

Talking pressies, a lovely bunch of chrysanthemums from DD; DVD of "Community", which I've only just discovered, and a pair of lovely RM Williams boots that DD is already eyeing up to "share".

Salbertina Sun 12-May-13 10:49:34

Happy mothers day! Nearly a "mom", rarely a mum now...

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