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Leaving presant for a friend who is emegrating.

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Distel Sat 20-May-06 11:35:59

I have a friend who is leaving Bath to live in France with the rest of her family. I am rubbish with presants at the best of times and wondered if anyone has any nice ideas that we could give her. It needs to be quite small as it has to leave in the car with them and I know she will have a packed car.

Twiglett Sat 20-May-06 11:37:35

when she gets there arrange for a basket of beautiful french food to be delivered on moving day .. along with flowers .. the wonders of the internet

Distel Sat 20-May-06 11:45:09

Thats a really lovely idea but was thinking more along the lines of a little keepsake. Not got a lot of money at the moment. Thankyou for answering though.

outofmyleugue Sat 20-May-06 12:01:28

photo of all her frinds signed with note s on back in a nice frame

Twiglett Sat 20-May-06 12:02:08

photo montage of all kids / friends together in a clip frame

Distel Sat 20-May-06 12:07:41

Oh, thats a really nice idea. Thankyou.

eidsvold Sun 21-May-06 03:30:39

not sure if you can get them in the UK - mus tbe somewhere that sells them... we have these frames that come with special pens and are white - you can sign them in the permanent pen and then they can put a pic in the frame - gorgeous ceramic frames.

SueW Sun 21-May-06 06:05:14

Something you can arrange to be sent over rather than taken. There can be so many people who want to give you a little bit of something that it can be a bit overwhelming when you may already be having to make harsh decisions over what to take

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