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France - Morbihan/ Lorient - anyone?

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Mosling Mon 06-May-13 21:15:05

FIL and MIL staying in Brittany have had a medical emergency and FIL is in intensive care. It's been a week or so and, while he's still in intensive care, he is at least conscious and lucid. They're insured and well supported by local families they've known for decades, but MIL is finding it exhausting only having French company - her French is not great.

Is there anyone who might get in touch to have a cup of tea with a slightly lonely MIL? FIL is in hospital in Lorient and MIL has a car.

Many thanks...

peppersquint Tue 07-May-13 05:12:50

Hi Mosling - sorry to hear about your MIL and FIL. I'm in France but too far away I'm afraid. Can I suggest you post on the Anglo Info website - they have a Brittany section and you may get a better response there. Best wishes

Mosling Tue 07-May-13 13:48:12

Thanks, will do!

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