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Canada - recommendations for a humidifier

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countydurhamlass Fri 03-May-13 04:05:06

Hi we moved to Canada about six weeks ago, living in Regina. We are settling in quite well but have one problem. The dryness in the air. Still trying to figure out the heating and ventiliation - its all so knew to us. its gas powered air ventiliation type heating. the air is so dry and we are always waking up with dry throats and my son has started having some bad nosebleeds (suffers from nosebleeds but seems to have gotten worse since we have been here). been advised by a few people to get a humidifier. So we have decided to get two small ones, for each of our bedrooms. The problem is that all the electrical goods here tend to be different brands to that back in England and other than going by the price i dont know what is a good brand and what is a brand to stay clear of (that goes for everything we are in the process of buying),

can anyone recommend a good small humidifier (doesnt have to be all singing all dancing as long as it does the job) for preferably under $60 or thereabouts. We really cannot afford to spend alot of money on them as we are starting a fresh with everything (didnt bring any possessions with us). what is a good brand? where is the best place to buy them from - Walmart? canadian tire? Home Depot? anywhere else.

thanks for your help

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