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Thinking off moving to Canada, Vancouver ???

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Kimm2013 Sat 27-Apr-13 23:24:05

The question, what can I do over in Canada, for a living!! I am a teaching assistant. With 3 children under 4. Husband works with computers.

Don't know, where to start, am aware it's not a over nite jobsmile😁

All, skilled work in Canada, construction, etc. ?? Maybe I could start something in the uk, starting a new skill.

Life is so short, I feel like, I need to crap opportunities!! I have been to Canada, several times ! I have family.. But would not like to relay on them!

Advice please... !!!!

Alligatorpie Sun 28-Apr-13 08:59:26

I can't help with the immigration process, but if you find you need to retrain to be a TA, Langara college at Cambie and 49th has the best program. But daycare is very expensive. You would be paying a minimum of $1000 per child per month, it would be cheaper for you to get a nanny. No way would a TA ( called EA - education assistant in Van) salary cover that.

Many careers in Canada require local certification. It is a huge problem for many people who don't realize that before they arrive.

Vancouver is amazing if you can get past the rain, and the cost.

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 04-May-13 04:14:38

It depends if you want to emigrate or work temporarily. I have done the temporary foreign worker thing and the permanent residence thing. For the temporary worker thing you have to prove that your employer can't find a Canadian for a decent wage who will do the job. I was applying to work weekend nights in a really dodgy homeless shelter and it still took ages, and I finally got the local politician involved.

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