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Advice needed re schools in Turin, Italy!

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embles76 Thu 11-Apr-13 13:57:46

Hello there - I hope someone in Italy can help me! I am potentially moving back to Turin with my husband and two children (5 and 7) in August. It's been a difficult time trying to decide whether we should go. We lived there before for three years (my daughter was born there) and had a lovely time there, but now the children are settled back here and happy in the UK school system. School is my main concern, really, if I'm honest. We went out to look at the International School (IST) and it was nice, but I wasn't bowled over by it. Does anyone have any experience of this school they can share? It would really help me to make a decision! There are a couple of other bilingual schools in Turin which I haven't investigated yet, but I'm hesitating as I'd rather they continue their education in English (we want to come back for secondary education) and we need a school with good pastoral care. In my experience in Italian schools (I taught in a couple when I was there) this is not their strong point! Any thoughts, or advice much appreciated. Thank you!

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