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Nanny needed on a South Korean island, Jeju

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Jejudo Sun 07-Apr-13 08:43:23

Does anyone know where I would start to look for a nanny who'd come and live with us in South Korea?? The job would be more than an aupair. I was suprised at how much The Lady magazine was charging for an advert (£60 for a week), or perhaps adverts just are expensive? I just don't know where to start! Thanks all.

Rookiebfcounsellor Sun 07-Apr-13 08:46:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notapoloshirtperson Sun 07-Apr-13 08:58:43

Yes, nannyjob and childcare uk. Also gumtree.
Be sure to put as much info in your ad. Hours, ages of children list of duties and pay. Also what you want in terms of age/experience/qualifications. What accomodation you are offering, what city you live in.
This really helps attract applications from suitable candidates. I f you are vague you may get a ridiculous amount of applicants, though if you are in S.Korea, maybe only the brave and adventurous types...!

soonmoving Sun 07-Apr-13 10:12:02

I think you'd need to put into perspective that £60 is a fraction of the cost you'll spend on a nanny going to someone so far, especially if you're looking for someone from the UK, I'd imagine that would set you back double my salary in cost.

Astelia Wed 10-Apr-13 08:15:12

Another vote here for the £60 to be put in perspective. If you want a UK based nanny to live with you then your costs will be astronomical.

Flights, salary, health insurance, visa/paperwork costs, living allowance are the norm on expat postings.

laptopwieldingharpy Wed 10-Apr-13 09:04:15

hmmm yes, what Astelia said.
If you are prepared to ship in a qualified nanny, I don't really understand the rationale of not going through a proper channel a paying a small intro fee. It seems odd when you add up the costs.

Here in HK it is easy enough to find a proper nanny but they usually already live here with proper documentation and most are live out (have boyfriends/family here). And they already command a hefty salary on local terms without even adding up all the perks of a proper "expat" posting.

I Singapore they are almost impossible to find due to work restrictions. That category of work is classified as "domestic help" and its a restrictive visa category.

So my advice is get in touch with an agency such as tinies, simplyangelic or why not royalnannies to find out how it all adds up and visa requirements.

Are you already in South Korea? could you contact the british school/consulate and see if they have a noticeboard? I also found that pretty much everywhere in Asia the American women's association (AWA) are a wealth of knowledge. Might be worth posting there?

Finally I think it might very well be worth looking for an Australian or Kiwi nanny. They are very mobile throughout Asia and costs might make more sense. They are also usually more culturally aware about life in Asia.
Have no Idea about where to look. Maybe you could highjack the Ozie-NZ regular thread and find out how to post an add? Skype interviews are easy enough to organise I suppose?

ZZZenagain Wed 10-Apr-13 14:21:39

I would also consider a nanny from the Philippines but I am sorry I don't know which organisations you could turn to for this.

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