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reluctantmover Sun 31-Mar-13 16:25:51

Hi there
looks like our family might have to move from August 2014 for 4 years elsewhere. The children speak French and English. I'd like to keep the youngest and possibly 2nd youngest in French, eldest who will be 15+ in English, so looking for 8-16 education in French or English if we can't find a French school nearby, 15+ education in English. In the end it might not be viable finding a French school near to an English one, but if the youngest can't be in French, it would be nice at least to have French Scouts or some other way of keeping up friendships in French. The English school should ideally do IB or A levels, think it would be too hard to move over to American. So anyone got experience of the following :


Cheers for any suggestions

anonymosity Tue 02-Apr-13 03:42:22

None, but I didn't want to leave your mssge unanswered.

Have you looked up the Lycees in any of these places?

laptopwieldingharpy Tue 02-Apr-13 08:33:52

Beijing, shanghai, delhi & Mumbai all have french schools with "international" streams taught in English so all the boys could be in the same school.
All those places also have reputable international schools.

For sure in Delhi & mumbai there are some very selective and academics English curriculum schools as well. Competition rife and long waitlists.
Harrow and dulwich college too in Beijing and am sure there are day pupils as well as boarders.
You would probably also have to face the possibility of debentures to secure a place.
Recommend you start looking at admission procedures early.

reluctantmover Tue 02-Apr-13 09:23:14

Slowly going through the list, starting with the lycées Francais first which I know will all be covered by employer. Problem is the employer has an approved list and also has reserved places in certain schools, I need to get hold of this lists for the English schools really.

I've discovered different school finish times / school holidays might put paid to having 1 or 2 in English and 1 or 2 in French! If the schools are far apart geographically it won't work either.

I might be back once we have the lists of approved schools.

laptopwieldingharpy Tue 02-Apr-13 09:42:45

Yes, get hold of the list ASAP.

Also do kids hold french passports? If yes, then you jump queues and get a pretty much garanteed place in the french stream.
All the ones i mentioned will have efficient bus services but surely long rides to/from school i guess.

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