Anyone live(d) in Guernsey?

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TracyK Tue 12-Mar-13 18:23:59

Good things? Bad things?
me and dh in 40's with a 9yo son and dog.

Jessiecar Sat 25-Feb-17 09:38:13

Yes I have registered with 4 but the only place they had was £1450 a month :/ :/ :/

Sparklyuggs Sat 25-Feb-17 08:48:15

Feel free to ask anything else, I'm happy to help smile

Sparklyuggs Sat 25-Feb-17 08:47:43

I was worried about that but it really hasn't been too bad so far, I think it just makes you plan a bit more.

In terms of housing have you spoken to any local agents? Or I think there might be some Facebook groups? Guernsey press website?

Jessiecar Sat 25-Feb-17 08:16:37

@Sparklyuggs Thanks so much for the help. I am looking forward to it but worried about how small the island is. Not such much in everyday living as I am guessing it's like living in a village, just in the being trapped sense. I am sure I will be fine when I am over there, it's just daunting,

I am just trying to find somewhere to live at the moment, does anybody have any tips? Everywhere I am looking at is so expensive and almost everywhere says no pets. Probably the same amount say no children :/

Sparklyuggs Fri 24-Feb-17 22:42:41

jessiecar I moved to Guernsey in October and it's been good so far. I fly back to London once a week for uni and I've only had 2 bad delays due to fog; given the horrendous train delays I had commuting into London I'm not sure it's that bad.

It is small compared to London but our quality of life is much better, food is a bit more expensive but we save on commuting costs and have more time to batch cook.

I'm GF and it's easy here, all the restaurants are excellent at catering for it and M&S, Alliance, Co-op and Waitrose all have Gf products, the only one which doesn't is Iceland but I think that's the same here.

Feel free to pm me if you want to know anything else, obviously I'm still very new but I remember the move well smile

Vq1970 Thu 16-Feb-17 22:44:43

Both fine now, thanks smile The patient care in hospital is incredible, I couldn't fault anyone. I think we are incredibly lucky with our hospital.

Cost of living is probably not that different to London in a lot of aspects. I have a friend who lives in London and we both moan about the cost of things which seem to be comparable. My step daughter moved back to guernsey after living in London for many years and wouldn't move back.

Renting is expensive but you may be entitled to a housing allowance which will have been discussed with you at interview so this might help. Great place to have a dog. You are never more than fifteen minutes from a beach, usually less. I think you can take the dog to all of the beaches during the winter months and then some become dog free in the summer so it limits you but not all of them so the dog can have a lovely swim! And you'll meet plenty of people walking their dogs on the beach.

I'm sure Ive seen gluten free ranges in the shops, we have plenty of GF people here and they don't starve!

Jessiecar Thu 16-Feb-17 22:19:58

Oh thanks for the reply, I hope you are both recovered?
I would need to rent as I have a dog. The staff i met ay the hospital seemed so nice. Much more patient focused than in London. And the pay is better than over here but i am guessing the cost of living evens it out.
I was a little concerned as M&S didnt seem to sell any gluten free products as i have food allergies but looking online it seems Waitrose do.
I would spend everyday at the beach if I could but in London the closest is hours away. Thanks for the info smile

Vq1970 Thu 16-Feb-17 22:04:40

Oh and we have 3 M&S food halls so plenty of supermarkets!

I love being able to go on cliff walks on nice days, finishing work at 5pm and being in the sea at Cobo by five past where, incidentally, there is no sewage. I swim there practically every day in the summer and quite often in the shoulder months. You can get fish and chips and sit on the beach watching the sunset. Buses are currently £1 per journey so really cheap to get around. The downside is the the buses don't run late at night and taxis are expensive.

Internet shopping is relatively easy these days. There are still some places that don't deliver to the Channel Islands but there are ways around this or you shop somewhere else.

I am well travelled and I think Guernsey is incredibly friendly. People will talk to you, if you look lost they will offer to help. Lost phones, purses, wallets etc get handed in to the police station, maybe not all the time but most of the time. I can leave my bag on the beach and go down to the sea to swim and when I come out, my bag is untouched.

We have amazing restaurants, no fast food chains like the UK but I personally like this. Yes some of them can be expensive but not all and you get what you pay for.

Vq1970 Thu 16-Feb-17 21:55:04

I'm local, 47 years old and whilst I enjoy 'getting off the rock' I would not want to live anywhere else. The island is beautiful, safe, lots of,things to do if you can bother to get off your ass and go out and do them. Yes, there are some locals who are not friendly and seem to live in the past but I suspect that happens everywhere.

Guernsey is expensive but if you're coming as a nurse, would you be in nurses accommodation? This might make it more affordable for you. We have Waitrose as our main U.K. Supermarket but we also Iceland and lots of local supermarkets, one of which brings in Tesco products.

I've just had a stint in hospital, it's a brilliant hospital as a patient. My husband was in Southampton hospital last year, you can't compare the two, the standards in Guernsey are vastly higher. As an employee for the health service, I'm not sure how good this will be. It has its good points and bad points.

Jessiecar Thu 16-Feb-17 21:18:29

Just reading through the posts as I have been offered a job on the island and I am so confused what to do.
As a nurse in London I can barely afford to eat, is it much more expensive on Guernsey? I know there arent any Lidl's or other supermarkets. Is it really that bad?
All of the people I met when I attended my interview were incredibly friendly and welcoming.
Thanks smile

Quebermuda Thu 20-Oct-16 12:55:12

I would echo Morgan's comments. My wife and I have loved our move to Guernsey. It is more expensive than living in the UK but the taxes are low enough to offset the difference. We have had no problem integrating into social groups and the people are generally friendly and accommodating. It's a small place, and so having a young family I really like that it is small enough to walk to work, a 5-minute drive to the beach, and has lots of kid-friendly community events. To avoid island fever, we every so often jump on a ferry to one of the other Channel Islands, or do a long weekend to Britain or the Continent. Considering Guernsey's small population, I find it remarkable that there are more than a dozen daily flights to the UK and several to Europe.

Baronessb Tue 26-Apr-16 18:11:52

Hi I live on Guernsey and have done for 4 years. Moved here from UK. 2 children 14 and 11. Son boards in the UK and daughter is at school here for now. She will board eventually or we will move back for a few years until both at Uni.

Its a small island but that means its friendly - our experience is that locals welcome you as much as incomers and because there is such a large finance and Open Market community here people come and go all the time. Because it is a Finance centre it has all the advantage that go with that. good restaurants, infrastructure, decent transport to the UK and the best bit is educated interesting and interested people to socialise with. There is little crime and no stranger danger so kids have great freedom. Nice pace of life and of course 20% tax and no CGT/IHT so thats nice. Also moving here is easy - no call centre mentality, its just sorted by someone who gives you their name.

The downside - I think its harder here with teenagers as they get bored - we try and get off the island most holidays except the summer when its gorgeous here. So for people with young children its great and for empty nesters its great. And the travel can frustrate when the fog comes down and planes don't land. So you have to get off 24hrs ahead of UK events and be prepared for things to go wrong. There is no NHS and you pay to see a GP but if he/she refers you its all then free and paid for by your social security payments.

We have a place in the UK and I like both places. People here do like a winge about petty stuff but i guess you get that in any community. There is a big world out there and its nice to live here but to be able to head off as well. Good luck

WooBetty Thu 17-Mar-16 10:58:27

Good God it's awful. I'm desperate to get off and back to civilization.

Bad things: Locals in general, Local government, Travel operators, Cost of living, weather in the winter, 1970's Racism, 1970's Sexism, Arrogant rich people, Arrogant poor people, Ferry Service, the Hotels which are dire!

Good things. Beaches, Views, The French market once a year, Herm, Jersey and being able to move off.

Woodywoodpecker63 Thu 10-Mar-16 08:06:58

I know it now 2016 and your message re: living on the island of Guernsey was 2013, but I just wanted to thank you. I have the chance of a permanent job on this island and was checking out via my own research what living there might mean. We are originally from Cornwall but moved to the top end of Australia (Northern Territory) work wise again approximately 5 years ago. We have lived remote/out bush for 3.5 years with literally only 1 shop, and 1 pub for 650k (approx 300 miles), no daily postal delivery normally fortnightly if a wagon passed we would get an extra delivery, no internet and during the wet season very often the power and water would be off for several hours. No medical services, although the flying doctor and air ambulance could be used if a dire emergency. Various forms of wildlife that either want to eat or kill you. Then the weather during the dry season a daily temp of upto 35 degrees and during the wet season as high as 50 degrees. I used to plan monthly visits to Darwin which is regarded as a city but believe me is a small town only. I would visit just to get a feeling of civilisation. After literally not seeing another person for weeks on end apart from Aboriginal people walking the land.
Anyway to cut a long message short, I was worried about a possible move to Guernsey but your comments were refreshing and sounded so much like Cornwall. Apart from the sudden drop in weather temp. I think it sounds glorious. My only concern is if my other half can find work there. This I feel is my only concern.
Once again thank you 😀😀😀👍

Chazw92 Tue 01-Dec-15 20:18:09

Anyone taken the plunge and moved there my partner lives there and is a local I'm currently a full time mum to 2 on benefits and really want to move there if anyone has any advice to give me. And to reply to anyone's doubts the island is beautiful I've met loads of locals the past few months all very welcoming and lovely the restaurants are beautiful and the night life isn't huge to but it's the most idyllic place to bring up your children the crime rate is low and it's overall just simply gorgeous

MiaTheSlut Sat 28-Nov-15 22:03:24

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Storm15 Tue 24-Feb-15 10:08:01

We've been here for 18 months now and I hate it. Desperate to leave. I lived all over the place and never ever felt this bored, lonely or isolated anywhere. I feel so guilty for bringing our children here. There's a real local / non-local tension and they have few friends. Nor do we. Pretty much everyone we hang out with is also desperate to leave which doesn't make for cheery conversation. I actually think my DH is bordering on clinical depression.

The schools are nothing to write home about. Our local state school is huge (like 100 kids in each year group) so we've opted to pay but the private schools are just crap compared to their UK counterparts. They're also selective - from pre-school age. And by selective, I mean snobby. It's the parents that are being selected, not the kids.

3 people I spoke to recently told me they'd been to the garden centre at the weekend because they didn't know what else to do. The winter is deathly dull.

We've just put our house on the market but I'm expecting it to take years to sell; the market is dead by our estate agents own admission.

Sorry but I wouldn't recommend moving here to anyone. It seems to be good for the very young, the elderly, tax exiles, fitness fanatics and unless you're one of them...

ukfirestorm Fri 01-Nov-13 20:00:22

Just being nosey, OP did you move?

ClayDavis Sat 06-Apr-13 16:46:50

Aah. 'hedge veg'. One of the things I miss most about living in the UK.

I'll second what polka says about the PPs comments about road safety. Yes, like anywhere else there are accidents and a handful of those are fatal but it is a handful. I'd disagree with what she says about cycling as well. I've spent plenty of time cycling on both small lanes and main roads. It certainly feels much safer than cycling in the UK.

Polkadotfanatic Sat 06-Apr-13 15:57:58

Hi there op. I am 32 and have lived here all my life. It is a glorious place to live and bring up children and has some of the best weather in the UK as well as accesability to other islands in the Bailiwick if you fancy exploring. I would say that if you are an ''extreme sports / cocktail bars / adventure seeker'' type then it might stifle you somewhat, but for the most part it is glorious.

While I am not out to personally attack anyone on any mumsnet thread ever, I must contradict dikkertjedap's misleading post:

"It is not that easy to leave the island. Ferry is very regularly cancelled. Flights are quite limited and often fully booked. It is difficult if you decide on Thu or Fri to go to France or UK or Jersey on Saturday as you may have extremely limited choice or it may not be possible." - Nonsense - You have the choice of Aurigny or Flybe if you want to fly or Condor if you wish to travel by Ferry. Flights are not cheap so the earlier you can book them the better, but I have turned up at the airport before on a whim on a Friday at 5 and been in the Uk by half past seven. "Travel is very weather dependent." - perhaps you could advise on what travel wasn't?

"I don't think it is easy to make friends there. I have lived in many many countries but this was by far the most closed to outsiders. So you tend to only socialise with other outsiders. And many just want to leave, so not the most cheerful company." - I think sometimes people subscribe to stereotypes so much that they start to believe they are true. If you want to make friends over here and dont come already blindsided with ignorant views, then it is easy to do. Frankly by the tone of your posts, it isn't really a mystery why you didn't find it easy to make friends. It is well documented that Guernsey people are some of the friendliest in the World. smile

"I don't think the island is that safe either. It is no good for cyclists due to small roads and too many cars (many households have 3-4 cars), so there were accidents all the time (some fatal).
-''Accidents all the time, some fatal.'' I am 32 years old, there are perhaps 20 accidents a year. A fatal motor vehicle accident, I have perhaps known there to be about 12 in my life time....

"All people I know who have been there for a number of years are very relieved to have left." I am very relieved you left too smile

OP, what I would say is think very hard about what you are looking for. I am definitely not saying Guernsey is perfect but it will suit a certain personality perfectly. If you enjoy the outdoors, picnics, bike rides, cliff walks, tanning on the beach the whole weekend, getting excited about the snow when it comes and then wondering why the island comes to a complete halt when we have about four inches (ahem), afternoon teas, the fact that people sell things on the hedge still, friendly rivalry between us and Guernsey, the fact that we are fiercely proud of our heritage and make that known, the fact that if you are sick you can phone the doctor and you can get in that morning or afternoon usually, the fact that everyone will say hello to you if they pass you in the street, the fact that our education system is some of the best in the whole of the UK... then come.

I don't want to appear biased (just realised how long this post was, sorry) so here are the ''worst'' things about Guernsey:

Many places simply wont deliver here. And some places will try to charge you £12 to deliver something, which would have been less than a pound in the UK (eBay is a nightmare for this) - Shop around. Amazon delivers for free AND takes the VAT off.

If it's cold and rainy it can feel like the most depressing place in the World.

The cinema is shit. No other word for it. Simply, shit. smile

This next point could be a plus or a minus based on what you like - there are barely any ''well known'' UK brands here, eg you wont find:

Macdonalds: BK: KFC; IKEA: Tesco: Sainsburys: Homebase: Lidl: Spar: Pixxa Hut: Dominoes: DFS: Toys R Us: Superdrug: Mothercare: BHS: Primark (sobs) (these are just a few)
However, for me (and a lot of locals) this makes taking a visit away from the island to the 'mainland' a whole lot more fun, we tend to make full use of the 20kg baggage allowance! smile

(You will find- Boots, M&S, New Look, Dotty P, Waitrose, Iceland, Co-op, HMV and loads of other 'local' shops, too.

You have to explain constantly to people where you live, no it's not the Isle of Man, no you're not French, yes you are British, yes you are under the Crown, yes you have your own government, no people do not marry their own sisters, yes we get running water/electricity/broadband, yes we have pound notes, no they cannot be used in the UK, yes we can use English money...etc smile I find it fun and sometimes pretend not to have heard of things if people ask me something particularly stupid (I once had ''do you have washing machines over there?'') lol smile

It is a VERY expensive place to live. Very. To rent a one bedroom flat you will be starting at £750 for something not that great. A purpose-built one bedder will go for about £1,100. Essential shopping items: Loaf of bread (Co-op do an own brand at £1.35) but for Warrys (Island Bake) It's near to £2 for a loaf. Litre of milk £1.09. Block of cheese £2.00, Packet of mince £4.00, 4 chicken breasts - £5. Again, this depends WHERE you shop -if you go to iceland, obviously everything is cheaper, but I shop at Co Op usually. If you are looking to buy make sure you have in the bank at least a 5% deposit and 3%for your legal fees before you contemplate looking. A three bedroomed house will start at about the £380k mark for something quite average... (local market).

Jobs are a rare and precious commodity. The good news is that if you do get one, the pay is higher than the national average, depending on what skills you have/profession, etc.

Choice. You aren't exactly spoiled for it. You will find internet shopping to be your friend and then will have to listen to arguments about how internet shopping is taking over our economy, whilst the shops still refuse to get anything new in smile

OP, sorry for the long post, I realise that all of our posts are subject to our own experiences, but I moved away from Guersney for 18 months when I was in my early 20s (followed a boy to Ireland - you know the rest ;) ) lol and I missed it dreadfully and whilst there is no place like it in the World, I am proud to call it my home.

If you want any more info, please ask! The sun is shining right now, so I am going to get on the bicycle and see if I can find some fresh ''hedge fruit'' to buy for a pound a punnet smile

Take care! x

sunshinemama Wed 20-Mar-13 22:26:08

Hi- I moved to guernsey from Bristol 3 years ago with mh DH and 4 children aged then 1- 10.
I am a bit concerned about what you are hearing from the other person.. true the winter months are long and a bit dull but spring onward make up for it and on any day the weather is a lot better than u and warmer...
If you want to be happy here you will! Just persevere- I found guernseymen quite shy to begin with but just be yourself and you will make new friends worth having. It is the perfect place to bring up a family- we do not worry about our 13 daughter who goes off to town etc.... the islands are delightful in the summer.. property is expensive- don't get sucked into hte north /south divide- Vale etc is great but people will tell you to stick to the south where property is more expensive....
do come you won't regret it
Kind regards

dikkertjedap Sat 16-Mar-13 12:05:51

Even better would be to take an online subscription to the Guernsey Press for a few months, so you can see the full paper online.

dikkertjedap Sat 16-Mar-13 12:04:28

This is guernsey maybe worth looking at now and then to get an ideal how things work in Guernsey.

The comments on this article (bottom of the article) make interesting reading and are a good reflection how many (IME) guerns look at non-guerns.

dikkertjedap Sat 16-Mar-13 11:37:01

Never forget though, visiting a place for a long weekend is VERY DIFFERENT from actually living there day in day out. smile

Morgan Fri 15-Mar-13 22:37:49

TracyK - let me know if you want any further info . I would say that if you are friendly and outgoing you should settle in ok . I agree come and visit the island and see if you like it !

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