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What would you miss about your current location?

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butterfliesinmytummy Tue 12-Mar-13 08:46:37

The thread about missing things from the uk and our move to the US in a few months has got me thinking. Where are you now and if you moved soon, what would you miss?

We are in singapore and would miss:
Swimming outside nearly every day
Feeling warm outside nearly every day
Gold class cinemas with food and wine brought to your reclining seat
Amazing thunderstorms with warm rain
Greenery and tropical plants everywhere, even alongside the highways
Monkeys along the side of the road
Beautiful ripe mangoes, papaya, rambutans, fresh Asian greens etc
Laksa, satay and gorgeous South Indian food served on banana leaves for a few dollars
Cheap taxis
Absence of litter
Cleanliness in everything (esp spotless public toilets)
Everything being 20 minutes drive away
Waitrose food and marks and spencers

I'm sure there's more, and I'm equally sure there's another thread to come on things I won't miss.....

AlohaMama Thu 14-Mar-13 18:19:12

Hawaii (am thinking about this a lot at the moment as might be moving back to UK this year)

Never wearing socks/proper shoes
Rarely having to think about weather
DS being able to play outside every day
Money I save on DS clothes cos he hardly needs to wear any!
Walking to beach if can't think of anything else to do
Beautiful scenery
Our island-style house
Delish Japanese food
like labootin - Geckos
Egrets being as common as pigeons
Not feeling cold (esp that thing in England of getting into cold bed, or getting out of hot shower onto cold tile floor, or putting on clothes that feel cold)
My friends, my church...but I'd miss those moving from anywhere

ZZZenAgain Thu 14-Mar-13 19:35:10

where are you, Muchbrighternow?

Frogman Fri 15-Mar-13 02:24:03

We've just left Singapore and I don't miss anything about it at all. I feel free again.

Sibble Fri 15-Mar-13 07:49:22

The sun
The sky/stars
The beaches - we are often the only ones walking on the beach
Our beach house
Sitting on the deck with a glass of wine taking in the view of the dunes, sea and river
Laid back lifestyle
Free/cheap sport/activities
Our spa
Oursdoors lifestyle

Mosman Fri 15-Mar-13 09:09:17

Australia Perth

The cleanliness, the weather, the people

pupsiecola Fri 15-Mar-13 10:27:04

Where are you now Frogman, and how long were you in Singapore?

Frogman Sat 16-Mar-13 21:41:11

Pupsie - Lived in Singapore for just over two years (two very long years) and am now living in Wales

pupsiecola Sun 17-Mar-13 05:20:07

We've been here 9 months and aim to leave Summer 2014. Headed where we don't know. Hopefully US (San Fran, Seattle or Boston) or maybe Canada.

Feel like we've opened up a can of worms moving from the UK (first move abroad). Having serious where to go next discussions...

Astelia Sun 17-Mar-13 05:33:57

Also in Singapore. I would miss:

the light
the warmth
the cleanliness
the efficiency

I would also miss the many wonderful attractions/sights that keep my teens and their friends entertained and that they can travel to by themselves cheaply and safely.

ben5 Sun 17-Mar-13 05:43:17

the beach
laid back way of life
lack of traffic
small class sizes
watching the dolphins swim in sea
the weather

squifflybobs Sun 17-Mar-13 05:45:39

NZ too-
- the weather
- beaches
- being able to swim in the sea for a good part of the year
- kids can play in the street
- bush walks and amazing outdoors in general
- better coffee
- short commute to work
- cleaner air
- wineries..
- child friendliness

My only comparison is London, lived in NZ for 2 years. Locals complain about the traffic here and I grin

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Sun 17-Mar-13 05:51:51

SW France
The weather
The bright clear skies most of the year round
The exercise and outdoor culture
Amazing salads
Our pool
Beautiful architecture
Great public transport
Slower pace of life
The ability to have so much family time together

singaporeswing Sun 17-Mar-13 06:03:15

Ditto everything that everyone has said about Singapore so far.

I'd also add the fact that my career is being accelerated so much more than it would in the UK.

Zara1984 Sun 17-Mar-13 06:09:44

I've got an interesting spin I guess, I'm from New Zealand but I live in Ireland at the moment.

Things I would miss about Ireland:
cheap fruit/vegetables/basics
Friendly chatty people
People value their communities
How kind people are to children
Cheap online shopping from the UK

I would not miss:
Shitty public services and healthcare

Things I miss about NZ
White wine
Auckland's multiculturalism
Good healthcare and education
No corruption

Things I do NOT miss about NZ (and why I am sometimes hesitant to go back)
Ridiculous house prices for damp cold wooden shacks
Dreadful, bonehead media
Hideously expensive food, clothes, everything
Low wages
Crap Internet
You have to drive to get anywhere
In Auckland - people show no interest in being a part of their neighborhood
That claustrophobic feeling of isolation - being so far away from everything. Makes me itch.
Boredom - unless you really live for the outdoors NZ is quite boring (why do you think you meet so many kiwis overseas)
NZers arrogant attitude that their country is the best

thelittlestkiwi Sun 17-Mar-13 06:26:51

Zara- I think most of us living in NZ would see where you are coming from.

Although we have buses in Auckland these days. Not as many as I'd like but it's a good start. And I'm really not bored here. I would have been if I was here in my 20's but I love how much there is to do here.

Zara1984 Sun 17-Mar-13 07:14:47

Littlestkiwi, goodness me my post sounds a bit stroppy! grin It's just the stuff that drives me crazy! I was there for 2 months over summer with baby DS and by the end I was climbing the walls... but I certainly appreciated the laid-back Kiwi lifestyle more now I'm a parent. But DH and I have had our "NZ quota" topped up for a couple of years now.

I'm open-minded that my perspective will change over time - different places suit you better at different stages/interests/needs/goals.

There's no pleasing me, I guess grin grin

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Sun 17-Mar-13 07:18:49

I agree Zara different places suit us at different phases of our life. Nothing wrong with that!

FryingNemo Sun 17-Mar-13 07:25:03

Luxembourg... What would I miss??

My lovely forests
Work life balance
Our lovely friends and neighbours

What wouldn't I miss? The list is too long and depressing to write out.

MsMoppet Sun 17-Mar-13 07:32:43

In Arabian Gulf region and would miss the sun during the winter (stupidly hot and humid the rest of the time), the beach 2mims away.

That's all. I miss everything else about London and would happily return tomorrow.

squifflybobs Sun 17-Mar-13 08:18:04

Zara I get you too- we are busy insulating our newly bought shack The Internet is improving, and the arts festival is on at the moment- I'm going to the theatre twice this week! My cultural life is sadly more limited anyway since children so don't miss it as much as I thought I would.
we live on a train and bus route, so I've no problem with the public transport most of the time, and a cab back at night isn't too expensive as fairly central. However this isn't true of most suburbs, and prices for a taxi back to the shore etc if you want to go out and have a drink after 10pm are eye watering. Believe there might be 1 nightbus??

WallyBantersJunkBox Sat 23-Mar-13 17:18:44

The view of the Alps that greets me on my commute/at my desk. You just can't grow tired of that.
Lakes that are breathtaking.
Having 30+ types of bread, all with a meaning, all delicious.
Knowing that people are treated fairly and have a closer say in their politics.
Honesty and safety - I will never fail to get over 3 year olds walking to Kindy by themselves.....
The way festivals and holidays are celebrated.
Being able to shop in Germany, France and Switzerland in one day if I need to.
The quality of property - tripe glazing, underfloor heating, pellet burning boiler.
The recycling policies.
Excellent public transport.
I can drive to Lake Como in 3 hours, Garda in 4.5.

TheAccidentalEgghibitionist Sat 23-Mar-13 17:47:48

I want to move to Switzerland now! It sounds wonderful..

Samie10 Sat 23-Mar-13 18:31:41

Tax free
Help to do things - maids, shop deliveries etc

Stupidity of the upmost order
Lack of customer service

WhinyCrabbyPeople Sat 23-Mar-13 20:45:09


I will miss:

The seasons...they're all lovely.
Our big, comfortable, relatively inexpensive house.
Tim Horton's.
User-friendly, plug-and-play school system.
CBC Radio. Especially Q with Jian Gomeshi.
Amazing health care.

Will definitely not miss:

Hockey culture.
3-foot high snow banks and shovelling the driveway.
High taxes.
5 straight months of dressing children in snowpants, parkas, mittens, boots, balaclavas EVERY SINGLE MORNING before school.
"Crowd Pleasing" Education.

WallyBantersJunkBox Sun 24-Mar-13 16:28:31

whiny move to Dubai, there is a Tim Hortons on nearly every blinking corner! grin

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