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Free delivery to Australia with M&S at the moment

(5 Posts)
Mosman Wed 13-Mar-13 10:55:06

Thank you

Longdistance Wed 13-Mar-13 04:52:55

Cheers for that. Need some new bras and knickers.

Also seen some nice stuff for my dd's.

SquinkiesRule Wed 13-Mar-13 04:36:29

Free shipping to US and Canada too right now (I'm not in OZ)

SquinkiesRule Wed 13-Mar-13 04:35:39

Wahoo I ordered new knickers and bras grin

Iheartpasties Mon 11-Mar-13 21:49:35

Just thought I'd share with you guys in case anyone wanted to buy some stuff in M&S sale and get free delivery to Australia. I had an email from them today.

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