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Living in America 2013

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smartieknickers Wed 30-Jan-13 22:31:40

Howdy y'all! I was a long time lurker on the Living in America 2012 thread and in the spirit of my new year's resolution to 'get involved in more stuff' I thought I'd start a new thread, what with it being a month into 2013 and all that... So who's with me? grin

Link to previous thread

Brief introduction: I initially moved from Scotland to Houston, TX with my DH and DS (now 2) in 2011, but we moved to Dallas in September last year. We never really felt quite at home in Houston but for some reason we really like life in Dallas, even though it's pretty similar in a lot of ways. We have just today finally dispatched with the last of our Christmas visitors (we've had parents and in-laws here back-to-back for 5 solid weeks!!) so I'm feeling like I deserve a large wine and a medal

rootypig Thu 07-Feb-13 04:31:49

hello all! <waves>

am currently in the UK (London) but married to an American (he would say Californian hmm) and planning to move to LA this summer.

marking place so I can bother you all ask questions about shipping / shared containers and maybe make California pals! ( hi hi AmericasTorturedBrow )

Want2bSupermum Fri 08-Feb-13 10:49:04

welcome rooty! All I know about shipping is that it costs a lot of money and takes much longer than I expected it would.

rootypig Fri 08-Feb-13 13:27:36

thanks Supermum!
yes, looking at our load of crap beloved possessions I'm thinking it may be as well just to start over when we get to CA

NotMoreFootball Fri 08-Feb-13 14:05:49

We just shipped personal items such as photos, pictures, toys etc, I'm glad we didnt bother with the furniture as it would have looked really out of place in our house. Not quite sure why but American houses are just so different, maybe it's the open plan and higher ceilings but I think our stuff would have just looked like dolls house furniture!
Having said that, our container only took 4 weeks door to door, much quicker than I had thought and only arrived a week after the air freight so that turned out to be a waste of money.

123yipee Fri 08-Feb-13 14:21:06

Hello everyone, we moved to NJ 2 weeks ago. Everything is going well for us so far apart from finding somewhere to rent! At least we have a nice apartment to stay in whilst we continue to look.

goodbye we also brought all of our stuff with us, I think its currently clearing customs. Not that we are in any hurry for it until we find a house. I would bring tea, DH prefers leaf tea and I haven't seen any in the supermarkets yet. Although I will check out trader joes (thanks Want2).

Congratulations Want2 that's brilliant news. I can't believe you are going to take another exam before DC2 is born. That's serious dedication.

Brow good luck with all the visitors, thats a lot of changing of bed linen and towels!

rootypig Fri 08-Feb-13 14:27:09

NotMoreFootball can I ask who you used for shipping? I think as you say we will just have personal things (clothes, books, toys) and my aunt suggested shared container service the best option, cost wise? I am more concerned about cost than time, we are planning to travel inbetween packing up in London and getting to CA, iyswim, so would happily wait a month or two.

NotMoreFootball Fri 08-Feb-13 14:45:40

I can't remember which company we used unfortunately as it was organized by my husbands employer and they dealt with all the paperwork. Even if I could remember the name I wouldn't recommend them as they were OK with the European end but very sloppy at this end, we have used Interdean in the past for a different move and I remember being very impressed with them. Have also used Pickfords for an overseas move and that was a bit of a disaster, lots of broken furniture and unpleasant staff!

NotMoreFootball Fri 08-Feb-13 14:49:25

Spoke to soon, just seen some left over boxes in the garage and they have Atlantic Corporate Relocation on the side so that is who we used for this move! Time wise was great but service and care was lacking in my opinion.

skratta Fri 08-Feb-13 22:49:45

Can I join?

Live in Connecticut, currently stuck in doors because of blizzard warning and we've been banned from driving apparently, with people checking. So I'm pretty bored and on MN.

I love where I live, from a place right up in Swedish Lapland, so it's very different, and I love it over here.

Room for a newbie?

NotMoreFootball Sat 09-Feb-13 01:08:12

Hi Skratta, I'm just watching the 'Super Blizzard' on CNN, looks pretty scary! Are you Swedish?, I guess you must be used to the snow after living in Lapland, we had around 1/2 cm snow in Nashville last week and the whole place came to a standstill, as very funny!!

Kungfutea Sat 09-Feb-13 03:01:52

Hi skratta

It's not too bad here in NYC. I took the dog out earlier and we only had an inch on the ground with some of it was coming down as rain, it was the wind which was the problem.

Whereabouts in CT are you?

rootypig Sat 09-Feb-13 09:14:24

NotMoreFootball thank you so much for checking! incredibly kind. I will check out Interdean. it also helps to know to avoid ACR if poss.

rootypig Sat 09-Feb-13 09:16:13

123yipee if you're a chocolatey sort of person, I also found TJ's 'belgian' stuff an affordable European style chocolate. beware the huuuuuuge bars! grin

Want2bSupermum Sat 09-Feb-13 10:40:39

TJ's chocolate.... yummy. Also Target sell RitterSport for $1.97 a bar. It is very good - especially the milk chocolate and cornflakes one!

Hi Skratta, I didn't go outside yesterday at all. Here in Northern NJ I was expecting a couple of inches. We had at least half a foot. Have to say I am impressed with our town. They have been out clearing the streets already and putting salt down.

I am working today and start my leave on Monday. I am 39 weeks pregnant and HUGE! The change in air pressure really messed me up yesterday. My feet were very swollen and I had a horrible nose bleed yesterday afternoon. Obn was great though and came around to drop off a blood pressure machine. I am monitoriing my blood pressure three times a day now as they are worried about me developing preclampsia with this pregnancy. So thankful for the medical care here.

skratta Sat 09-Feb-13 11:06:33

Strictly speaking, Oxford, New Haven county, but staying with family Middlesbury, also in New Haven, and we've had 30 inches of snow roughly, with more falling. Meant to go home today, and back to work next day, but it's not going to happen at this rate.

Yes, I'm Swedish, so I guess I should be used to it, bit I think because every year we expected it, it was a lot easier in Sweden, here it's a blizzard, bans on driving and more and everyone, including myself, reacts in a c,pletely different way. Before, normal winters life. Now, it's extreme weather and apparently we're in a State of Emergency.

A tree came down, but apart from that DS, (5) and DD3 (8) are excited. DTDs, they're thirteen, are just moaning because it's too far to walk to their cousins houses and we can't drive them. Mind you, they moan at anything and everything....

skratta Sat 09-Feb-13 11:27:23

Woah, 39wks and working!

That sounds like the stuff of nightmares tbh, I can sympathise with the swollen feet, all three pregnancies, and it was horrible. Hope your blood pressure levels are okay, and I agree, medical care here is wonderful! Compared to Sweden at least...

rootypig Sat 09-Feb-13 13:30:45

Supermum oh GL for the birth! let us know how it goes. I worked to 39 weeks with DC1 born last November, and in a way thought it was nice, to have something to take my mind off being massive. though she was born a week late so I did get two weeks in bed scoffing biscuits relaxing. hope your blood pressure stays ok and you get some time to put your feet up too (though think this is your DC2 so that might be stuff of dreams! grin)

lookoveryourshouldernow Sat 09-Feb-13 14:27:29

Hi There,

Hope you don't mind me posting this in here - I did post in Chat but was probably the wrong place and it has now disappeared down and down the topics list..

..I am looking for a kind soul in the USA who maybe able to do spot of shopping for me in Costplus World Markets. I am looking for 12 little easter toys - which they display on their website but will not ship from the online store....

Can anyone help me - obviously willing to pay all costs and associated shipping costs + ++ ??

Thank You

Want2bSupermum Sun 10-Feb-13 03:21:47

hey everyone. Much to DH's annoyance I went into the office today and finished up all my work. My manager was there and took me aside to tell me that she is really impressed with the work I have done so she wants to put me up for promotion this year. Apparently the client I have been working at love me and have requested that I return.

Blood pressure was fine today. I think it was the weather. The doctor called me back at lunchtime to get my blood pressure readings and told me that she had spent the night delivering lots of babies.

While it is nice that I will be off work I have a lot to do. Must do taxes, sort our files out, buy a baby seat and get things set up for our DS. Oh and I have a lot of appointments next week. DD has her 18 month check up, an appointment with an ENT, an eye doctor, dentist appointment and I have my obn visit plus I need to get blood work done at the hospital. DH is away in Dallas Monday through Wednesday too.

AmericasTorturedBrow Sun 10-Feb-13 03:34:30

Want2B that brilliant news, and a relief to know you have that to go back to.

Yay rooty to coming to LA! Feel free to ask questions away, though I'm sure you'll slot right in with a CA DH. How exciting (and glad to have another MNetter on the west coast)

I'm doing a mahoosive charity bike ride in June and have the mega fear about it so went for a training ride yesterday and it bloody rained! Do you know how often it rains here? Once in a frigging blue moon! Typical....

skratta Sun 10-Feb-13 11:57:23

That's great about the bp and the promotion! I remember going on mat leave and coming home from the last day of work, and seeing a big pile of forms and letters to reply to. My heart just sank.

markymark Sun 10-Feb-13 16:01:46

Hi - can I join in? We're just planning our move to San Francisco in July, so happily picking up tips here :-)

AmericasTorturedBrow Sun 10-Feb-13 17:29:56

Yay another west coaster! Welcome markymark

AmericasTorturedBrow Sun 10-Feb-13 17:30:34

Ps hope all the east coasters are doing ok xx

FringeEvent Sun 10-Feb-13 22:58:39

Hello to everyone already on this thread... I'm possibly, maybe, hopefully moving to CA later this year (DH in final stages of negotiation with new employer, it's all looking very good so I just need him to actually commit to the job offer so they can get on with preparing his visa application!) - anyway, I just wanted to mark my place here, as I'm going to have a million and one questions once the ball actually gets rolling! x

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