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Fasching Party in Kindergarten.

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Psammead Fri 25-Jan-13 06:51:08

Ah. Ok! Thanks for the reply.

The only typical Fasching food I know of are filled doughnuts (Krapfen) - Fasching Kindergarten food contributions could be any standard kids party food.
The annual Fasching party at my kids KiGa is only for the KiGa kids, they close at 12 on the day before every holiday but there is no parental involvement in the party (lots of evening and weekend events happen which involve parents but only the "throwing out" at the very end of their KiGa career happens within KiGa hours and involves parents parties that happen in KiGa hours are just staff and kids) - however my friend in a nearby town is expected to attend her daughter's Fasching party - and to wear fancy dress - so that could go either way, you'd need to ask!

Psammead Thu 24-Jan-13 16:04:03

DD is very new to Kindi, and in a couple of weeks they are having a Faschings Party. I will ask her teacher about it too, but I am wondering roughly what this will involve. There is a list up for parents to write what food and drink they will provide. Is this general party food? Or is there special faschings food that is expected?

I guess the kids will be in fancy dress - do parents generally attend too? And if so, are we expected to [cringe] go in fancy dress as well?

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