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Retraining whilst living overseas

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SingSung Thu 10-Jan-13 10:56:31

University of Nottingham do a distance learning PGCEi, the I meaning international. Not recognised as a qualification in the UK but good for international schools. Part time too.

stilldazed Thu 10-Jan-13 09:19:12

ripsishere I actually have a TEFL (even though I don't have a degree) and found exactly the same thing, all the work is in the evening when I need/want to be home with DCs. I'm going to give OU ago knowing thatt I am working towards something will be good....prices are a bit scary!

KobayashiMaru Thu 10-Jan-13 00:44:35

also of course you would need a primary degree in order to do the PGCE. Bear in mind that international fees for the OU are at least 2-3 times the UK price.

KobayashiMaru Thu 10-Jan-13 00:42:40

you can't do a concentrated TEFL course without a degree, you'd have to do the one that takes a year.

ripsishere Thu 10-Jan-13 00:30:22

Be aware though, some places that offer the TA qualification are reluctant due to having to fly/train an assessor out.
I have a TESOL qualification. I've never used it. The hours don't' fit in with my life. I am not keen on being out from 6-10pm.

LIZS Wed 09-Jan-13 19:27:41

You usually need a placement to get a TA qualification as you'd need to write up how the theory is applied in practice with examples and have someone supervising your work experience so that you are involved in a range of activities. That may still be possible in a local British or International school.

stilldazed Wed 09-Jan-13 19:22:19

Thank you briochedoree!!! thats exactly what I wanted to know! it is possible to do a PGCE overseas? so totally worth me doing a ou degree working towards that. Do you know if you can do a TA qualification whilst overseas.

thanks again!

BriocheDoree Wed 09-Jan-13 15:04:50

If you want to teach you can either get a TEFL and teach English or if you want to teach in an international school you can look at the Distance PGCE (overseas) from Sunderland university. Takes a year and you need an international school to accept you to do your teaching practise.
Plenty of distance learning business qualifications available, too, depending on what you want to do.
I was going to retrain but ended up teaching as someone offered me a job! I am now considering retraining as a teacher but most likely I will train as a teaching assistant first and consider taking a PGCE if / when I return to the UK.

stilldazed Wed 09-Jan-13 09:10:45

been a sahm for 5 years previously i was in very highly paid middle managment sales type job. The sector I worked in has been massively effected by the recession and all though i still have contacts there really are no opportunities. The thing is I have no degree or real qualifications (other then A levels) so what do i do? I am looking at an OU course but I need to study something that I could use to get a job at the end, I am overseas and may be moving to another country in a year or so.

What do I do, I want to go back to work soon, do I try and get a business qualification or try to get into teaching? is that even possible from overseas? I have always liked the idea of working in aninternational school. I don't know what to do, but my biggest fear is doing nothing and letting another 5 years pass. Please give me some words of wisdom, any one retrained whilst being overseas?

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