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2013 ist schon da! A new Kaffeeklatsch thread for the New Year - living in Germany and Austria

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LinzerTorte Tue 08-Jan-13 11:48:02

All welcome - whether you're living in Germany or Austria, have questions about life in those countries or just want to chat. smile

Previous thread here.

Weissdorn Thu 10-Jan-13 09:27:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

admylin Thu 10-Jan-13 09:47:53

Hi and congratulations weissdorn! How are things going with the business?

admylin Thu 10-Jan-13 09:49:30

And wow at 3 nights sleeping through at 4 weeks! I didn't get a full night until ds was 3 months old!

outnumberedbymen Thu 10-Jan-13 10:30:32

Hello weissdorn I don't think we've 'met'. I'm fairly new here smile. Congratulations to your new baby. And wow at her already sleeping through (from what time to when??). Ds1 didn't sleep through until he was 20months!!! And ds2&3 were about 5months old which I thought was really good...

admylin Thu 10-Jan-13 10:46:06

Outnumbered 5 months is very good! I think ds only started sleeping through at 3 months because I stopped breast feeding as it hadn't been going well at all and the bottle of milk at bedtime knocked him out for the night!

LinzerTorte Thu 10-Jan-13 11:22:50

Hi weissdorn, lovely to see you on here again. smile I'm another one who's very impressed at your DD already sleeping through. DD2 slept through at 6 weeks. Once. Otherwise, the DC all took at least a year before they started sleeping through on a regular basis (DD1 and DD2 were 13 months; I'd lost the ability to keep track of milestones by the time DS arrived, but I'd probably remember if he'd been much earlier or later grin).

admylin Yes, if DD really wanted to go to the threatre and other friends of hers were going, I would have let her go. But she herself doesn't want to go as she's said it's too late. Plus there are only three others from her class going - and only one other girl, who she's not really friends with. I thought it might be a good opportunity for her to get to know her better on the last trip, but she said she sat next to someone else on the coach and I don't think they spoke at all.

Just got the first English lesson of the year with DD2's class out of the way, so I can breathe a sigh of relief - I really don't think I'm cut out for teaching! It's OK once I'm actually in the classroom, but I find the preparation very time-consuming (I'm too much of a perfectionist) and never look forward to the lessons beforehand.

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Thu 10-Jan-13 12:14:26

Sorry Weissdorn you absolutely are not allowed back if your 4 week old has been sleeping through envy envy envy envy

Only joking, nice to see you back grin

We have been working on DS2's sleep in a hard core way for a week now he has been healthy for a couple of weeks, and his language is good enough to understnad what's going on. Self settling at bedtime is getting better (I sit by his bed in dark, turned away from him, and silence putting him back in and lying him back down as necessary but otherwise ignoring, and after much persuading and grumbling DH agreed to do the same on the nights I work) - it took 3 solid hours the first few nights, then down to just under 2, and now a couple of times he has gone straight off (if he's only had a very early morning nap). The actual nights seemed to be gradually improving - I'm doing the same thing when he wakes as at bed time, he is still waking but for the early wake ups (before about 3am) he is settling back in his own bed in about 10-20 mins, rather than me having to lie with him and him waking if I try to move, even to turn over. After about 3am it does take a lot longer to settle him, up to about 45 mins, but the improvement is enough to stick with it. Last night though he woke every singe hour, for about 20 mins each time - it was so hard not to cave and lie with him but I only doze when I do, can't sleep deeply as he won't let me move about, so I know I have to stick with it.

None of my kids slept through at 5 months, not even DS1 who was my good sleeper and just woke for feeds a couple of times a night and went straight back off - not one of my kids has slept through til I have actively night weaned. I think he slept through more often than not from about 9 months, and DD did from 24 months.

LentilAsAnything Thu 10-Jan-13 12:27:21

Congratulations and welcome back, Weissdorn!

LinzerTorte Thu 10-Jan-13 12:48:36

Was just looking at WhatsApp, discovered that one of DD1's school friends is now one of my favourites (probably because she phoned me recently) and was shock to discover that her status is bus si an die bit ches (spaces in the unlikely event that anyone decides to google the phrase). Yes, I know I'm easily shocked but DD1 is light years away from using that kind of phrase - or even being on WhatsApp, tbh.

Grinch Glad to hear that the nights are improving. I found that once we'd sorted DD1's bedtime, her night wakings more or less sorted themselves out - she still woke at night, but would go back to sleep by herself whereas before, she would often stay awake for up to two hours until the next feed. It's hard at times but yes, you do have to stick with it and remind yourself that all your hard work will have been in vain otherwise!

Weissdorn Thu 10-Jan-13 16:14:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AntiqueMuppet Thu 10-Jan-13 16:19:16

Nutella Glad the bf is going well! Hope the colic settles down soon. Love the pics. I was also ridiculously pleased about DS' hair when he was born. I was hoping it would go red like DH's hair but no luck yet.

Linzer Are you teaching the class once a week this year? I had a tiny ipod ages ago, I think it was an ipod shuffle. It didn't have a screen so you could really only listen to music on it and it wasn't too expensive (under 50 pounds I think). Maybe that would be something for your DD?
I've just discovered What's App on my new phone. Hopefully it will save me the ridiculous amount of money I spend on texting my brother. Although I haven't managed to set the internet up on my smartphone yet so can only use it via wi-fi, which sort of defeats the point, really!

Grinch So good to hear that your DS2's sleep is improving. I have to admit you were the first person I thought of when I read Weissdorn's post so I had to laugh when I read your response smile

Weissdorn Welcome back and congratulations!! How was your MN-cold-turkey-period? Are you on Facebook too? [nosey]
I think DS started sleeping through at about 5 months, but not more than a few times a week until he was about 6/7 months, which I thought was quite early!

admylin I am so fed up with white wood chip wallpaper! I just really can't bring myself do make any more effort than a coat of paint in a rented place. We stripped the wallpaper in our bedroom in the old flat and put some nice new wallpaper up, but it all seems like such a wasted effort now we've moved out and the new tenants want to paint over it. Did you get anything nice when you were shopping? Do you think your DH's old boss will get back to him in a few months time?

Hello outnumbered, lentils and anyone else I've missed!

AntiqueMuppet Thu 10-Jan-13 16:20:29

*set the mobile internet up, that should read.

cheaspicks Thu 10-Jan-13 18:27:23

Marking place on lovely new thread - thanks linzer.

will be back to post properly tomorrow (when dh is back at work grin).

LinzerTorte Thu 10-Jan-13 20:18:30

Antique I'm still only teaching DD2's class once a fortnight, but for the full hour now. I offered to go in every week, and the teacher said I could either do half an hour every week or an hour once a fortnight; I opted for the latter as it takes up much less time overall.

DD1 really wants an iPod Touch (the same as our neighbour) as she's not interested in listening to music and only wants to play games. As I've said before, she really doesn't need another electronic device to become addicted to (I've had to put passwords on my laptop, iPod and phone to stop her and DS playing on them all the time) so am not even considering getting her one at the moment.

I don't see much point in WhatsApp atm, for me at any rate. I text almost everyone here, without having to pay any extra, and can either e-mail or send a FB message to friends abroad (although I can see it would be better for chatting than e-mail). Having said that, it would actually be very useful if my brother had WhatsApp as he only seems to check his e-mail every few days, but he doesn't have a smartphone.

Weissdorn Good luck for tonight! Glad the Infacol seems to be working for you; my parents sent over a bottle, but it didn't make much difference to DD1 (although I was more annoyed about the $70 medicine that the paed prescribed not having much effect!).

DH is out at his work New Year's party tonight (it only seems like a fortnight since their Christmas party hmm) so I'm going to have an earlyish night with my book. I've joined Goodreads and have set myself the target of reading 50 books this year shock - on no. 3 at the moment. I managed to read the first two fairly quickly thanks to all the time we spent on trains and planes, but finding time to read is a bit more of an effort now.

AntiqueMuppet Thu 10-Jan-13 22:07:26

Sorry Linzer, I only skimmed the last few posts & missed that you didn't want an ipod for your DD!
Enjoy your early night with your book :-)

tadjennyp Thu 10-Jan-13 22:25:41

Hello - happy new year to everyone and loads of congratulations to nutella and weissdorn! Love that scrunchy newborn look and smell. Lush! Thanks for the new thread Linzer!

Very impressed with your dry January challenge outnumbered! It would certainly help me to lose the 20lbs extra weight I need to! I was also on the mirena for 18 months but had it taken out as I was bleeding for most of the month and was so angry all the time. We seem to be relying on condoms now which I am not keen on, so might investigate having my tubes tied.

I would be seriously considering moving back to Berlin, or at least doing the M-F thing for a while, admylin. His bosses seem so bloody awful where he is now. Was the wine nice? wink

Well done on the sleep training grinch. Hope you feel the benefits really soon.

Hope everyone who has been in pain/under the weather is feeling so much better soon. Congrats on the test scores and I'm glad everyone who was away had a good time (even if there was not enough snow). I can't believe we are nearly a third of the way through January already. Our babysitter was back from uni so finally got to go and see Skyfall and the Hobbit. I do love going to the cinema! My back is really sore at the moment so need to go and take some more painkillers.

Have a lovely Friday, everyone!

Weissdorn Fri 11-Jan-13 07:13:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LinzerTorte Fri 11-Jan-13 08:23:56

Weissdorn Yay for sleeping babies! I think it took us about six months, if not longer, to get to that stage. I didn't really drink any alcohol until the DC were reliably sleeping through the night (at about 1 year), and then had a few months before I was pregnant again (and then drank none at all - I would probably be more relaxed about it now but no. 4 is not going to happen!), so my alcohol tolerance has been destroyed by about seven years of virtual abstinence!

I've also got into historical fiction since reading The Other Boleyn Girl and have another four of Philippa Gregory's Tudor series on my to-read shelf. Otherwise, I'll read most things (although generally avoid chick lit) - so far this year I've read How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran and Everything and Nothing by Araminta Hall, both of which I really enjoyed, and am now struggling through reading The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver.

Jenny envy of your cinema visits. I'd have loved to see Skyfall, but it wasn't on when we were back at my parents' or in the OV-Kino near my ILs. Hope your back is better soon.

Antique No need to apologise - I don't think I'd said before that I definitely didn't want DD1 to have an iPod (and I'd be happy for her to have an iPod shuffle but, like I said, she's not really into music).

I've just had the first half of my annual medical (really only a blood test), so got the doctor to change my bandage at the same time; I just have a plaster on my finger now, which looks much better.

admylin Fri 11-Jan-13 08:59:19

Morning all.
Linzer was going to ask what you had read so far, those books all sound good although I'm like you and will read anything! I even read the dc's books now and ds and I are waiting for the other 2 Hunger Games books from amazon after enjoying the first book. What do you do on Goodreads? I also love historical fiction.

weissdorn fingers crossed that all stays as it is and you continue with the good nights! Great that you can take January off from the restaurant. When I worked in a restaurant for a couple of years we had 6 weeks off and it was great but the hard work for the rest of the year meant that we all really needed those 6 weeks to recover!

jenny hope your back is better soon. Nice that you have a reliable babysitter too.

Antique did you end up having to pay double rent when you moved or did the new tenants just take over when you left?
Yes, dh's old boss will get back to him as they keep in touch anyway and get on really well. Anyway, dh has seen a good job in Boston and he knows someone there too who is a high up professor type who he met when he was doing his PhD (and who was good friends with his PhD supervisor) so he hopes that might help. It is looking as if in this business you really need contacts, to know the right people sort of.

Grinch how did the sleep training go last night?

Dd has her first dyslexia lesson today after school. She's extremely tired as she was up late until about 10:30 finishing off a power point presentation for music (Musik des Impressionismus) because if she gets a good mark it might push her overall grade up one point.

cheaspicks Fri 11-Jan-13 09:53:53


We just got back from the UK and I've got the house to myself again. I seem to have much more stuff to sort out than normal - bills to write, annoying and stressful forms to fill in which require finding important bits of paper that dh has misplaced and phoning people who don't answer, aargh.

Nice to see you back on here, weissdorn and well done to baby wd for sleeping so well. I think dd went 6 hours once in the first few months - the night before her first(?) immunisations - and then didn't do it again until I actively night-weaned at 11 months. I hope baby weissdorn keeps it up - you'll have enough on your plate once the restaurant reopens, but enjoy the rest of Jan first smile.

Glad to hear the bf is going well, nutella. I found it very painful for the first six weeks, but once it's established it is so easy and convenient.

outnumbered I am strongly against recommending the 3MS, as my cycle is still not quite back to normal nearly three years later (I had one single shot when dd was 9 months). A lot of women find it causes them to gain weight as well, although it didn't in my case.

linzer I read The Lacuna last year, I think. It took me a long time to get into it as well. I think I'm currently on book 3 of the year, although I can't exactly remember when I started/finished the first of those. I bought a lot of books while back home - 9 from charity shops and another 6 full price, plus 2 quilting books, but they don't really count!

admylin difficult decision to make about your dh's work. At first I thought it would probably be worth him taking the job in Berlin as it must be so miserable working somewhere where's he's not appreciated. But I think you've said before about your dh being a workaholic - mine is too, and I know that there would be quite a few Saturdays where he wouldn't be home either, would that be the same for your dh?

antique I also discovered WhatsApp fairly recently. I guess it saves me a bit of money on texts, but my sister also has an iphone and imessages are free too. Our house seemed very echoey when we got back from my parents, which of course has carpets in almost every room. I need to sort out some more pictures to put up as well and I finished my quilt smile shock smile, so I can hang that as well.

jenny we finally managed to go and see Skyfall while in the UK. I really enjoyed it, dh was muttering "not as good as Goldfinger", which is true, but not really the point.

grinch I hope you manage to crack your ds2's sleep problem this time. It sounds like you're making some headway at least. I wonder what causes some children to be such bad sleepers?

Wave to anyone I've missed.

LinzerTorte Fri 11-Jan-13 10:17:53

cheas Welcome back! Well done on the quilt - any pictures? I'm finally starting to get into The Lacuna now that I'm almost halfway through, but it's still not really gripping me and I must admit I'll be glad when I've finished it.

admylin I also read and enjoyed the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy, but haven't got round to buying the other two books yet. Goodreads is like a social networking site for books (or their readers, rather); you can add all the books you've read and rate/review them (it will then come up with further recommendations), add books to your to-read shelf (38 on mine - eek!), set yourself goals, read book discussions and see what your friends have been reading (I have about 30, most added automatically from my FB account), etc. I've also just joined a MN group on there (here), have bought the book they're reading atm and have set myself the goal of reading 10 books that have been on my shelf for over a year!

It's snowing fairly heavily here now and I'm going to have to venture out to pick up the DC in about half an hour. DS's friend's mum said she could pick him up, but she has to take her DS to speech therapy straight after school and also collect her younger two from KiGa, so I felt like a bit of an imposition.

admylin Fri 11-Jan-13 10:55:55

Linzer think I'll join the Goodread site, thanks for that. I love reading but my first goal in 2013 is to get my eyes tested as I'm finding it more and more impossible to read small print. I picked up my old copy of Jane Eyre the other day to re-read and had to put it back down as could only just read the print! Old age is great eh!

cheas you're right, dh couldn't do a Monday to Friday job and he'd be frustrated if he couldn't pop into his office on a Sunday morning for an hour or two!

The latest: I wonder if dh's boss has guessed that he's on the verge of leaving? They're sending him to Japan in May, boss is paying and he's taking 6 abstracts and poster presentations all with his name as first author! He's also been given the job of Executive Manager for an International Congress in Hannover chaired by his boss (good for his CV of course) now all he needs is to get some funding and it all looks more positive to try and stay put.

LinzerTorte Fri 11-Jan-13 13:30:57

admylin You could always get a Kindle and increase the font size! I'm finding it increasingly difficult to read the small print on packaging and find myself having to hold it at arm's length; I'm definitely getting old. grin

Good news about the conference and congress; it all sounds much more positive. It certainly seems like leaving it a few months before deciding about Berlin was the right decision.

DD1 did indeed get a 1 in her English test and said she was the only one. The teacher had corrected her for writing "The children have got" - she should have written "The children've got" hmm - but at least she didn't lose any marks for it.

AntiqueMuppet Fri 11-Jan-13 14:33:59

Hope your back's better soon, jenny. What did you think of Skyfall? I loved it!

Good news on the sleeping baby, weissdorn.

Linzer I'll have a look at the Goodreads site, it sounds good. I've been thinking about reading The Hunger Games for a while but keep forgetting to look for it. Hope the snow isn't too deep. Surely a plaster on your finger means far less sympathy than a bandage? grin

admylin We ended up paying double rent for a month and a half, which hurt but the half month (January) was so that we didn't have to bother decorating the bedroom or painting the doorframes etc so was worth it in terms of time and effort saved for us. Even more so, in fact, as DH went to pick some mail up last night and the new tenants said they couldn't paint over the wallpaper in the bedroom as the paint wouldn't stick so they had to strip the walls and then re-wallpaper so they could paint. It might sound a bit nasty but I'm so glad we didn't have to deal with that!
Good news about Japan. Maybe this was the kick your DH's boss needed. Boston sounds good though - will you go for it if he is offered a position?
I would really recommend the Kindle as I love mine, but if you think you'll have to pay out for reading glasses anyway then maybe it would be an unnecessary expense on top IYSWIM.

Oooh well done for finishing the quilt, cheas - that sounded like a big job! Do you have any pics? I bet it's gorgeous. Did you have a nice time in the UK?

DS' cheeky streak is really shining through this week. He thinks 'no' is the funniest thing he has ever heard. He also seems to be dropping his daytime nap. He won't sleep before about 4-5pm and then I can't keep him awake, which means he's not going to bed until about 10pm.
I think the next lot of teeth are about to come through too as I keep catching him biting the furniture and chewing on anything with a metal handle (as well as buttons, whatever he can find on the floor at playgroup and some unidentified berries he managed to dig out of the suitcase wheels as I was cleaning up a broken plant & pot he had managed to smash across the entire dining room floor.)
I shouldn't complain though as he laughs constantly and is very cute and cuddly, which makes it all better smile We have officially hit toddlerdom!

AntiqueMuppet Fri 11-Jan-13 15:33:00

That all sounded a bit negative about DS! He is in a really fun phase at the moment and I really can't complain about him, I was just a bit frazzled when I wrote my last post.

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