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Are the Dutch simply the rudest and least professional people in Europe?

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dikkertjedap Wed 02-Jan-13 15:19:11

Just wondering ....

I find the treatment of customers in many shops simply shocking. Shop assistants seem to have to chew gum and are attached either to their mobile or chatting away with other cashiers or a friend and will let you wait quite happily. If you dare to say 'Excuse me ..' they will actually tell you 'I am busy, I will help you when I have time'. hmm

For many personal services you have to pay, even if you cannot make it or they cannot make it. For example, if swimming lessons fall on Christmas Day or New Year's Day, there won't be a lesson but you still have to pay. If you want to cancel because of Holidays, you still have to pay. This seems with all sports, at least where I am based. confused

If faulty goods (or no goods) are delivered then it is the customers' fault. BY DEFINITION. It is never the provider, NEVER EVER. angry

People seem to be full of themselves, think they know a lot, whereas in many cases it simply makes you cry or laugh. Many pretend to have qualifications and it turns out they don't. So you pay a premium and then find out they are fully unqualified. Clearly no inspections whatsoever. hmm

If a child falls of a climbing frame at school, it will take a considerable time for a staff member to come over, stroke the child over the head and tell it: 'So, now all okay, go and play'. No checks for bumps, no ice, no letter to parents. shock

Many parents to not seem to use car seats/booster seats (I thought it was EU law?). So at childrens' parties they are all bundled in a car, 8 on the rear seat, no seat belts, no seats. shock

Mind you, at my local Dutch Ikea store you can get tampons or sanitary towels, in case you need them, but don't forget they are called: female hygiene napkins. Don't dare to point out that this is slightly incorrect, because they will laugh in your face and tell you they are fluent English.

Not what I expected.

Rant over.

drjohnsonscat Fri 11-Jan-13 13:21:01

jessje all it means is that some people aren't very good at making friends. Honestly that is all it means. You have probably already spotted that the British version of politeness in a lift is to ignore everybody (so we can all preserve our illusion of personal space) whereas the French version is to say Bonjour to everybody in the lift! British people are naturally quite reserved on the whole but it doesn't "mean" anything.

I have Dutch relatives so am a little aware of the nature of Dutchness and it's not that different to the nature of Britishness (apart from the directness issue). Keep plugging away and you will find someone to break the ice with. I had this issue at the school my children go to for a few months - then something happened that forced me into close proximity with someone, we ended up laughing at each other's jokes and hey presto, ice broken. It turns out everyone thinks everyone else has loads of friends and is really cool when actually noone does or is.

robertasmith66 Wed 12-Feb-14 19:38:49

reanimating thread test

robertasmith66 Wed 12-Feb-14 19:48:04

Dear initial poster.

You are spot on. It not just being horrible . Its outright racism.
You will note the Dutch -- DO NOT speak to each other in such a way- If you aint Dutch - they despise you. Your neighbors will speak to you one day - blank you the next. And will nearly runaway if there are other Dutchies around. been here 4 years kids and I speak Dutch. So no its not in your head - its the whole country that are backward - reminds of Salem story to be honest - and about the posters here denying this and ''NEVER came across that behaviour before ''- that pure BS - and they know it - they are probably part of the Dutch government PR machine - u know we r all European together etc etc ... Here is a fact of all the people in the international organizations working here --from over 60 countries --not one says they ever want to come back [and these are some of the smartest people/nicest families in the world!!]

HavantGuard Wed 12-Feb-14 19:57:59

I found it difficult but after a while I got it. People are harder to get to know but once you do they are proper friends. The customer service takes some getting used to grin

Hoppinggreen Fri 14-Feb-14 20:57:48

Rudest shop assistants I have ever found were in Spanish supermarkets ( and yes I do speak pretty good Spanish).
We go to one area several times a year and there are 3 supermarkets n town and 1 hypermarket a few miles away. The checkout staff in all of them are always rude. The only exceptions are the male ones, really odd!!!!

Stevie77 Sat 15-Feb-14 16:51:33

As others mentioned, I don't mind the Dutch directness (probably because I'm from rude Israel ha ha) so much, and in a way find it better than the British way.

However, how has the Dutch extreme stinginess not come up yet? Friends tell me of shop and cafés not letting people use toilets, even if the person needing to use the toilet is a small child or pregnant woman and of some odd present-giving customs.

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