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Summer Sydney meet up?

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bunnygirl80 Fri 28-Dec-12 09:44:45

It's about time we had another meet up grin

Just so we don't waste loads of time procrastinating about details, here's what I propose
1. No kids (usual exceptions for cute babies apply)
2. With booze
3. Sometime in Feb, at this stage I shall nominate Saturday 9th, although I picked this at random
4. Location: I liked the place we went to on Darling Harbour last time, the view wasn't as good as at Opera Bar, but less chance of sunburn too

ComradeJing Sun 10-Feb-13 21:30:32

We had health ishoos here too I'm afraid with the wee ones. Poor DS was miserable all day and I rather thought a screaming baby wasn't the best companion for a meet up. DD is full of snot and horror too. Bloody typical for my first attempted toddler free day since I was in hospital having DS!

I did text but only realised this morning when I checked my phone that it hadn't gone through. I'm so sorry!

Next time though!

Thumbwitch Mon 11-Feb-13 02:46:09

Norty bunny! wink

CJ, sorry to hear about your DC's unwellness - of course that is always the risk. Glad you're ok though and hope the little ones get better soon.

We discovered that Carolyn, and her friend who came too (who needs to get on MN! grin) aren't in Australia for very long - so is there a chance we can organise another meet up in a fairly short timespan? I'm away in the UK for most of April (school holidays) but perhaps we can manage a May or June meet? Bunny will have a snuffly new baby by then too, although it might be too early to bring baby out, I don't know.

Anyway - thoughts, anyone?

ComradeJing Mon 11-Feb-13 03:50:30

Yes please!

Shall I throw some dates about?

March 23rd/24th
April 6th/7th
May 25th/26th

Since so many of us have wee babies how about an earlier date so that they are less likely to be in the crawling stage?

bunnygirl80 Tue 12-Feb-13 20:37:52

I'm definitely up for another meet up.

My edd is 6th April, so there's a significant chance I could be in labour/have a very very new baby for the dates in March/April. So May 25th/26th suits me best, but if everyone else wants an earlier date, I'll just play it by ear and turn up if I haven't popped

Thumbwitch Wed 13-Feb-13 06:41:21

I definitely can't make 6th/7th April but could do the others.

redvelvetpoppy Wed 13-Feb-13 10:11:13

I can do May!

ComradeJing Wed 13-Feb-13 11:43:49

I'm very flexible so happy to wait or see how we go smile

redvelvetpoppy Thu 14-Feb-13 00:28:08

How are you finding things Comrade? I was in your neck of the woods the other day smile

ComradeJing Thu 14-Feb-13 22:57:52

Love it RVP. Really, really love it. Very happy in our house and being back to "real life" after the weird craziness that is expat life in china. I need to make some friends still but I'm at least getting out with DD and meeting people.

VERY happy to be here. grin

carolyn24 Fri 01-Mar-13 02:27:16

Hi all, was lovely to meet those of you who could make it a few weeks ago. Would be great to meet up again. I can make any of those dates so will await to hear what the verdict is!

bunnygirl80 Sun 05-May-13 05:15:26

It's about time we resurrected the thread and arranged another meet up. There was a suggestion we meet up later this month if anyone's up for it?

Oh, and my DD was forcibly evicted after deciding to attempt a foot first exit 2 weeks early on the 23rd March grin. She will be available for cuddles at the next meet up.

redvelvetpoppy Mon 06-May-13 06:45:57

Hey Bunny congratulations!!flowers

What lovely news grin hope all's well with you & your family

I could probably meet up on a Sunday if that's any use?

bunnygirl80 Thu 09-May-13 04:32:25

Bumpity bump

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