If you could live anywhere in Australia where would you live?

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XBenedict Mon 24-Dec-12 02:46:44

And why? I'm thinking WA - south of Perth but only because I holidayed there once and quite liked it, would be prepared to be persuaded elsewhere!

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migrant Mon 24-Dec-12 02:50:08

You've made exactly the right choice! Wonderful weather, great schools, affordable housing and good transport links. Fantastic places to live where lifestyle counts (says she, writing this with the golf course to one side and the ocean to the other!)

XBenedict Mon 24-Dec-12 02:53:53

Where are you migrant? We stayed in Secret Harbour after visiting Sydney and Melbourne before flying to Perth. Thinking of coming over for a couple of years!

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migrant Mon 24-Dec-12 03:00:09

Secret Harbour has a lot to offer, but so do other places. The big issue will be Visas. Have you looked into the possibilities yet, otherwise it could, sadly, be just a dream.
You flew to Perth from Secret Harbour??!
Australia is wonderful if it suits you.

XBenedict Mon 24-Dec-12 03:27:08

DH is a doctor, there are quite a few vacancies south of Perth secret harbour being one, Mandurah another.

We flew to Perth from Melbourne and then stayed in secret harbour.

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Mosman Mon 24-Dec-12 03:29:58

I nearly spat my tea at affordable housing, not sure anywhere in Australia has that.
I've lived in Melbourne which is like the UK but with a decent summer.
Perth is lovely, the weathers great but it is genuinely like going back 20 years in my opinion, as you know I don't rate the schools, search for my thread about how they let my eight year old just leave the school and walk home alone on her say so that she ought to, she was sat on the door step waiting for my nanny to arrive. Talking of nannies $1200 a week because there are very few nurseries available, we've been on the list 6 months, not so much as a single day offered for my 2.5 year old.
I don't know if it's easier/cheaper anywhere else but I think we'll make the best of it but in terms of cost of living I'm certain Sydney or Melbourne would be cheaper just because theres more people so demand and competition drives prices down.

Mosman Mon 24-Dec-12 03:33:19

Mandurah is lovely but my concern is that with a WA high school leavers certificate I am not convinced they would get into a university in the UK and the course content of some of the WA universities leaves a lot to be desired hence so many 457 visas of which I'm on one do not knocking it but heck my job could be done by a trained chimp why the need to bring me in ?


HRMumness Mon 24-Dec-12 03:42:53

Grew up in Perth and left in my early 20s. Have absolutely no desire to go back despite family still living there. Housing and food costs are so expensive these days compared to when I left. Weeks of regularly over 35C in Summer. Poor public transport so car is a must. Culture type activities are very lacking. Massive urban sprawl.

It is beautiful mind, hardly rains, people are laid back, good if you like outdoor activities and when it isn't stinking hot weather is nice.

If we had to move back, we would probably move to Melbourne - seems much more European. Plus with my family in Perth and DH family in Sydney, choosing one family over enough seems fraught with danger.

HRMumness Mon 24-Dec-12 03:46:51

Mosman - I regularly walked the 10 minutes or so home from school at a young age or cycled on my own (on footpaths if they were there) as that was quite normal. Streets were very safe. I think my older brother used to look out for me when I was really little though.

Mosman Mon 24-Dec-12 04:49:58

It really isn't safe, the cars hoon down the road at double the speed limit and frankly I don't believe there are less preditors just because the newspapers say so, Australia has as many nut jobs as any other countries but just seem completely relaxed about it, you can wonder through the school and in and out of classrooms unchallenged at lunchtime, no fencing or gates or even adult supervision. It's worrying actually.

sleepywombat Mon 24-Dec-12 05:27:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HRMumness Mon 24-Dec-12 06:25:23

Mosman - I should add this was in the 1980s! We were in a new area and it was all quiet streets. They were very strict on people being on the grounds but we didn't have fencing ether (although they do now on both my primary and high schools).

The other thing is that the Australian news is much more sensationalist and tends to give the impression that it is very unsafe as they focus a lot more on those kinds of issues iyswim.

Mosman Mon 24-Dec-12 06:42:32

So far I'd say it's quite the opposite in Perth headline news is sheep dies of old age. Seriously though it's hardly the Bronx where we live but it's far too relaxed at times too. My Italian neighbors and I are the ones offering to fund the fencing with the PCT cash instead of $5000 for the staff Christmas party and looked upon like we are crackers wasting funds hmm

migrant Mon 24-Dec-12 08:47:56

So, I guess I have to ask.... If it's so terrible, why are you here and not returning to England? Surely we all want to live in the best place we can, somewhere we are happy?

VivaLeBeaver Mon 24-Dec-12 08:53:44

Brisbane. I've never been but some friends emigrated there and it looks so beautiful. They love it.

Mosman Mon 24-Dec-12 12:20:15

Wellmaubly because we spent every penny we gave moving here and couldn't afford to go if we wanted to. However it is what you make of it and we will get the children into good schools and get on with it.
Lots I wish I'd known and listened to before we got here though, DH loves it, I will be in Sydney in 10 years at the very latest.

thepigflu Mon 24-Dec-12 12:24:08


digerd Mon 24-Dec-12 12:44:22

While in Perth for a week in 1989 in July - so ozzy winter- neighbour said "You are lucky this year as normally it rains for 6 months in the winter." Saw a house being built with views of the river and it cost a fortune compared to South East houses then.
Older cheaper houses made of timber and in Brisbane area, it was 13 degrees and no central heating.

ravenousbugblatterbeast Mon 24-Dec-12 12:46:18

Perth's heat is dry, as opposed to the high humidity of Sydney and Brisbane, which for us makes a massive difference (as long as we have air con as well!) Also it seems easier to be within, say, 20mins drive of the beach here (we're 5 mins drive although we're quite a bit north of the CBD, and tbh we have a pool so have focused on that recently rather than schlep to the beach and carry stuff, gosh, the hardship!), whereas in other places it's a good hour.

PandaNot Mon 24-Dec-12 12:48:47

I like Perth for holidays, I've had extended stays a few times now, but I wouldn't live there if you paid me to. Far too isolated and the heat is too much in summer. I'd go to Melbourne or Adelaide.

digerd Mon 24-Dec-12 12:50:34

The australian family we stayed with in brisbane area, were appalled that in our summers it did not get dark until 10.30pm. I asked why? Answer, we can't wait for the sun to go down to get outside in comfortable temperatures. Too hot during the day.

Mosman Mon 24-Dec-12 13:33:17

Is Alice Speings under rated I wonder grin
Nowhere is perfect.

giggly Fri 28-Dec-12 14:39:36

Byron Bay, magical place, without all the tourists of course.

Bubbaluv Thu 17-Jan-13 02:39:41

The Byron Bay hinterland for me. So lush and beautiful. Maybe your husband could look at Lismore hospital?

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Thu 17-Jan-13 03:29:00

The thing about Perth is that it's in the middle of bloody nowhere. I mean, it's already a huge culture shock to move to Australia and find out just how far everywhere is from everywhere else. It'll be exacerbated if you move to the west coast.

We live in Adelaide, which is lovely (when it's not a bazillion degrees) but I do miss being able to just hop an hour's flight and be somewhere else completely. It's just something to keep in mind; are you hoping to see the whole country, to visit other places? Then Perth will be restrictive.

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