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DancesWithSnowmenAndElves Mon 17-Dec-12 17:00:00

Right, DH is still in negotiations but it seems very likely he is going to be offered a job in Basel. Anyone know anything about it? DDS are 9,6 and 2 so I need to know/understand EVERYTHING very fast. I get the impression we would live in either Germany or France, rather than Switzerland. I don't even know which of these to chose?

Experienced comment required urgently to help me education sensible choices here.

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LIZS Mon 17-Dec-12 17:05:36

Will he have a permit for you to live in CH or does it have to be an EU country with him commuting ? Will he be paid in CHF, Euros or £ ?

You may have the choice but it would determine info on schools, housing , costs etc. There was another thread going at the end of last week , can't remember if it was you but I recommended joining this forum for advice to start with.

LIZS Mon 17-Dec-12 17:06:37

Thread here

DancesWithSnowmenAndElves Mon 17-Dec-12 17:29:07

It wasn't me - what are the chances!

Thanks LIZS, I'll go look at those threads/links post haste.

We'd not be able to live in CH, so it would be one of EU countries and he'd be paid in Euros.

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Binfullofgibletsonthe26th Wed 26-Dec-12 17:02:12

Hi I live in Basel.

A lot of people try and do the border crossing life, however there are tax complexities to living in France or Germany and working in Switzerland.

We have some parents in our ds school that live in France.

Perhaps your husbands employer can help? If it's Novartis or Roche they usually have a good set up for expat support.

Also check the English forum Switzerland website, but check the question has been asked previously in the search before posting. For some reason the posters there get quite narky. I don't use the forum on a regular basis but it can be quite helpful when starting out.

Use the website Remember you pay a different tax depending on the town you live in, so check carefully on the property and tax comparison search.

natation Fri 28-Dec-12 12:23:12

The 3 nearest districts to the centre of Basel which are in France and Germany are :

1) St Louis 68300,_Haut-Rhin

2) Huningue 68330

3) Weil-Am-Rhein

All 3 districts are linked to Basel public transport.

natation Sat 29-Dec-12 16:30:09

If you were to choose a local school, in French or German / Swiss German, there is a way of keeping up English. I wish this sort of organisation existed where we live!!!

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