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Living with parents before move abroad grrrrrr

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echt Wed 26-Dec-12 00:36:39

Soooo.. how did it go, OP?

vickyannsmum Tue 18-Dec-12 08:41:08

Talk about it...been there.
With your parents, in-laws, etc. The thing is - you and them out of routine and it can get really annoying. Try to talk about it openly - joke about it - don't make tabu out of the subject: the reality is - you all have to get through this. And both parties out of their comfort zone.
BTW when are you off?
I spent 2 weeks with my parents and another 2 weeks with in-laws. By the end of the month totally lost control over everything and funny enough - didn't care a bit.
And I am normally quite a control freak :-)
The only problem is - now on our own for a month and I cannot switch to the normal - still feeling like on holiday...
Good luck and laugh about it as much as possible! Might be through tears at times ;-) but it will be ok.
When you think about it all the things that annoy you ATM are nowhere of real importance. My dd had chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner - the only point I made - it's them spoiling her - not me. The moment we were on our own dd knew what the deal was.
Good luck!

Mum22dd Mon 17-Dec-12 23:13:19

Thanks so much it's the first time I have posted here and great to hear from others who have been there! Ironically dh and I went out for dinner tonight and it was lovely as long as we avoided this subject totally!! Taking one day at a time. Thanks folks ;-))

AdoraJingleBells Mon 17-Dec-12 14:23:08

I second getting out of the house whenever possible. We lived with the ILs for three months. You have my sympathy.

Let the GPs spoil their GDCs as they soon won't see them frequently, try to get DH to see this too. Yes, they may be eating too much sugar, or getting too many presents, or whatever it is, but soon you'll be in your new home with your rules etc. Just keep that in mind.

ChunkyPickle Mon 17-Dec-12 13:24:13

You need to get out of the house occasionally - have dinner, a coffee together, go wandering the shops or take a walk in the evening.

I spent time living with my PIL for similar reasons, and as lovely as they were, there were times when I just had to get in the car with DP and rant for a bit about whatever tiny thing was annoying me.

It's hard, you're grateful that they can do it, and you know that the things that are getting you down are petty and stupid, but they still do get you down.

Hong Kong's going to be great, so just grit your teeth, go out for dinner, and try to forget the situation for a bit.

Mum22dd Mon 17-Dec-12 13:14:09

Thanks so much. Moving to Hong Kong and really looking forward to it. Just trying to keep it together! I think there is guilt (mine) resentment (theirs) because we are going and taking the grandchildren. Up till now they have been very supportive guess its just dawning on them we are going and it's hard for them.

Jeezaloo Mon 17-Dec-12 06:15:10

Been there, done that. It is tense, but remember the old Mumsnet saying "this too will pass...".

Have a festive wine from me, and keep telling yourself it will all be over soon! Hope you're moving somewhere nice.

Mum22dd Mon 17-Dec-12 05:49:18

Hi we are moving abroad just after Christmas and are living with my parents as we have let our house. Just wondering how we can all get through this christmas without major arguments. My 2 dd are being spoilt rotten by their grandparents and everyone is getting tense because we are moving away soon. My dh used to get on with my parents but hates living with them and is constantly moody and unhappy with the way our dd are with their gps. We are into our last week at school and I am just becoming piggy in the middle trying to keep things on an even keel. I know we will miss them when we go but arghhhhh! Apologies just venting :-0.

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