Anyone in Canada/ whistler specifically?

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sleepdodger Sun 16-Dec-12 23:35:21

My little brother lives in whistler and is skint so for Christmas I'd like to send him a nice food package, harder said than done!
I assume I'd get it sent from a supermarket like online shipping here in uk but can't find anyone who seems to deliver there- clearly I'm missing something, so would be really grateful I you could link or name somewhere I could use
I'm after sending him nice luxury things so tea, coffee, chocolate etc
Much appreciated in advance for your help!

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westcoastnortherner Mon 17-Dec-12 02:50:54

Try Thrifty foods, their North Van location may deliver to whistler, you will need to order online, but I would telephone the north van Thriftys and ask, if they don't they may tell you who does deliver up there. smile

westcoastnortherner Mon 17-Dec-12 02:52:56

Also Purdys chocolates are a bit like thorntons, they deliver all over Canada

Nandocushion Mon 17-Dec-12 03:21:18

Try IGA or Creekside in Whistler? Unlikely for a North Van supermarket to delivery all that way.

Nandocushion Mon 17-Dec-12 03:21:31

Delivery? Deliver.

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