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Has Picard got a good reputation?

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EdwardtheEagle Fri 14-Dec-12 19:53:05

We're in France and having our kitchen redone - we need to live on ready meals/takeout for a bit. Is Picard any good? They'll deliver which is handy.

MistyB Fri 14-Dec-12 21:32:16

Picard is fab!! It is my go to emergency food or fab food when I don't have time to cook. Enjoy, your life will be changed forever!!

winnybella Fri 14-Dec-12 21:33:59

It's great. Not cheap, but good quality. Lots of choice and yes, it's a rather upmarket frozen food shop.

FriskyBivalves Fri 14-Dec-12 21:42:08

Yes! Yummmm... I know quite a few Parisienne hostesses who without blInking serve up entire dinner parties from picard. My dcs love the little Swedish meatballs... Their big prawns excellent. Delicious porc filet. Curries totally tolerable as is their chinese type stuff. Even their mashed potato is perfectly do-able with extra Butter pepper and salt. Their Bolognese and tomato sauces are fantastic for feeding children in a hurry. Oh, I could go on and on and on...

SantasBitch Fri 14-Dec-12 22:03:42

It's like Waitrose on Ice. My freezer is full of their fish, prawns, veg and ice cream. Ready meals perfectly acceptable, as are their pizzas.

EdwardtheEagle Sat 15-Dec-12 02:13:11

Omg how exciting! I may never cook again! They've got a turkey crown stuffed with prunes and brandy which may be our Christmas dinner then... And I will stock up on ready meals. Good to know about a half decent curry too!

FriskyBivalves Sat 15-Dec-12 08:42:06

Dh likes their coquilles and rice with coconut milk ready meal thing. Their lasagne and shep pies are good staples. I also get their frozen veg - pre diced onions, broccoli florets (soooo fed up with not eating all our brocc quickly enough and throwing away sad yellow/brown tufts). The little chicken fillets come in a indian version, or the ones with lemon are delish.

jenpetronus Mon 17-Dec-12 09:45:31

Another (late) vote here. I could happily live on their Cep risotto alone. It is not cheap for every day, but it is worth looking at their promo's and specials (which are usually in the first few freezers) Wasn't it voted no1 favourite shop for about 5 years running??

DeckTheHallsWithBartimaeus Mon 17-Dec-12 09:50:27

Yes. Took me a while to come round to it (thought it was Iceland equivalent) but DH eats loads of their ready meals (typical Frenchie eating two main meals a day which I refuse to cook smile )

Then I tried their pizzas (yummy), their starters, aperatifs, meat (their tournedos steaks are delicious)... and I was convinced grin

In fact, our aperatif/starter this Christmas is pure Picard. And we're having a Christmas ice cream Buche from there too

Bonsoir Mon 17-Dec-12 10:28:31

I beg to differ and find most of it unutterably dull and tasteless! The frozen podded broad beans are all right!

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Mon 17-Dec-12 19:12:28

Just discovered it myself, it's great!
I bought lots of frozen fruit to make smoothies with, as well as posh puds to keep in reserve for guests.
Most of the meals are cooked from frozen, which is great. No pre planning needed.

sommewhereelse Mon 17-Dec-12 19:58:10

You're having your kitchen redone but you may never cook again grin

stargirl1701 Mon 17-Dec-12 19:58:56

He is an excellent captain.


Sorry, couldn't resist.

strawberrypenguin Mon 17-Dec-12 20:00:38

grin stargirl I was thinking the same thing!

EdwardtheEagle Mon 17-Dec-12 20:26:05

Ok, so first delivery taken. We've had ready meals featuring such delights as steak with mashed potatoes, mushroom pasta, Thai curry, chicken tikka...all totally delicious. It's cheap too! Enough ready meals for a whole week for about €80, I spend more in monoprix usually and have to cook it myself! You're right, I'm never cooking again!

DeckTheHallsWithBartimaeus Tue 18-Dec-12 12:25:45

Monoprix is expensive though...try Franprix or Carrefour or, if you can get to them, the hypermarkets.

legohamster Sun 30-Dec-12 13:53:39

Have lived for nearly 10 years with Picard on my doorstep but never went in, just assumed it was like iceland but after reading this thread have been in nearly every other day - it's great and a life saver over christmas. Loads of lovely aperitifs and festive desserts and garden peas! After so long eating petit pois english peas look huge on a plate. Also spotted bagels and frozen pizza dough to try next week. Thanks mums netters. Ready meal chicken curry got thumbs up in our house too. Slightly annoyed with myself for not going sooner .

tb Fri 04-Jan-13 06:10:23

Never tried Picard, but tried Thiriet/Toupiquet (or similar name) and found the frozen veg were so overcooked as to have no 'bite' left in at all. The baked alaska was just about passable, and the pancakes were ok-ish.

We only tried them because there was an offer and I felt a bit sorry for the person knocking at every door in our road. Never again.

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