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Cyber Glühwein und Lebkuchen - the German and Austrian advent thread

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admylin Sun 02-Dec-12 11:24:53

A thread for anyone living in Germany or Austria, or anyone else who fancies a chat.

Happy first Advent to everyone!

Previous thread: here

LinzerTorte Tue 08-Jan-13 11:48:51


New thread here.


LinzerTorte Tue 08-Jan-13 11:18:04

admylin DH thinks that maybe we should get DD1 a smartphone so that she doesn't feel left out, but I object to forking out so much on a phone when she hardly uses the one she's got - she phones to tell me exactly when she's out of school on a Monday so that I can pick her up on the way to her piano lesson, and that's more or less it! She never phones or texts friends, although I could see a smartphone would be much better for texting (when she very occasionally texts DH, she uses my phone). Hmm, maybe I'll look into getting her a cheap PAYG smartphone (not that any seem cheap IMO!) - she may even have just enough money for one.

That was the last of the three moles that I had to have removed so no more for now, thank goodness! I had it done privately and it cost €130 each time, but I've just had over €100 refunded from the Krankenkasse for my first appointment (for the two moles on my back) so hopefully will get about the same amount back this time too.

A New Year's thread would be good - do you want to start it?

admylin Tue 08-Jan-13 10:31:44

Linzer I'd say your dd could be right about the smartphone. There's only 1 girl in dd's class who doesn't have one and she's the old fashioned type and isn't bothered (she's one of dd's best friends). I only got cheap, just around the 100€ mark, Samsung smartphones for my 2 though. They do have wifi but aren't that great for going online with. They watch youtube sometimes but only near a wifi connection. Alot of dc have phone contracts with flat rates for internet but that's just encouraging them to go online in my opinion.

Hope your finger is better. Sounds painful. Have you got anymore that need doing? Dh is inviting a surgeon round for dinner sometime this week and he's going to look at dd's lip and mole on her face. If it's a simple job we might get it done privately.

outnumbered well done for going without alcohol, who knows you might never touch a drop again! I've totally lost my alcohol tolerence level so don't even enjoy drinking nowadays. Dh feels hard done by if he hasn't had 1 beer every evening though.

Oops, better go - said I'd pick dd up as she has early finish today. Hi to everyone else. Are we going to have a new year thread or has anyone still got glühwein and lebkuchen?

LinzerTorte Tue 08-Jan-13 07:52:21

Lentil I have the same problem here, i.e. no charity shops where we live (or in any nearby towns), so clutter tends to accumulate in the cellar for months on end. We got rid of a lot at the end of last year when our local church had a flea market, but since then have already managed to fill another two bags.

outnumbered A glass of wine in the evening had become a habit for me too. Physically, I didn't find it at all difficult to give up but the thought of the glass waiting for me once the DC were in bed helped keep me going through many an exhausting afternoon! I really don't miss it most of the time now, though; DH and I shared a glass last night (to finish off a bottle from the weekend) and I found that after a few sips, I didn't want any more.

Enjoy the shopping in Mannheim! When I lived there, quite a few of my friends from Heidelberg would come to Mannheim to shop as the clothes and shoe shopping was so much better (plus, with almost no tourists, there were virtually no overpriced shops aimed at the tourist trade!).

DD1 came back from school yesterday with tales of all the Christmas presents that everyone had got; one boy had apparently been given "only three presents" - an iPod, an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy. shock She said that most got money to buy themselves something like a phone and is still complaining that she's the only child in her class who doesn't have a smartphone (which I'm sure can't be right). Her friend next door got an iPod and she asked if she could save up for one, but she struggles to entertain herself as it is so I think if she had an iPod, we'd never get her off it.

LentilAsAnything Mon 07-Jan-13 19:52:54

Linzer, glad your finger is ok. Hope when you remove the bandage it isn't too icky underneath.
DH went back to work today too, felt ever so quiet without him, even though I still have DS with me.

The decluttering/minimalist thread has spurred me into action to get rid of a few more things. I haven't found any charity shops here though to take my stuff, apart from one small Oxfam that only deal with clothes.

Enjoy your shopping day, out, and well done again not drinking.

outnumberedbymen Mon 07-Jan-13 18:36:33

Good evening!
linzer I'm glad your finger is not so sore anymore! brave you chanding the bandaging yourself smile

platanos how is your tailbone? I remember falling on mine when I was ice skating on a friend's pond. I must have been around 13 or 14. And I really liked her big brother. Just as he came to the pond to talk to us, I fell on my bum and was in agony - and felt so embarrassed grin

Everything is back to normal here too. all boys back at pre-school. dh will start doing the odd morning or afternoon at his new job this week too, so we will all have to get used to him not always being around. as worrying as it was, it really was rather nice to have him around. and the boys will find it VERY hard, especially as he will be working long hours and it will probably be just me taking them all to bed in the evenings. sad

Tomorrow I have one of our babysitters picking ds2&3 up from pre-school. she'll then stay at our house with the social integration worker until the evening, and me and dh are going to Mannheim for the day. dh needs some clothes for his new job - he doesnt have to wear suits (which he has plenty of), but cant wear his casual clothes as he did at his previous job either. so we need some smart trousers and jumpers. And I have a few things on my own list too wink luckily the ILs are always quite generous with the 'Christmas money', so hopefully we wont have to dig too deep into our account. I cant wait though, an entire day off, in a different city.

So I have made it through the first week of the Dryathlon. I like you 'no alcohol during the week' rule linzer and I think I will continue with that as well once the Dryathlon is over. It's so easy to get into the habit of having a little glass of wine most evenings. ALthough, when I compare myself to others doing the dryathlon, I feel like a fake. you know, there is a 'chat and support group' on fb for people taking part hmm. and lots of people were complaining of headaches the first few days of not drinking. It seems that my glass of wine most evenings is nothing compared to lots of others. And it's definitely not that I NEED a glass of wine, but I sure would LIKE one. right now! grin

I hope everyone is doing ok and that going back to school hasnt been too much of a shock. Did you get your dcs out of bed this morning admylin?

LinzerTorte Mon 07-Jan-13 09:03:28

Back to normal here today with DH back at work and the DC back at school. I'm not used to this peace and quiet! It's snowing fairly heavily here at the moment but it's not really cold enough for it to stick, so I managed to go out for a run earlier (first time in about two months).

Thanks to everyone who asked about my finger. It's stopped hurting now and I'm back to typing properly, so all is well. grin I haven't dared to look under the bandage yet, but I suppose I'll have to think about changing it in a day or two (the doctor said she'd do it for me, but it would be quite time-consuming to go there and back as she's in the next town).

Lentil I've been lurking on the minimalist blog and have found it very inspiring, but I can't see us living a minimalist existence somehow. I can be quite ruthless when it comes to decluttering certain things, but not things like clothes, books, etc. and I just don't know where to start with all the DC's stuff (although I do get rid of things surreptitiously on a fairly regular basis).

outnumbered Well done on your first alcohol-free week! I stopped drinking alcohol during the week last year and really missed it to start with (still do sometimes), but now it just makes me appreciate that Friday night glass of wine even more. grin

Nutella It's amazing how time-consuming new babies are, isn't it? Glad to hear you're enjoying parenthood so far, anyway!
We mainly brought back books, food (esp. chocolate and biscuits!), clothes, Christmas presents... the usual, nothing particularly exciting really - although I sadly found unpacking it all quite exciting. blush

Grinch I don't spend more than usual to get the stickers either, unless I'm just under €10/€20 etc. and then I'll go back and add a bit extra... and there are often friendly people in front of us at the till who'll give us their stickers if they're not collecting. I think it's all the stickers lying around everywhere that I object to most (I've just decluttered another lot from goodness knows when, hoping DD1 won't notice), plus the fact that it appears impossible to finish the album without a lot of time and effort (we've even been to a couple of Tauschbörsen).
I'm a bit hmm about teachers giving out sweets as rewards here, but can see that them handing out stickers that you've persuaded your DC not to collect must be equally annoying!

platanos I must admit that we'll probably swap from shopping at Billa to shopping at Spar for all the things we can't get/don't buy at Lidl (they know what they're doing, these supermarkets) - but they're quite close to each other and there's not much difference in price, so I don't really mind.
How's your tailbone now? That sounds very painful... it seems quite unfair that children can fall over every five seconds when they're ice skating without hurting themselves, but it's much more painful and likely to lead to injury when you're an adult.

LentilAsAnything Sun 06-Jan-13 21:42:56

Glad you are both enjoying parenthood, Nutella. Happy days.

admylin and grinch, decluttering feels great, we are having a dejunk too! We are still trying to minimise our stuff yet further despite only having had a major clearout before we moved here in April.

Well done on your alcohols-free weeks so far, out. I hope you feel better for it soon so you'd don't miss it so much all month!

linzer, hope you and your poor finger are ok.

Hi everyone else!

outnumberedbymen Sun 06-Jan-13 18:53:05

Hello! we've been very busy - as everyone seems to have been - and when we werent busy, we were exhausted. wink

anyway, tomorrow ds1 is finally back at Kiga and I am really hoping things will calm down again once he's back in his routine!!

dont have much time to post now either, so please apoligise for not name tagging everyone!

nutella nice to see you on here and congratulations again!!!

linzer sorry about the painful removal of that mole on your finger. I hope it heals quickly for you!

grinch I hope everyone is well now and stays well for a while!

ploom sorry about the rubbish weather on hols, but I hope it was a nice break nontheless.

platanos yes, we all want a dog too. but from past experience we know how expensive they can be, how time consuming they are and how much they restrict you and what you can do and where you can go. not to mention the hard worrk you have to put in to train them properly. One day I hope we will have one, and I know it will be great for the boys, especially ds1&2. but for now we feel lucky to have the therapy dog coming to our house every now and then. he used to come once a week, but now it's only about once a month. when he does come, it certainly is the highlight of the week! smile

I have still managed not to touch a drop of alcohol. I am surprised actually how much I miss the off glass of wine every now and then in the evening. It's going to be a long month grin

itsMYNutella Sun 06-Jan-13 18:24:04

Hello everyone! smile we, chez Nutella, are of course pretty busy with our own personal piece of chaos.

Thank you all for your lovely wishes, I've passed them onto DP and baby T. We are amazed (as I'm sure all new parents are) how much time a new baby takes up!
But he is gorgeous & wonderful. We've discovered that I shouldn't eat spicy food (loooong night) that he likes to be wrapped up and will sleep through most things.

I have done a bit of lurking but can't promise that I will or have caught up on everything!grin

Grinch sorry you have fevers! Hope you are all feeling better soon, of not already better...

Linzer hope you were able to stock up on necessities while in the UK- did you pick up anything interesting?

admylin we were the first baby at the Nordstadt Krankenhaus and we got a big bunch of flowers from the hospital smile but the first Hannover baby was born at about 00:30. Honestly I'm glad it wasn't me; I was exhausted (after being at the hospital from 8am for induction - which may or may not have worked, waters broke at 9pm and then laboured through the night) and the PIL are overexcited enough!

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Sat 05-Jan-13 19:02:55

All DC healthy here for the last day or two, thankfully, thanks grin Although DS1 fell asleep on the sofa at 5pm and I carried him up to bed (my goodness he is a great big creature now, not sure how much longer I'll be able to carry him, I never imagined I'd already say that about a 5 year old as I can still carry my 7 year old) - don't think he's ill though, think he and DS2 wore themselves out using the king size mattress on their bedroom floor as a trampoline/ gymnastics mat/ dance floor for a solid hour and a half without break - DS1 in particular was dripping in sweat when he very suddenly realised he was tired and really would like to have a drink and play with playdough instead - half an hour later he decided he needed to listen to music on the sofa, and promptly fell asleep! grin

Plantanos sorry the iglo building was disappointing, glad the ice skating was better, but ouch at your tail bone - I did that when I was 18 and it was agony for a couple of weeks and still sometimes twinged for about a year - but I did fall down the entire spiral staircase of a double decker bus and land on it! (Backpacker bus in Australia at the end of my year off, there may possibly have been alcohol involved blush )

Ploom sorry you've got a snowless ski holiday! Makes it harder work to find activities and keep it fun I imagine, hope you are still enjoying yourself and not having too much stress trying to make sure the DC do...

Admylin well done on the decluttering! I got rid of a load from the basement - all DD's outgrown clothes from when we moved in here til most recently grown out, and most of what is left of DS2's outgrown baby stuff, a couple of weeks ago (most to a charity shop, aside from some Boden stuff given by my mother which we sold on ebay and made €60 smile ) There were a lot more than two boxes! Still need a toy cull, have some doll stuff from DD in a box on the landing that she's agreed can go for a start, as although she plays with Barbies still she doesn't play with baby dolls. I'd quite like to say just Playmobile and books in her room, as she has a vast amount of Playmobile, but it's her cluttered, usually very messy room so don't want to dictate really... We cleared her desk and sorted out her school bag yesterday so at least she can do her homework, as the toys etc. had encroached onto and taken over the desk over the holiday!

Linzer glad you got back OK, ouch at the mole removal, hope your finger is recovered soon! I got the last sticker album that our most local shop (Edika) did (first time I've done so) but we never filled it - I also never bought more than usual to get stickers though. The cashiers did give out big piles of them towards the end of the promotion with even tiny purchases, but they just ended up with a big box of duplicates despite dedicated swapping with friends - I think the problem was everyone at the school and Kindergarten shops at the same branch of Edika, and I think there must be some batching of stickers meaning certain ones were incredibly rare - probably some other branch had a glut of them, need a wider swap circle! DD wanted Disney stickers that another shop (Rewe)was doing before Christmas, but I don't shop there, there isn't a convenient near by branch, so I said no - then her teacher helpfully gave out the stickers as prizes in class as she lives about 20km away and does shop at Rewe, really didn't need her to re-fuel the interest!

Ooops got to go, DS2 needs attention, sorry over long and not name checked everyone as always, sorry!

platanos Sat 05-Jan-13 07:44:56

hupa enjoy the skiing! Hope you are managing to have fun ploom

Linzer We have also got the spar album, but I do shop at spar quite a bit as it is close and has lots of vegan stuff.

We went ice skating at Engelmann . But not really a high roof top as I was expecting. Was only 1 euro for children and quite good, except I fell on my tailbone and am in agony sad. I was just standing still when i fell, so I am hoping it is not too badly injured: sitting down and standing up is really painful. Talking of pain - how is your finger?

admylin I am impressed at your decluttering. I was hoping to do some today, but unfortunately my sports injury does not permit me. Shame really wink. I am enjoying doing stuff with the dc, though rather tiring. I think today is a duvet day -the dc got some dvds which we have not watched yet. Pouring with rain too so perfect weather.

Will try to keep this short as I'm having to type with one hand (had the rest of the mole removed from my finger this morning, and am not really supposed to be using my left hand) and it's painfully slow!

hupa Enjoy the skiing - all the snow here has melted, but we're not really in a skiing area; I assume you'll be going somewhere west of us.

admylin Well done on the decluttering. I'm trying to do some as well to make room for all the new things we - mainly the DC - acquired at Christmas.

Haven't quite managed to be an evil mum and we've bought a sticker album - but I refuse to spend any more at Spar than I would normally. I'm going to do my best not to buy any extra sticker packets too (the DC can buy them out of their pocket money if they want some).

platanos Hope you enjoyed the ice skating and didn't get blown away - whereabouts did you go? I've only ever been to the Rathausplatz, which I found a bit scary compared to our local rink.

I saw yesterday that Merkur are doing stickers as well, starting next week I think. Aargh! Unfortunately DH has decided that the stickers look quite "sensible" (Was ist was?) but we hardly ever shop there and I really don't want two albums on the go.

ploom Sorry to hear about the lack of snow - especially after you got your new skis. Hope you can still manage to find some things to do.

Grinch Hope the DC are better soon. I must remind DD2 that she hasn't replied to your DD's message yet.

hupa Fri 04-Jan-13 14:58:02

I´ve finally found the time to post - Happy New Year to everyone!

Congratulations Nutella What a lovely start to the New Year.

Outnumbered I´m really pleased your dh has found a new job, it must be such a relief.

Grinch I hope you´re all feeling better and have a healthier 2013.

Ploom Sorry to hear about your lack of snow. We´re off for a weeks skiing in Austria tomorrow.

A quick hello to everyone else. I´ve still got to pack and take down the Christmas decorations before we go. I´ll try to catch up while we´re away.

cheaspicks Fri 04-Jan-13 09:10:41

Have had no internet for a couple of days and come back to great news! Congratulations, nutella!!! Lovely name and I can't wait to see pics when you're ready to put them up (haven't missed one, have I?)

Happy New Year to everyone else. Have a great 2013!

admylin Fri 04-Jan-13 07:37:12

platanos sounds like you're busy making the holidays a nice time! I used to love doing things with the dc when they were smaller but now it's only the odd shopping trip with dd otherwise they do their teen stuff and I drive them around to it!

grinch hope you get better health all round this year. MAybe your dc will have built up such a great immune system by the time they get to secondary they won't miss a single day like my 2. We had all the fevers and viruses possible in kindergarden and primary too.

ploom sorry you didn't get snow especially after the xmas pressie you got! Hope you got to relax abit anyway.

Linzer maybe you could do the evil mum thing like I did and tell the dc the truth about the stickers being an advertising con to get parents to spend more in the shop and we don't want to fall for that do we...that's how I sort of got my 2 out of collecting that sort of stuff! There was a sticker thing here with animal stickers and an album and in the long run it would have been cheaper to buy the dc a decent Tierlexikon or something!

nutella was just thinking, did you have the first baby of 2013 for Hannover? Hope everything is going well.

Having a de-clutter day today (started yesterday). Two boxes of junk that we've been storing carefully for no reason are now ready to go out.

platanos Fri 04-Jan-13 06:55:56

oh no ploom are the children disappointed? rubbish weather. Hope you manage to make the most of it, nevertheless.

grinch-illness has struck your home again sad. Gute Besserung!

Linzer hope you made it home and are not too exhuasted. good luck with keeping the sticker albums secret from your dc wink.

out I know what you mean about the uneducational thing. It was all rather poorly organised. I think I might write a feedback letter - it will be good for me to pracitise my German. thought of you yesterday as went to a little workshop run by the tiere als therapie verein. we all want a dog now, but it just can't be.

nutella hope life with little one is full of cuddles.

off ice-skating today, on top of a building in central vienna... and it is meant to be storm weather hmm

Ploom Thu 03-Jan-13 08:11:35

I scrolled all the way back on the thread (wow we chat a lot!) - most of us guessed way to big but think it was in the middle of jenny and hupa's guesses! Congratulations ladies grin

Hope you all feel better soon grinch.

glad you got back safely linzer. you'll need some rest today.

Our skiing holiday is not going to plan due to the lack of snow (there is some but not enough) & the fact that its due to rain every day till the weekend hmm. Thankfully the accomodation is lovely & the dc seem happy enough. Think it'll be a day to go swimming or to the aquarium - just a bit gutted about our lack of skiing hmm.

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Thu 03-Jan-13 07:17:01

Oh a baby Nutella - congratulations on baby Theodore! I was very wrong on the weight smile But still that's a nice normal weight, no need for the doc's small threats!

Not been on for a couple of days as have been doing stuff with the kids, but we have fevers again today so having a "duvet" MN day - nice news to come on for!

Will be back later to catch up more, having cancelled attending DS1's attendance at his football turnier it seems the kids are not too ill to want second breakfast!

After 14 hours unterwegs (train, plane and car), we've just crossed the border into Austria so I have Internet access again. I was wondering whether there may have been any baby news in my absence, and indeed there was - massive congratulations Nutella! I'm also feeling nostalgic for that newborn baby smell now. So who won the guess-the-weight competition? grin

platanos No, how can this be - I thought sticker albums had been banned?!? Wonder if I can keep it quiet from the DC... I suspect not.

All this travelling has given me a headache and typing seems to be making it worse, so had better log off for now.

admylin Wed 02-Jan-13 20:10:24

Congratulations on the birth of your son nutella, enjoy every minute. Glad it went well!

platanos Wed 02-Jan-13 19:25:00

great news nutella congratulations and enjoy the cuddles - lovely news and names too!

outnumberedbymen Wed 02-Jan-13 19:02:34

yay nutella massive congratulations from me too!!! I miss that baby smell! and what a cool birth weight little Theodor Ruben has smile

platanos sorry the igloo building was a disappointment. isnt it a shame when something can be done in such a fun and interactive way, and then they choose to do it in such an uneducational way? especially with such little staff around to help the children. I hope your ds wasnt too disappointed?

advent we took our tree down last Friday before heading to the ILs. we have a very spacious living room, but was really starting to annoy me. especially as it was losing loads of needles already.

I so long for a glass of wine tonight, as you may have read on fb...and as I cant have one, dh is treating me to a delivery pizza instead grin lucky I am planning to go to the gym in the morning.

Ploom Wed 02-Jan-13 18:23:46

Just read your message again - wow that was a really amazing way to spend the start of the New Year smile.

Ploom Wed 02-Jan-13 18:22:18

Aw nutella (and mr nutella) - huge congratulations in the birth of your gorgeous son! Glad it all went ok & yes that baby smell is just the best smell!
Enjoy every moment of watching him grow grin

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