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Cloth nappies in hot temperatures

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binkybonk Wed 28-Nov-12 22:39:25

Have posted same on 'nappies' forum but no one has responded so hoping some expats can help out:

I wanted to use cloth nappies first time round and piked out as they are very expensive here (and everything shipped over..) and even the shopkeeper I was about to buy them from said they're too hot here (lame, I know) BUT I want to find out from some experienced mums your views on the following:
1. Will baby's bum be sweaty/ wet all the time? It is average 28deg and 84% humidity here... ALL the time!
2. Will storing up a day or twos worth of nappies for the wash be a stink fest (in the temp as described above..!)?
3. The only brand made close to here is Charlie Banana- any good? Or do I need to ship from uk or Aus?
Thanks in advance

CaliforniaLeaving Thu 29-Nov-12 04:44:58

I used cloth nappies with all three of mine as it is very hot here in summer, up to about 40 but not high humidity. My babies seemed cooler and their little bums were cooler to the touch than in disposables. I used cotton prefolds and wraps made of nylon on the first two, and last one got all kinds of fancy stuff tried on her.
We ended up using hemp fitteds at night with wool cover (I though wool would be terrible but it was wonderful) and she had an assortment of fitteds and pockets for daytime. I got my info from they gave me lots of information on washing, storage for washing, detergents, types of nappies and everything else you could ever think of. There is bound to be people in more humid areas that would have information for you too.

CaliforniaLeaving Thu 29-Nov-12 04:45:18


sleepywombat Thu 29-Nov-12 05:29:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadybirdsAreFab Thu 29-Nov-12 05:37:46

I had my DD in cloth nappies, it gets to about 50 here with about 80+ humidity during the summer. No problems at all, in fact she had less rashes than other children. The nursery commented on the fact one small pot of cream lasted a term. Tea Tree oil is your friend. I used to soak both ends of a cotton bud in it and tape it to the inside of the lid of the nappy bin and we never had any problems. Washed every 2 or 3 days.

My thoughts were that they have nice soft natural cotton against their skin rather than yukky man made fibers filled with absorbent crystals. You just need to see the inside of one disposable when they have split to see how much stuff is inside.

Not cheap but so worth it. I knew I was only having the one but it was still the only way (for me) to go.

NuzzleandScratch Thu 29-Nov-12 05:42:19

There's an Australian brand called Itti bItti which I really like, and they're massively popular, so I think the answer to your question is that plenty of people use cloth in a hot climate! I would actually think that cloth nappies would be better for a baby's skin than disposables in sweaty weather. The brand I mention have a Facebook page, and the company are so helpful, so I would suggest contacting them with some of your questions, even if you don't end up using those ones. (I'm not associated with them in any way btw, I just love cute fluff!).

BeanMachine Thu 29-Nov-12 05:53:54

And other one using cloth in a hot, sticky climate, now on child number 2. DD had minimal nappy rash (can't recall details now) and DS (6m) has only ever had a tiny bit following disposable wearing (out and about). I know of a few others using them here and never heard any complaints.

Ours get washed every 2nd day or so and I've never noticed smells, other than when bucket lid is off. We use shaped bamboo nappies, bought in the UK for DD and I haven't needed to buy any new ones for DS (just a couple of new wraps).

I don't know where you are exactly, but here we have a little hose thingy next to the toilet which is great for rinsing off poo (especially that runny b/fed poo) before chucking in a pail. I'm not sure what I'd have done in the UK...

weegiemum Thu 29-Nov-12 06:01:56

I don't live in a hot climate but a few years back we travelled round Central America for a month with two children in cloth. I had to hand wash mostly too!
Dd2 was 16 months, had awful problems with disposables giving her a rash, so we stuck to what we did at home in freezing Scotland and it was great.

binkybonk Thu 29-Nov-12 07:57:08

Thanks everyone for good advice :-) DS has never had nappy rash with disposables and I've got him in one size pocket cloth ones which he's been 'trialling' past two days and no rash either, so far so good... Will def check out the brands and websites recommended, I am second hand obsessed so hoping to get a big eBay haul for someone to bring over with them!

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