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50 shades of expat... Which one are you?

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Salbertina Wed 28-Nov-12 20:06:37

So theres the overstayed the extended holiday/ sabbatical and could never leave version

Or the "Gone native" - moved overseas as married a local

Or the Expat queen packaged to the hilt (I seem to know lots --and am jealous as hell--)

The "worthy" aid worker type on contract

The "grass is always greener type" who just
keeps relocating in a relentless search for the perfect place to live

The retired seasonal "swallow" who lucked in with the pension and property market enough to be able to follow the sun

All slightly tongue-in-cheek at such stereotyping by the way... No offence meant...

Must be many more types... If anyone wants to play... Must be bored...

ProbablyJustGas Thu 29-Nov-12 12:19:54

Overstayed (well, got a job following student visa and then one of the old highly-skilled migrant visas to go with it). And then went native. Really, really, really hoping I can move the family back to the US someday, but that is a long way off for several big reasons. DSD goes to local school, and any future kiddos of ours will likely also go to the neighborhood school.

Also envy at the expat queens in town that can send their kids to the swish international school with its music programs in Primary and extra-curriculars galore. In another life...

BaronessBomburst Thu 29-Nov-12 12:50:57

An over-stayer gone native, I think, although not married to a native as DH and I came out together.

Definitely not an ex-pat queen! I don't think we could afford to move/ go back even if we wanted to. But then again, I like it here. smile

NotMoreFootball Thu 29-Nov-12 14:55:10

Pupsiecola - we are in the US which I totally understand isn't everyone's cup of tea but the place we live in is like a scene from a Christmas movie! We're on a street that looks like Wisteria Lane (desperate housewives!), the locals are the friendliest people I've ever met, there are fancy malls and independent stores, swimming pools for the hot summers and nearby mountains for winter fun! Our county is ranked has having one of the highest standards of living in the US and if I could stay forever I'd be a very happy bunny!!

Frosch Thu 29-Nov-12 17:26:11

Gone native... although I will never actually be accepted as a native. Several times a week, complete strangers stop me and point out my non-native behaviour and how I ought to correct it. hmm I do believe they see me as some sort of project. Well, as long as it keeps them out of mischief...

nemno Thu 29-Nov-12 17:32:31

Was an army brat, became an expat queen and now home thank goodness. It was all great, wouldn't change it, but not getting on a plane again.

Needabitofsunshine Thu 29-Nov-12 19:15:39

Cross between expat queen and expat lite, although do also have itchy feet...

MerryChristMoose Thu 29-Nov-12 19:23:44

Came out here on a work permit. Now have Permanent Residency and a little Canadian to care for!

FellatioNelson Thu 29-Nov-12 19:24:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lavenderhoney Thu 29-Nov-12 21:22:01

I too am expat-litesmile I love waitrose, labootin, i pretend I am in the home counties on bad dayssmile

Ex-prat is funny, know a few of those. And expat queens. They aren't much funsad

FloralWellies Thu 29-Nov-12 21:27:50

DP was a downshifter ("retired") in his mid-30's; I came to visit for a long weekend 5 years ago and stayed....
I would say we have "gone native" / emigrated as we have added to the local population (DS is2) and bought property

surroundedbyblondes Thu 29-Nov-12 21:44:35

I had gone native where we used to live... But then DH decided he no longer liked it (partly he felt uncomfortable that he wasn't as settled and integrated as I felt)

Dutiful wife that I am I moved with him and two years on it's starting to feel like home.

pupsiecola Thu 29-Nov-12 23:45:15

NoMoreFootball. Sounds very appealing! We are considering the US or Canada in a couple of years for the long-term. Trying not to think about it too much as need to ensure we enjoy our time here in the meantime. But it's def our plan... neither of us feel motivated to go back to the UK.

alexpolismum Fri 30-Nov-12 12:36:23

Gone native, married to a local. Although I already lived here when I first met him, I didn't come here for him.

I don't actually have any English friends at all here.

Shanghaidiva Sat 01-Dec-12 03:52:38

Expat queen - my driver takes my shirts to the laundry for me ;)

CleansLate Sat 01-Dec-12 04:09:24

Grass is greener! Oh for a driver!

Though I would put forward a new category of 'trailing spouse' (flailing spouse in my case).

FellatioNelson Sat 01-Dec-12 04:25:31

Oh yes - Trailing Spouse is definitely the tag for me. thank goodness I don't have to suffer under the Expat Queen label any more!

deXavia Sat 01-Dec-12 04:56:51

Grass is greener sort of - Hong Kong where we are currently, drives me insane there is too much English! But if I'm brutally honest a bit expat lite in that despite it driving me mad I still live in the expat bubble

OpheliasWeepingWillow Sat 01-Dec-12 05:15:09

Expat Queen but would rather be in Fulham. Basically

thelittlestkiwi Sat 01-Dec-12 05:20:04

Overstayer. I think I fell a little bit in love with NZ.

Bertrude Sat 01-Dec-12 05:33:21

Expat lite tinged with expat queen. I'm the bread winner with the mega package deal so the husband has his sights set of becoming a Jumeirah Jim if I'd let him

TheSandstoneCat Sat 01-Dec-12 05:35:11

Trailing spouse turned native since getting a job here. Foot in both camps - expat/local and a new urge to put down longer term roots in the UK.

Labootin Sat 01-Dec-12 06:39:18

Bertrude : i'm a Jumeriah Jane i would blush but us JJ's are blatant and really don't care grin

[tramples over thread in a 4x4]

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Sat 01-Dec-12 10:44:13

grin at "flailing spouse" Brilliant

Vagndidit Sat 01-Dec-12 12:15:03

I'm the "long suffering wife of international academic who gave up career HER to follow HIS" type. All the joy and expense of expat life without a flashy expat package.

We go where the job is---currently the U.k.---but would be back to the U.S. in a flash if the right university came calling.

PeshwariNaan Sat 01-Dec-12 12:19:35

Gone native. And I much prefer living in the UK to the US (but I lived here for a few years off and on - student - before DH and I married). I don't think we'll move back to the US, though I miss family and friends.

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