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Mallorca & counting!!!

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TheLaminator Tue 20-Nov-12 13:04:49

After 3 and a half years of dreaming & planning... We`re off.
We move to Mallorca next year.
Just returned from a month long stay (our 7th visit in 3 years) We`re decided, finally on town.
We`ll be in Felantix in the east.
We have (85%) sorted a 12month rental starting April.
We`ve moved out of our house & in with family, sold most of our stuff & started saving BIG TIME.
It feels so real now after years of thinking, we`ve actually started the doing.
We`ve got two kids aged 20mths & 4.7 & have located schools and nurserys. We`ll be recuiting a company to help with enrolement etc & we have a friend in the town willing to help with us with other things. Our spanish is poor, but we are determined to learn, our eldest is picking it up no problem!

Would love to hear from anyone else local to felantix, or anywhere on the island really, aaaaaaany advice would be greatly welcomed & maybe ask some questions, as i`m sure there will be many as we make our final move.

Excited & nervous & counting down the days.

botandhothered Tue 20-Nov-12 13:25:54

Good luck! I moved to Menorca 7 yrs ago. Are the children going to state school? If so you may not get the school nearest to you, I'm afraid.They will just send you where there is space.
The children will be taught in Catalan,but should pick it up quickly if both at school every day. My 11 yr old was fluent reading writing after 9 months.
Also I wouldn't pay anyone to help you register etc, it's a rip off and something you can easily do yourselves.
I presume you have work?

TheLaminator Tue 20-Nov-12 13:50:44

hi botandhot,
How are you finding Menorca? Glad you made the move?
Yes, well have to keep our fingers crossed re; nearest schools, we had heard that. The kids will learn mallorquin too, a further dialect of catalan! And you are right, there is probably nothing registering wise we couldnt figure out ourselves, i think I`m just being a bit nervous. Me and husband will bimble by, but I want to know we`ve got the kids sorted.

Husband is freelance & can work remotely on-line. He has enough clients/work to keep us ticking over, but hopes to make contacts on the island for in the future. He is/We are very lucky that he works in a growth industry. I`ll be staying at home with the boys for a few more years with a mind to setting up in business in a few years. Another thing we had heard was not to turn up expecting to find a job... wink
I`m looking into doing an Teaching English qualification before we leave the uk. That and some more spashish lessons
I think this might help me intergrate a bit, language skill swop with some locals?
I must admit, I`m really nervous about ever being able to grasp the language. I think its going to be hard for me. but i`m so willing to give it a go.

botandhothered Tue 20-Nov-12 14:07:08

I'm glad you have an income, things are really tough in Spain at the moment!
Regarding the language, I think things will be easier for you on Mallorca as it's bigger, and there will be more people from the mainland. Here, it's very local and the only language I hear during the 6 month winter period is Menorquin, so it took at lot longer than i thought it would!
The local adult education college will run cheap classes, but normally start beginning of October.

When you have all your papers, which should only take a week at most, you can go into the town hall to enquire about schools. They will give you a form to take away with you. It isn't too complicated. Once you take it back to them they will allocate a school very quickly.

I have friends who have the TEFL, they always have a few hours of work a week, but nothing full time.

Your husband will have to register as self employed, autonomo, he will have to pay appprox 250 euros a month to be self employed. Once he does this you will be covered for free health care.

I love it here, sun is shining today, don't think i could ever move back!!

fussychica Tue 20-Nov-12 16:06:19

Good luck on your move - lived 8 years in mainland Spain but back in the UK since last year. Enjoy!

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