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Swiss Kindergartern DS black eye

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heather1 Tue 13-Nov-12 21:36:43

So today my DS came back from Kindergarten (he is in 2nd year in a mixed class of years 1 and 2) with a black eye all swollen. No note or phone call.
Today was Kapital so no afternoon school and when I called the teacher I got no answer.
So I left a message on her answer machine and she emailed me this evening to let me know she had applied cream to the eye, was it better and had we been to the doctors?
Who send a child to walk home from school with a black eye without telephoning the parent to tell them. I mean really I am so pissed off. DS says it was an unprovoked attack. He was standing in the playground and a boy ran towards him and DS closed his eyes and then it happened.
Sometime I hate the Swiss schooling system it is like Lord of the Flies sometimes. (Last year older DS was bullied in 1st class though that has not been resolved)
Everytime I think life if settling down and actually I might like it here and think we might stay something like this happens at school. I miss the safe, caring nurturing infants school my son attended.

natation Tue 13-Nov-12 22:09:17

Just a little question, did you ask to speak to someone at school before coming home?

annh Tue 13-Nov-12 23:58:15

I suspect, given that this is Switzerland, and even very young children seem to take themselves to and from school, that the DS came home with his sibling or other children and was not collected by the parent.

beresh Wed 14-Nov-12 08:34:56

You have my sympathy, a couple of years ago my DD in swiss KG came home with a bruised face from having a block of ice thrown at her, I was furious to learn the teacher didn't even come outside to supervise play time and was all set to make a written complaint, but when I asked parents with children at other KG's I found out it was totally normal for the children to be outside alone, in a public play area with no fences....

There are many wonderful things about the swiss school system though and at the moment I can't fault either of my 2 DDs' teachers for their kindness, patience with helping children to resolve conflicts and total intolerance of any bad behaviour. We are likely to be moving back to England and funnily enough I'm worried that with larger classes and a different teacher every year the system won't be as nurturing as in Switzerland, although I'm sure it will be safer!

Hope your boy's eye gets better soon, best wishes.

ClareMarriott Wed 14-Nov-12 15:33:47


If you are English and your son is experiencing this kind of stuff from the other children - he could be being seen as an Ouslander- an outsider . My nephew suffered from that for a bit when he was in Kindergarten but once he had changed school , it did'nt happen

Gipfeli Wed 14-Nov-12 16:01:27

Your poor ds. I hope he feels better soon.

In my experience of the Swiss school system I would say this is not typical. I have two children now in the 1st and 3rd classes. Both of their kg teachers would have called me if this happened. Any of their school teachers they have now even would tell me, before I had to ask. And I know that the expectation of the Swiss mothers I know would be the same. They would not accept this. I would make sure the teacher knows that you expect a call in these circumstances and keep on at them to take the bullying seriously. My children's school does.

Just to say we live in the city and from friends whoever further out in the country, I hear that perhaps the attitudes are a little different

heather1 Thu 15-Nov-12 11:07:18

Thanks for your replies. I have left it before coming back to post because I was just so angry about not being telephoned by the teacher.
Annh you are right my DS walks home alone with my older DS.
I went in and spoke to the kindy teacher and she was very concerned about my DS "how are you ds, its your eye hurting etc". She really is genuinely concerned. This just contrasts so sharply to me with sending him home without speaking to me.
I asked why I hadnt been informed by phone or a note and she said they had been very busy that day. I think that is polite Swiss way of saying I didnt feel it necesssay to tell you.
Beresh I totally agree with you. we are in a village round lake zurich very near to the city and although I love many thinks about Switzerland i have very mixed feelings about the Swiss school system. Ho hum my DS is ok, no long term damage I hope and I think I will just have to put it down to experience.
Gipfeli - im pleased that your experience of the school system has been positive. It hasnt been so for us so much. I think it really depends on luck and the teacher your child as placed with. As an example last year a kiga child feel and cut his mouth, he was left with blood in his mouth and all over his clothes. He spent the morning at school, then went to Mittagstich and had afternoon school. At the end of the day he went home. He developed an infection as the wound had not been cleaned. But at least my DS is still happy to go to Kiga.

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