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Moving to Ingelheim, perhaps living in Mainz

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kazah72 Mon 12-Nov-12 22:13:40

I've got a job in Ingelheim near Frankfurt and we're all moving out in January. My DH is a SAHD and my DS was 6 last week. I've also got a DD who is 2. Is there anyone out there who lives in the area?

it's becoming really real to us now. My son is of the opinion that his school is St Catherine's and became so distressed when we first gently broached the subject of "what do you think it would be like to go to a different school" that we haven't got any further in telling him yet. We're visiting in a couple of weeks time and I'm really hoping that a lovely weekend visiting Christmas markets and riding on trains will make it easier for us to talk him round.

Any experiences to share? Both of us speak English, I learned German at school for 5 years and it's really rusty at the moment. Are we mad to be considering a state primary (Grundschule) even if it's bilingual? confused

LinzerTorte Tue 13-Nov-12 07:25:19

Hi kazah, come and join us on the Germany and Austria thread here. There are one or two posters in/near Frankfurt and also one or two who've been in a similar position to you IIRC (moving over from the UK and sending DC to a state primary school). I'm in Austria but most of the other posters are in Germany and I'm sure they'd be happy to help. smile

digerd Thu 15-Nov-12 15:17:10

Look at the German Primary Schools thread just above yours.

digerd Thu 15-Nov-12 15:20:03

It's now moved farther down from yours.

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