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Western Canadian MNer meet-up - sign in here!

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Jacksmania Sun 04-Nov-12 03:44:50

Who's up for a meet-up in BC?
Or Alberta, depending on how many we get.

Sign in here with your location and your preferred meet-up spot!

I'm just east of Vancouver. Anywhere in the Lower Mainland or BC Interior would work for me.

We'll probably have to look at a date in the New Year, but let's start planning now. smile

Jacksmania Fri 09-Nov-12 22:06:42

OMG MrsT that made me snort out loud!!!! grin You're funny.

FB quiche up and running. 6 members so far. Anyone else?..... <leaves tempting chocolate cookie crumbs pointing towards quiche>

We're off to Seattle in a few moments. Will poke my head in when I can.

BTW those of you with one child, (or actually more than one, we're not fussy) who wants to join another quiche that's very warm and welcoming and likes wine and are generally a bit mad in a wonderful way do come join us in the One Child Tea Room. One Child Topic, I think the current one is located in New England (we move virtual locations with every thread), and it's Tea Room the 34th. Don't let that scare you off. We're a lovely group. <leaves more tempting crumbs, perhaps shortbread, and a trail of wine bottles>

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 09-Nov-12 22:18:32

I have one child. DH won't let me have any more because he wants to eventually sleep ever again, what a wimp. If I can bring myself to give up, I will join you. Probably next week because I said no DC after 40 and the fateful day is next week.

Have fun in Seattle.

lazydog Fri 09-Nov-12 22:48:52

MrsTP - Tell your DH that we had the incredible non-sleeping children in this household for several years, but now have to drag them out of bed of a morning. It does get better, honestly! Just don't mention the fact that ds2 was no better than ds1, when everyone said we couldn't possibly have 2 that slept so badly...

Jacksmania Fri 09-Nov-12 22:54:49

Come join us anyway. We have some who have two, some who have one but are still wobbly about it, some have one by choice and some by necessity. We've even had a visitor from the multiples thread grin she tried but it wasn't contagious grin

easilydistracted Sat 10-Nov-12 12:42:26

Hi all,

Just emerging from a couple of horrid days of stomach flu (groan) Another thing I'm looking forward to in Canada: lower population density = fewer nursery/playgroup diseases, right? right? God I hope …

Anyhoo, MrsT in answer to your earlier question I work in a pretty specific field of art & design, you'll probably see when I join the FB group. I turned 40 in March, it is great I now leave the house looking slovenly and tutting and the young uns. He he. So happy birthday!

Jacksmania have a great time in Seattle, I plan to visit there too when we move West … will peek into the Tea Room as well smile

Jacksmania Sat 10-Nov-12 15:46:39

Oh eeewww easily - I loathe stomach bugs. The last one we had was nearly three years ago, we all had a bout of norovirus and even though it wasn't a really bad case, we all still shudder thinking about it.

Glad you're feeling better smile

I only have my phone with me here so might not be able to make changes to the group until tomorrow.

MrsTerryPratchett Tue 13-Nov-12 00:44:16

I thought I would come and bump us in case there are more Western Canadian MNers out there.

Someone bought me a 2013 diary this week. You lot are the first thing in it grin.

MerryChristMoose Tue 13-Nov-12 01:06:51

I definitely can't make 19 Jan. It's a week after my birthday and DH is actually working on my birthday, so that's the weekend we get to celebrate it. I think he might be a bit miffed if I buggered off.

If there's another later in the year I will try and make it.

Jacksmania I have PMd you (hopefully). I only have one child, so I'll take a look in the Tea Room smile

MerryChristMoose (formerly known as SomewhereInCanada)

Jacksmania Tue 13-Nov-12 02:56:18

Got your PM, Moose, have responded smile
We'll have a drink to celebrate your birthday and hopefully you can join us next time!

MiauMau Tue 27-Nov-12 11:34:38

I'll be joining the BC ranks at the end of February and will be in dire need of some hand holding and back patting (will provide cake), sad to miss the meet up sad

westcoastnortherner Mon 17-Dec-12 03:02:19

I'm in Victoria am I too late to join?

westcoastnortherner Mon 17-Dec-12 03:03:42

MrsTP fancy a cup of tea and cake in Murchies one day?

crazyforbaby Sun 23-Dec-12 16:11:01

Hi All, sorry I disappeared off the face of the earth for a while...special sorry for Jacksmania who was trying to arrange a meet-up. Well I am sat up in my hospital bed, waiting for the sodding breakfast tray to arrive (Cream of Wheat anyone?) and SALIVATING at the thought of curry. Yes I have had my baby - a boy! - and am trying not to panic at the thought of leaving the nice nurses, endless cups of tea on tap (even though it is Red Rose gnats pea), to leave in the next couple of days to the chaos that is my home in Vancouver ...
I shall earmark my Mat Pay for Vij's and say sod it to the Hydro Bill. Please do not let me back out of this date...just what I need to take my mind off my drug-induced, embroidered tummy, homesicky, feeling like Orphan Annie, chomped boob, surgical gown flashing my un-pert bum at complete strangers. Keep telling everyone I have had Major Abdominal Surgery and finally DH said wearily to me 'Im sure you're not the first patient on the Maternity Floor to have a C Section'...

madwomanintheattic Sun 23-Dec-12 16:21:20

I had a CS with my first, and then 2 vbacs. There is no denying that childbirth can be one hell of a shock, whichever way it goes, so you have my absolute empathy. When are you due to go home? I had my CS in Germany, with no staff that spoke English, and they essentially leave you flat on your back for two days to recover (not allowed out of bed) and then lever you upright with a suppository and crane you onto a commode for half an hour. Glamourous it is not! They keep you in for a week, but I escaped after 5 days...

Ds is my only Canadian baby. grin

Kudos on you for planning to make the meet-up from your hospital bed though!

Awwww, that new baby time is so precious. <broody>

Congrats again!

Jacksmania Wed 02-Jan-13 01:43:03

OK gang - I suppose I'm unofficially in charge of arranging the meet-up.
Jan 19 is the date. The plan is to meet at Vij's in Vancouver, at a time to be determined.
Crazyforbaby, would you like to join our FB quiche? And anyone else who wants to meet up, of course! PM me your RL name if you're on FB and I'll PM you mine. I'm guaranteed to be the only Jacksmania RealName on FB grin so it's easier for people to find me smile

So looking forward to meeting everyone!

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