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Teaching in Singapore Schools

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Astelia Wed 07-Nov-12 12:12:17

Best pay and package is SAS, which has highest fees.

If you are thinking about teaching in Sg I see why you are asking this. However why are you asking about the quality of teaching? Are you a prospective parent?

There are about 40 international schools in Singapore- which ones are you interested in?

Singapore2012 Sat 03-Nov-12 11:06:47

Does anyone know what benefits international school teachers receive in Singapore?
For instance, do their children receive free schooling? I'm sure it's different at each school, but I was wondering if anyone knew? I imagine the perks and remuneration are best at UWC, Tanglin, SAS etc, but interested to know if there are any teachers here who know?
If your dc's are at international school in Sing - are you happy with the quality of the teaching?
Thank you!

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