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We might be moving to Lithuania :O

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Campari Wed 31-Oct-12 03:04:48

To cut a long story short, both DH and I work for the same employer, and have both been offered contracts working in Kaunas, Lithuania. This is very exciting for us, but also a lot to think about. Fair enough if it was France or Spain, but neither of us speak Lithuanian and dont have a single clue about the country. We were only given a few details today about our new job, etc, but I want to find out as much as I can. So, if there is anyone here who lives in Lithuania, can you tell me if its possible to put our dc into an international school, and would you recommend it as a decent place to live and have access to health services etc? We will be working in Kaunas and we are thinking of making a visit soon to see for ourselves.

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