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Madrid - Any advice?!

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Emmis Wed 24-Oct-12 09:26:39

Hello there!

My DH is in the process of considering a new project either in Madrid, (London - please no) or Paris, and both of us are far more keen on the idea of Madrid at this point!

We have two children aged 9 and 6, and have been in touch with the new City and Country school in Madrid. Does anyone know anything about it, including the area in which it is found? We do not know Madrid at all, but would be interested in living in the city or as close to the city as possible as we are real city lovers.

We've also heard from St. Georges, who also have space for both the children, and Hastings, but they may only have space for one of our children.

I'm really interested in the new City and Country school as its philosophy is right up my street - project-based work and nature connection (sounds odd coming from a city gal but it's part of my studies!)

However, my children have never attended a Montessori focused school before, and also it would be nice to have them in a school where they could go on to Secondary School with ease, within the same school structure.

Does anyone have any school views, and also could anyone recommend areas to live in and around Madrid? I think the City and Country school is in the Tetuan Barrio which, from what I've read, is a bit rough and ready. confused

Thanks hugely for this!


Emmis Sat 05-Jan-13 11:55:58

I posted this back in October and it has all been confirmed! We are moving over in February!

If anyone would like to meet up for a coffee, chat, play, wander, etc, do let me know! I've got two little people who would also be really keen on making some new buddies!


Missymoomum Fri 11-Jan-13 02:55:12

What school did you decide on in the end? We're in the Far East at the mo and have another 17 months left to go but DH already has to start thinking about his next move and Madrid is a big possiblilty so I would be very interested to hear about it. My 2 Dc's would be 7.5 and 6 by then.

Good luck with your move!

FergusSingsTheBlues Fri 11-Jan-13 03:03:36

Tetuan is quite rough, but not alarmingly so, i actually quite liked it as it felt real and reminded me a lot of London. Most of Madrid felt very sterile and unfriendly to us. We lived in Pinar Chamartin, five stops on from tetuan, which id recommend for safety and transport links but very boring and unfriendly. Columbia has quite a nice buzz but its on another line. Good luck.

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