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Primary schools in SW Dubai

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JoandMax Wed 17-Oct-12 14:51:23

DHs job may potentially be moving to Dubai next summer so I am starting the long lists of things to look into!

DS1 is 4 and in reception so we would need a year 1 place for him. DS2 is 2.5 so by next Sept he'll be ready for a pre-school, preferably both at same place.

My ILs live near the big race course (Arabian Ranches area) and DH will be working in that area so ideally we'd be nearby.

I've had a look at websites etc but some personal opinions would be good! DS1 is a July boy so young for the year and quite sensitive - I want a school that is friendly and quite relaxed, not too het up on league tables although want a UK curriculum school.

Any advice appreciated!

sherbetpips Wed 17-Oct-12 21:21:41

Hi my sister lives in Arabian ranches which fortunately has a JESS school in the housing estate. JESS schools follow the uk curriculum to an extent however in senior school they do the European bacalaureate not gcse. They are great schools. My nephew just started uni over here in the UK having attended JESS in both jumeirah and Arabian ranches since infants and achieved great results in the school system there.

JoandMax Thu 18-Oct-12 10:41:52

Thanks Sherbet

I rang the JESS school and they had a waiting list of 100 children for next September!!! I think it's the most popular there unsurprisingly.

Going to look into some other JESS schools though, DH is over there in November so can go and have a chat about waiting times and look at housing areas nearby.

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