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Help!!! Khobar or Dubai? Or neither?

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TryDubai Tue 16-Oct-12 23:42:05

Hello Mumsnet

Apologies for the crap title and crappier nickname (trailingspouse probably better but I got DH to register me):

I would be really really grateful to hear from anyone currently in Dubai or Khobar and your experiences as an ex pat so far.

My major concerns despite it being tax free are:

being able to afford it initially (rent upfront and school fees look positively scary)

giving birth there (would I even get insurance as a 'pre existing condition' as it were)

being left holding the babies/sorting all the shite out whilst waiting for a visa

tax complications of being apart (in the visa waiting period what is the second household treated as?)

UK Tax complications (we are expats now but in Europe -our end terrace is rented out to a lovely lady on HB - have made a loss every year but do get reciprocal tax agreement)

If it isn't too nosey could any of you post or pm me the total value of package you negotiated and how much was received upfront. Thank you in advance.

If you have tax experience of split year/visa waiting period I would be grateful for any info especially if you had/have property in the UK.

Finally any views re the health insurance/giving birth challenge.

Also any very strong opinions for/against. (I assume waiting lists for schools are still nightmarish. I could get into my feelings on abayas, heat, homesickness, sand, not being able to drive, uprooting kids again etcetera but that is probably best in an AIBU thread wink

Bottom line - my DH sees no future in his job prospects/career progression and the move to Saudi/UEA would be a promotion and career step. I am initially looking at logistics as I can see it being left for me to sort everything again

Thanks in advance for any info. Really appreciate it. X

kelly14 Wed 17-Oct-12 12:21:56

Why would you not be able to drive? is it because you cant? i drive in Dubai!

My parents and brother and his wife and kids have lived in Dubai for 8 years, both my neice (3 ) and nephew (9 months) were born in Dubai, the healthcare is fanatastic but you need something like BUPA healthcare proviided by company as otherwise is extortinate!
If you are already pregnant then i doubt any new policy will cover you, and you would have to pay.

You dont need to wear an Abayas, i wear the exact same clothes in dubai as i would anywhere in the world (obv no bikinis in malls and hotel lobbys etc)

Visas, sorry not a clue as when i go i just do visa runs if over 30 days stay, just literally cross border in oman and then turn round and get stamped back in, which is what lots of people do whilst waiting for there resident visas.

Yes schools exortinate with long waiting list and again you need to get this thrown in by company.

Ok my dad is top management but his contract gives him;
4 business flights per year anywhere
Full rent paid of 280,000dhs per year (approx£50,000) , this gets them a 4 bed villa right on emirates gold course with a pool.
Dewa bills paid
BUPA health care for him and my mum
Initially had all relocation costs paid and an a large allowance to purchase all furntiture which they keep
A v large wage and large commisions.

My brother works for a competitor of my dad .lol and he gets the same but only 220,000 dhs per year housing allowance and they live in a 4 bed apartment in Jumeriah Beach Residence, but he gets all his kids schooling paid for ( the 3 year old in nursery and its v v expensive )

Rents are usually paid in 3-4 cheques to the landlord over the year but some companys will just be happy to do one cheque.

No idea in regards to tax, but my dad and brother can only spend a max of 90 days in UK otherwise they would be taxed. They both own properties in UK, Dubai and Australia but no idea on tax impliccations, i will ask though.

I love dubai and think its amazing place for kids to grow, my daughter has spent more of her life in dubai than she has anywhere (shes 7) and thats including livig in oz for 2.5 years.

Good luck

Camelscantdance Thu 18-Oct-12 14:57:51

Hi, I am in Bahrain. could you consider this as another option? Alot of families live in Bahrain and commute for work over the causeway.Bahrain has its problems which does cause disruption to everyday life.I do however still feel safe here, and still feel it is an easier way of life compared to Dubai. I had two of my three children here at an excellent hospital here. my children all go to a British school here, which I feel is one of the best in the Gulf. It is also much cheaper than Dubai, so you will have a lot bigger house for your money. There is tyre burning on the roads and demonstrations almost every other day it seems, but expats are not targeted and as a family we are very happy here.

MOSagain Mon 22-Oct-12 13:55:04

I lived in KSA for over 5 years and although I didn't live in Khobar, I did visit there quite a few times. Have also visited Dubai numerous times and a friend has lived there for 7 years.

You would not be able to drive in Khobar but you could in Dubai.
With regards to clothing, in Khobar you would need to cover up (abaya and headscarf) but you wouldn't need to do that in Dubai, just dress sensibly, ie no skimpy clothes out in public.

I had DC3 and DC4 in KSA by CS and the healthcare was excellent. It was (the majority) covered by DH's company so you would need to check what package your DH would get. Getting birth certificates was a bit of a PITA but not impossible. Just be prepared for red tape.

Ref tax, I think you need to be there a minimum of one year to avoid paying tax.

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