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Living abroad, would you recommend it?

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Getmemypassport Tue 16-Oct-12 14:44:53

DH and and I are both teachers (he is in middle/senior management, I am not) and are considering leaving the UK.
Our reasons are: deterioration of work conditions, crappish school around where we live, cost of living, for the negative ones and the positive ones are: looking for an adventure, giving our children better opportunities and above all we love travelling (or we certainly did before the kids were born). We have 2 DC, one 6 mo the other 26 mo.
Have you made the move yourselves? Was it good for you? Did you regret it? Any teachers out there who worked in a international school and who are willing to share some advice?
Thank you for any feedback/views.

shypuffin Thu 01-Nov-12 15:59:13

Don't move unless your relationship is rock solid. If you split up and one of you wants to stay then the children will stay too if the country is signed up to the Hague convention. I wish someone had warned me of this before I left the UK sad

Longtime Sat 03-Nov-12 14:28:13

I'd gladly move to Asia, or at least some parts of it. I wouldn't bother with Europe (am in Belgium like Portofino) as in the current economic climate it's no better, if not worse than the UK. Still, you're not thinking of doing that so I'd say go for it, especially as you are teachers. Missymoomum (great name - I've been calling my dd Missymoomoo for years!) sums it up well. Make sure your dcs (although they are too young at the moment) can get free places at any schools you may work in as local schools are fine until you want to continue your dcs education in English and then it's not so easy for them to swap.

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