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Can any sydneysiders or nsw mners answer somer question for me?

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ComradeJing Sun 14-Oct-12 02:44:50

I'd really appreciate it...

-what's the best newspaper? In the uk/online I read the times and the guardian. Used to read the telegraph too but not really since I joined MN.

- how do you find out what's going on in the city/around especially for families?

-we are private healthcare at the moment but do you need to register at a gp? Dd is almost due her 24 month jabs.

-ds is due in five weeks, will I get a Hv or the like?

On another note, we got our house at auction yesterday. grin Anyone with today's copy of the SMH will see an article about it in the property pages re the retirees moving to NZ.

wellieboots Sun 14-Oct-12 03:32:42

Hi comradejing congrats on the house, I saw your auction thread smile

I'm in Lane Cove, and due at the end of the month. Only been here since early Feb 11 so don't know too much myself but I will try and help!

I tend to read the SMH online just for a quick catch up on the news, that or the ABC online. The papers here I find are not as split along political lines.

I use google for events etc. There also tend to be local free papers, as well as things advertised on banners outside schools or in parks and outdoor areas. Sydney's child is also a good free mag specifically for kids activities.

Do you get Medicare? You don't need to register as such with a GP, just ring up for an appointment or go in and ask for some info at local places. You can go to a different surgery the next week if you really want to, there's no such thing as being registered with a particular doc. One thing to be aware of which I wasn't is that you pay for GP appointments here, generally speaking. Some doctors bulk bill if you have Medicare, which means you don't pay anything. But most will charge you. For example, my GP charges $60 for a standard consult, then I have Medicare which reimburses about $35. But they have been fantastic, short notice appointments, phone calls to check how I was going when I had some scares in early pg, so the service is much better.

Have you booked into a hospital for your delivery? That's probably the only thing you need to worry about straight off. Im assuming youve sorted that given your timescales. After the birth, the hospital gives you the details of your local Early Childhood Health Centre, which is where you access health checks, drop ins, mothers groups, and the nurses there are the closest equivalent to HVs. You also need to get your DD registered there.

Feel free to PM me if you need anything.

cjdamoo Sun 14-Oct-12 03:33:03

HV kind of the chn will come and visit you after bub is born then its up to you. Yes find yourself a GP

I have yet to find a newspaper.

Good luck with the new house

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