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Moving abroad checklist

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toomuchteaching Tue 02-Oct-12 10:50:44

I have three months before DC2 arrives and three and a half months before we move to Africa. Pleeeeeease help me to sort my to do list, I want to weep for all I have to do. So far I have...

Get the house fit for letting (that's a biggie!)
Inform council
Ring mortgage company
Sell cars
Stop child benefit
Utility bills
Find a shipping company
Tell life insurers
Write a will

What am I missing?

SomeoneThatYouUsedToKnow Tue 02-Oct-12 18:45:47

Redirect post?
Visit Dentist before you go?
Put jewellery/important documents etc in bank.
Get copies of all your paperwork, email yourself copies so that you can access them wherever you are.
Get rid of any surplus 'stuff' it's a good time to have a good clear out.
Research everything? do you need to sort accommodation, schools etc when you get there?
Get as much help as possible until your move. It is not a good time to penny pinch. Pay someone o help you pack etc, if you can.
Where in Africa, there is a huge difference between, say, South Africa and Somalia grin
Do you have a relocation company to assist you when you are there?
If you are able to have domestic help when you get there you will be able to really enjoy yourself and your DC's when you get there. Obviously you can enjoy them without domestic help blush but it is very relaxing when all you have to do is concentrate on the kids and you can leave the housework to someone else.
Don't forget o take cold weather gear (depends where you are going to live obviously). But it gets quite chilly in lots of parts of Africa especially in the hills.
Get yourself a fantastic camera with a really really zoom (if you haven't already)

I lived in SA as an expat for 5 years and loved it but am glad to be back home now my DC's are older.

Salbertina Tue 02-Oct-12 18:53:33

Think about shipping ur car, seriously. Depending where u r it cs be so much cheaper to import- as long ax you've owned at least 1-2 yrs.

ripsishere Wed 03-Oct-12 01:36:51

Passports for everyone? Get the form ready for the new arrival so it can be sent or delivered ASAP after the birth.
Depending on where you are going, I'd consider renewing the passports if they have less than a year on them.
Visas for your new country?

ripsishere Wed 03-Oct-12 01:37:42

Also, inform the tax office and get a non residents tax form for renting your property.
Mine got lost in the post somewhere and, as a consequence we are paying tax on the income from our property.

Thumbwitch Wed 03-Oct-12 01:39:17

Jeesus, you're going to have 2 weeks between the probably arrival of your baby and your travelling date? How are you going to manage a passport/visa (if necessary) for the baby in that time, especially if it's late? Or are you having an elCS?

Alligatorpie Wed 03-Oct-12 07:08:10

I echo the passport concerns. You cannot fast track a first passport. I had 3 weeks from the time dd was born until we flew internationally, after much hassle, expense and four trips to London, we got it the day before we left.

My advice- book an appointment in advance. They offer a 7 day service, but it can take 12 days to get an appointment in London. Then you call every 15 minutes and try to get a cancellation, but each call takes 5 minutes. An absolute nightmare with a 2 day old baby, ( and a husband overseas). It might not be so busy now as I went through this in June.

Make sure all your paperwork is correct. I had an appointment to register the birth and then go to London to submit the passport app on the same day, and I found out on the day, they had to post the birth registration to me, meaning i would not be able to submit. Make sure you go to an office that issues the paperwork on the spot.

Also they don't advertise this, but they will not accept a counter signatory who is on mat leave, or on a career break, even if they are still an active member of the professional organization. Our first application was turned down on these grounds.

Sorry to bombard you with this, but getting a passport absolutely consumed the first 3 weeks of dd2's life. It was Hell. And you have a lot more to than I did, as we were already overseas, and I just went back to have the baby.

Also try and connect online with a baby group in your new home - try FB. Your new baby will need vaccinations a few weeks after arriving and you will want recommendations of dr's ect. The HV in the UK told me being a few weeks late wouldn't matter ( if you are nursing ) but don't leave it more than 3-4 months.

Finally - Ask for and accept all help! I have been there, take what you can, and good luck.

differentnameforthis Wed 03-Oct-12 10:26:46

No claims bonus cert for car ins

toomuchteaching Wed 03-Oct-12 14:00:42

Thanks everyone, that's really helpful, some things I really hadn't considered. Obviously I'm not having an ELCS to fit in with our moving date! There are two weeks between the date I would be induced and the latest DH can get there, so I am really keeping my fingers crossed that, unlike DD, this one arrives on time! If I'm late I will have to stay in the UK and follow after DH.

alligator that is a great idea to have an appointment booked at the passport office already. Thank you.

YUNoSaySomethingNice Wed 03-Oct-12 14:54:51

Where are you going?

It is a really good idea of ripsishere to renew any of your passports that don't have long until they expire. It's about a kabillion times easier to do it in the Uk than some African countries.

Ps I forgot to say in my earlier post but what you are doing is very brave and probably a bit mad grin. I always thought I was a pretty intrepid international mover as I always did everything myself even with a baby and two toddlers and a DH who was usually in another country when moving day came but I have to say moving two weeks after giving birth is very very crazy impressive. I am sure you will be alright though as you seem to have a good attitude.

Good luck.

ZamMummyInGabs Wed 03-Oct-12 22:49:36

You cannot make the appointment at passport office until after the baby is born - you must give the baby's name & date of birth as per birth cert when making appt.
You can do it in 2 weeks, just. But I mean only just. And only if you have a council who give out full birth certs on the spot.
Take the baby to a snappy snaps or similar for the photo, a booth will not work. They need to lie them on a white blanket. Eyes can be shut.
Who are you flying with? SAA can be shite, BA good with babies as are Virgin who do the best airmiles. Both of them do a buy an extra bag for 60 quid policy which is essential when moving continent!
Transfer at Joburg can be grim, you must get a wheelchair. And a letter stating you & the baby are fit to fly. Get your cases wrapped at the airport, Joburg baggage handlers WILL try to break into them every time. Or buy Samsonite/Carlton if you plan on doing this alot.
Ship your car, they cost a fortune throughout Southern Africa. Ditto anything of any size if your house not furnished. In fact bring as much with you as humanly possible, all consumer & baby goods seriously expensive & often poor quality compared to UK. It's a long way to Joburg or Durban to get stuff. Is there a Game in Mbabane? If so look online at their prices and prepare for a shock. If not you'll have trouble getting home furnishings/electrics/baby stuff.
And seriously consider staying put in the UK till your shipment has arrived & house is ready. It can take WEEKS, months if not a full container.

thisthreadwilloutme Wed 03-Oct-12 22:52:16

Have you checked the last date you can fly with your airline. Mine was 35 weeks I think? Also you will need a letter from your doctor confirming how many weeks pregnant you are or they won't let you on the plane.

thisthreadwilloutme Wed 03-Oct-12 22:53:12

Sorry I read your op backwards. Ignore me.

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