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any shanghai mums out there ?

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crochetqueen Mon 01-Oct-12 21:18:51

I'm coming to Shanghai in the next month or so for a 'look see' with DH and will have a day or so on my own whilst DH does a few meetings. Would anyone be prepared to meet me for coffee so that I could have a chat through the pros and cons ?....I know it's a big ask but would really appreciate an honest view and a chance to ask questions. I have two primary age kids so am interested in all the kids side of things too, schools, good places to live etc..We're just finalising details , dates, where we'd stay etc..

Maybe PM me if you can help. Many thanks.....

MuffinTumMum Thu 04-Oct-12 14:22:25

Hi. Have sent you a PM. In mean time if you have any questions fire away. Not been here very long but there are a few long timers on here who always have great advise. Also checkout shanghai Lots of helpful ladies on there too!

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