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Moving to Singapore early November 2012

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vickyannsmum Mon 01-Oct-12 16:32:15

We're moving to Singapore in the upcoming month and I was wondering if there are other newbies to Singapore who have toddlers on their hands - in my case a 2 and half year old. My husband will be working there but I've decided to wait with the job hunt as I need to see us there settled first.
I've been now however without my job for the past few months and know I'll need to meet up with some other mums in my situation to stay sane :-) and explore Singapore at the same time.
Of course I'll be more then happy to get in touch with other mums who've been in Singapore for a while as well as.
I also would be thankful for any advice re.nurseries for under 3s, any good tips for condos (rent) - location wise, child friendly etc.
For the first month or so our accommodation will be provided by my husband's employer, but I'd like to move into "our place" well before Christmas.
Many thanks.

Astelia Fri 16-Nov-12 06:01:17

Welcome to Singapore! Glad you got here safe and sound.

I am sure those with small children will be along soon with play/coffee ideas. I have teens, am ancient and work here so I'm not much use for socialising!

CM2Australia Fri 23-Nov-12 01:54:18

Hi All

This is a timely thread as Im potentially moving over to Singapore. If I get the job and accept it would mean me heading over in the next few weeks and leaving DW in Australia to arrange the moving details. with 3 kids (5,4,18mnth) thats no easy feat.

At least the company will put me up in hotel for a while so I can sort out where to live etc.

So I'll be keeping my eyes glued to this thread for useful info


BegoniaBampot Tue 27-Nov-12 12:29:01

We lived on the East Coast with young children and really enjoyed it. Rosemount, Oddyssy (sp?), Eton House and Pat's Playhouse are all nearby and worth a look. any nice areas and really depends on your budget. We did have a car though and feel we got to see much more of the island than if we had relied on public transport.

binkybonk Wed 28-Nov-12 22:36:17

How's everyone getting on in this thread?! Hope all are here in SG and settling in. I recommend Little Bunnies at Russell Road or Portsdown Road, both near-ish Harbourfront and west coast area. However, it is a mornings only nursery operating on UK based school terms so wouldn't suit as full time childcare.
I work so no use for meet ups generally, but almost on Maternity leave for number two, hooray!!

vickyannsmum Sun 02-Dec-12 08:44:42

Condo hunting atm (hopefully very soon over) and seems we're going for something I would have never even thought of. Tiny condo complex, with not so many facilities, but quite surroundings, feels very private and has good transport links. After two and half weeks, have seen lots of condos - hate them all by now - just want one which I can call my home :-) There is so much to consider when you have to accommodate three people with very different needs and interest - call it a family, hey? The area really depends on your day to day schedules - we went for a west coast condo on the circle line (close to beach for DD and still easy to get to and from CBD for DH). We don't want a car therefore MRT proximity was very important. (Having heard how much it costs to buy one - we wouldn't do anyway :-) But priorities will change in a year time or two (DD starting school, me getting a job) - so unless you have kids already in a school, I think it's better not to commit to a long lease.
Thanks for all the nursery recommendations - to be honest, haven't decided yet and don't really feel I need to make a fast decision anyway - after all, DD is only 2 and the only reason I want her to be in a nursery at this stage is to socialise with other kids of her age. So will sigh her up for few art/music lessons for the time being until things settle down.
Also thanks for all the advice on dairy-free products - must say - (if this helps to anyone who read this thread) - I found the one in Harbourfront Shopping Centre the cheapest and can add one another to the list (not the cheapest but well stocked) called Real food near Somerset MRT.
Well, so far, Singapore's really great
... and good luck to everyone who's going through the same ups and not so downs.

vickyannsmum Sun 02-Dec-12 08:48:14

...Binkybonk - good luck with no2.

TatteredTits Sun 16-Dec-12 13:24:17

Hi Vicky, I know this is a bit late but just seen your post. If you are still looking for ways to get out and about, I found the Meetup website quite good, there are a few groups there that meet regularly like the blissful babies and east coast/ west coast groups (though it is a bit quiet at the moment with rainy season). Or you can start your own group if nothing suits you!
I would also second the recommendation on IMC at Camden (and the Jelita practice) though you've probably sorted all that out alreadysmile
Hope it's going well for you and dd

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