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Single parent moving to singapore - will this work?

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Millefille Fri 28-Sep-12 22:02:13

Im considering a move to Singapore in jan 13 with job. my ds is aged 11 just started senior school and dd aged 13 in year 10. This will be a long term move. I think need to get dd into Tanglin but dont know if this is highly unrealistic for jan 13 and what other options would minimise disruption to her GCSE work. Ds have bit more flexibility.

Will it be easy to make things work over there as single mum? Im assuming a maid would replace my current au pair option that helps me balance everthi g at moment. Is it easy to build a new life over there and build social network both for myself and kids. Any advice greatly appreciated to start me off on right footing.

butterfliesinmytummy Sat 29-Sep-12 01:58:19


Singapore is a good palace to raise kids and teenagers have relatively more freedom compared to the uk. Tanglin is an excellent school but I doubt there would be a place for jan 2013. Definitely find out now! You can jump the wait list but it costs tens of thousands of pounds. I know companies who have paid this as part of a package though.....

A live in maid / helper would be invaluable. There are lots of agencies and also recommendations lots of the time.

Regarding being a single parent in Singapore, I'm afraid I don't know any.... I think that you could build a good life here for yourself and your kids, just be aware that single parents are more of a minority than in the uk. There are groups of single parent through expat forums that meet up, if that is your thing, and there are lots of social groups (not just for single parents) through British association, Anza, etc and the clubs too (British club, Dutch club, Swiss club etc). Not having your support network from home might be tough especially as you would be doing the move by yourself but lots of us have husbands who travel a lot (mine is away about 40% of the time) so maybe not so much of a minority after all grin

Miltonia Sat 29-Sep-12 02:05:55

Lots of good advice from Butterflies there. Regarding Tanglin I would ring up admissions ASAP. Year 10 might have a place for January as some of the Australians change school in January. It will depend on her options though and whether the school will let her slot into the GCSE course so late. Would you consider her going in to Year 9? Year 9 isn't full at the moment AFAIK.

Once you have got one child in the other goes up the waiting list much quicker.

Millefille Tue 02-Oct-12 23:22:35

Thanks both for advice and info. Tanglin have place jan 13 for daughter subject to GCSEs being compatible etc so waiting to hear on that. she is a May birthday so year 9 not a disaster ......but wait list only for son. Any suggestions for him while he waits it out ? CIS?

butterfliesinmytummy Fri 05-Oct-12 18:15:21

I would ask Tanglin which school they recommend for your DS - they will know which is most compatible with their system of teaching, also they might have some idea who has vacancies.... Call up and have a chat with someone in the admissions office. Once you have one child at Tanglin, a sibling normally gets in fairly quickly.

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