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Anyone have experience of SAIS or chatsworth in singapore?

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Akam Fri 21-Sep-12 21:27:12

Could do with some advice, does anyone have experience of this school? We are having nightmares at the moment trying to secure a school place for jan 13 for our dd who is 5 in October. At the moment we have two possible options chats worth orchard campus or Stamford American international school. Dh is flying out mid October to take a look but I'm worried about not getting her name down for somewhere soon. We did have a third option which was to wait till April for space in chatsworth east coast campus ( preferred living area if possible) and tutor/homeschool for a term?

My main concern is that SAISis an American school and will have a very American curriculum with regards spelling and history etc. we are probably only out there for 3 yrs so perhaps this is not so important. Any advice would be very much appreciated!

laptopwieldingharpy Tue 25-Sep-12 02:00:45

Hello again.

SAIS is covered so just wanted to give you a few pointers re:accommodation.

The area near SAIS has some very good residential pockets as good value as east coast.But you would definitely need a car.
Serangoon village/braddell/yo chu kang will all have the inter terraced houses similar to east coast and a good range of pre-schools.
But to be honest, whichever way you look, I cant think of a house that would start under he $8,000-10,000 mark. Not one that you'd want to live in without a bit of work.
And for that budget there would be many many better condos pretty much anywhere in town.

Akam Tue 25-Sep-12 22:16:55

Aaah Pupsie you sound so happy grin I'm really glad things have worked out well for you over there. I have decided to go with the kindergarten option in the short term. My situation is a little different to yours as I still have a 2 1/2 yr old to consider and so commuting on mrt etc to school with a buggy is a little more troublesome. I can't wait till my two are older and easier to manage physically!! I love the idea of spending quality time with them the way you describe with yours. My dd is still under 5 so adding on a longer commute time (ie school bus) to the one she is only just adjusting to over here in the Uk might have been a bit much with all the other changes ie heat etc.
SAIS is still an option but we are going to defer our decision till I can come over and make a decision I am happy with. It would be lovely to meet up when we get out there...I just had a trawl through some of the recent singapore threads, it seems a few of mners are out there right now.

Laptop, yep we always knew we were in for condo living once out in singapore. Didn't even consider looking at houses in Singapore on our budget grin

In the meantime I guess I should go start packing up some boxes and get things ticked off the numerous lists I have on the go!

pupsiecola Wed 26-Sep-12 01:46:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BegoniaBampot Fri 28-Sep-12 11:19:22

The East Coast is nice to live with a young family. Had seeral friends whose kids went to Chatsworth and they were fairly happy, parents had mixed opinions but overall thought it was ok. Eton House on Broadrick Rd is a nice little school for the early years, my child was very happy there though I didn't like it for nursery years. have you looked at The Canadian School, have heard some good things about it. TBH - I got the impression that Eton House, Chatsworth and the Canadian School were all pretty similar.

ShareenLee Wed 04-Dec-13 15:04:31

My kid went there for nursery. Took her out after old principal left as the school seemed to be cutting a lot of cost and hiring very mediocre staff. Won't recommend this school now as it's no different from most of the kindys out there, you will just be paying for the name since you are not getting the kind of standards like before.

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