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Ilikecakes Thu 20-Sep-12 10:40:10

Hello all!

We're moving to Dublin from Brighton at the end of October and for the first while at least, I'll be a SAHM with my two boys, aged 1 and 2.

My question really is around activities for the kids-a quick google search threw up lots of paid activities (baby massage, sensory play, soft play etc), but I was wondering if there were less formal, locally run playgroups around, like the type we get in most church halls here in Brighton. I'm really after something that'll allow the kids to potter about and play while I can chat and get to know other mummies in the area, rather than something very structured.

We'll be living around Ballsbridge if that helps!

Thanks in advance! Xx

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Kimberlymikado Thu 20-Sep-12 13:43:13

Hi there congrats on the move I live in north county Dublin so can't be too specific re Ballsbridge. We have local mum baby groups in our local library community halls etc. You can usually get a list of local groups on or is also useful. You will find that most of the groups Gymboree, Waterbabies etc can be expensive we probably don't have the range of local groups there seems to be in UK but people are friendly and often just meet up in play centres/ each others houses etc. Ballsbridge wouldn't be the most residential area but very good access to the city and fab pubs and restaurants. If you need anymore info just let me know

Ilikecakes Thu 20-Sep-12 16:33:14

Thanks a million Mikado-will take a peek at those sites! Yeah, was a tad worried that Ballsbridge, not being so residential, mightn't have much of a community feel to it, but also wanted to live somewhere that meant we could walk everywhere rather than relying on public transport. We walk about everywhere here in Brighton at the mo and both the j

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Ilikecakes Thu 20-Sep-12 16:34:29

Eek, hit post too quickly!! 'Both the boys love it+waddle around like they own the place!' was what I was going to say next.

Thanks again x

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shellybr Fri 21-Sep-12 02:37:41

I used to live in Ballsbridge before I had kids and it is great spot. You are also very close to Sandymount that would be alot more family so you might find groups there aswell.

mathanxiety Fri 21-Sep-12 07:02:23

Ballsbridge is not un-residential, but it is embassy land and it is also nanny land.

Herbert Park is nice though. Local library might be a good place to look for other families to keep you company. But don't dismiss striking up conversations with random people as a way to find people. Online forums are probably the best way to find kindred local spirits.

What Dublin in general is nice for is what it offers families by way of easy opportunities to get out of the city and into the hills or to the beach.

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