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Possible move to New Jersey

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NJBound Mon 17-Sep-12 21:36:32


DH called on Friday to say that he's been offered a transfer to the New Jersey office and what did I think? Mulled it over and decided that it's too good an opportunity to turn down. We are currently thinking of going for 2 years and that we will rent out our house here and rent a flat.

I know nothing about New Jersey! Have been to New York for 3 days which is the sum of my knowledge of the area. DH lived in Battery Park for a year approximately 12 years ago and goes to the New Jersey office a couple of times a year but stays in Manhattan.

His office is in the Exchange Place/Paulus Hook area and ideally I'd like to live somwhere where he doesn't have a long commute as he currently has a 1.5 hour journey each way and it seems a good opportunity to cut that down.

Can anyone give me any advice/information on nice areas to live that are within about half an hour from Exchange Place? We don't have children so schools are not something we have to factor in. In an ideal world we'd like to live somewhere with easy(ish) access to Manhattan, nice places to eat/drink and access to shops/supermarkets without having a car. I realise this may be unrealistic smile

Any advice/recommendations welcome - thanks.

newbie24 Mon 17-Sep-12 22:34:33

Sounds like Jersey City waterfront or Hoboken would suit you. Both have great accessibility to Manhattan and an urban lifestyle. I think there are some regulars on these boards that have lived in that area, they will likely chime in soon. Good luck, NJ has a lot to offer and would be a fun place for a couple of years!

NJBound Mon 17-Sep-12 22:40:23

Thanks newbie - Hobobken is one area I've been tentatively looking at. I think we'll have the opportunity to go over to scout out places before we move for good but it would be good to try and narrow a few areas down to get an idea of rent costs.

May09Bump Mon 17-Sep-12 23:35:16

We live here in 70 greene st, paulus hook (been here 2yrs) 2 blocks from the waterfront

Right next to all the offices - excellent connections to manhattan via ferry or path.

Very clean, very safe, managed well - good facilities. Easy to rent - no agency fee, various apartments ranging in size /floor / price. You don't need a car here.

I'd say if you don't want a commute - then its the waterfront / exchange place, newport or hoboken. I viewed all and prefer the waterfront, nice area with new apartment blocks with brownstones behind on tree lined streets. Also able to do nice walk round the marina.

Hope you find what you want - its a great experience.

NJBound Mon 17-Sep-12 23:52:45

Thanks May09Bump - really good to see actual places that we may live in if that makes sense, it all feels a bit unreal at the moment!

Want2bSupermum Thu 27-Sep-12 18:51:41

Hiya - welcome to NJ!

Hoboken or Jersey City waterfront are great options. Take a look on craigslist to get a feel for rents. Hoboken is great but if you want a car make sure you rent a place with a parking spot. Street parking is a nightmare and the garages just put their prices up AGAIN.

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