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Do you get time alone with your husband and if so how?

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bankofbigland Thu 13-Sep-12 15:55:39

This is following on from my other thread of running into some difficulties between us. One of the things which does not help is how little time we have alone. I do not mean that hr or two in the evening when we are both knackered.
I have tried to find a babysitter for the weekends in the day but inevitably it is not easy as no one wants to give up their weekends. Evenings are when we are knackered so that is also not so good.

Since August both children have been in nursery in the mornings. I have suggested to my husband that he take a morning off work, maybe once a month or at least every 6 weeks. Nothing has happened yet. AIBU?

scorchienne Thu 13-Sep-12 17:22:19

Hi, just posted on your other thread also about pensions!

It is tricky as an expat family finding quality time just for the two of you. Your husband taking a morning off every now and again is a good way forward. Are your children in a private nursery, could they stay for lunch every so often so you could meet your husband for an early lunch before you pick them up?

ivesufferedenoughfools Wed 19-Sep-12 01:26:44

Ooh, interesting, we've been having the same discussion here. We have found a babysitter for evenings but I know what you mean about being exhausted by then. So far, we haven't had time to us in the day but my mum is visiting next month so hopefully we'll get some then. In the meantime, I'm going to approach the local universities to see if we can find a babysitter who can do the odd Saturday afternoon. If my DD was in nursery I would def be trying to get DH to take a day or half day off every so often!

WhatSheSaid Wed 19-Sep-12 01:38:33

A friend and I babysit for each other about once a month so we can have an evening out with our OHs. She and her dh are also British so also have no family around to babysit. That way it's free!

Longdistance Wed 19-Sep-12 02:04:24

My sil babysits once a month for us. She's great as the girls love her. We're so lucky to have her around. But, we'd love someone else as feel we'd go out more if we paid someone. There are agencies, but they ask $$$$$.

Want2bSupermum Thu 27-Sep-12 18:57:32

I put DD (14 months) in a 2hr class on Saturday afternoon. DH and I can then go for a walk, a drink or whatever. Friends of ours started going to church just for their daughter to attend church school afterwards. I thought it was a genius idea as they get 90mins together on Sunday mornings for free! The lady who runs the program is amazing too.

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Mon 01-Oct-12 02:23:03

great idea asking him to take a morning off a month - but yes like want2b maye there's a Saturday class you can enroll DC in?

We're really lucky in that my uncle gave us a wodge of cash when we moved specifically for using on babysitters (he divorced within 18months of emigrating so knows how important it is to get time on your own as a couple!), and as we've used our babysitter pretty regularly in the evenings she's happy to forgoe the occasional weekend half day for us. We've now been here 7months and feel able to call upon favours from the childless friends we've made too - specifically there's a couple we see a lot of and I always cook for them, we provide wine etc so feel finally I can "cash in" on their offers to babysit - though only once in a blue moon really.

God knows what we'll do when our babysitting money runs out!

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