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AngryBeaver Sat 11-Aug-12 00:58:37

Arrgh,had to start a new thread!

Yes,you can get more land in Tauranga. Well,somewhere like Omokoroa or somewhere.Wouldn't want to live much closer than that. And I woulkdn't want to live at he Mount. Lovely as it is. Too touristy,imo.
We would like enough land for a pool (eventually) maybe a sleepout and still enough for a veggie patch and garden for kids. Don't neeed acres +. Wouldn't say no though,if we could afford it! Be nice to have a few sheep or something/

I think Mum would have to fly to Tauranga. So that would be
Manchester-London,London-Singapore, Singapore-Aukland,Aukland- Tauranga

justa howws the back? Hope physio was a help,we may have driven past you!
Your house sounds great.
My mums friend lives in Silverdale.She has about an acre with some sheep etc
Wasn't overly impressed at but didn't give it a proper look I suppose,just stopped to buy flowers for Mums friend! Always worth another look

WhatSheSaid Tue 14-Aug-12 07:27:01

That's no good justabout, can you drive? Total PITA with young kids if you can't drive.

thelittlestkiwi Tue 14-Aug-12 07:38:57

Ah, justabout, that sucks. Can you get some more help till it is better?

justaboutiswarm Tue 14-Aug-12 08:04:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WhatSheSaid Tue 14-Aug-12 08:15:34

Can ACC help? Friend of mine just broke her wrist and I think she got some help to pay for cleaner/home help? She was going a bit nuts staring at the same 4 walls for 3 wks though, she couldnt really leave the house as they have steep driveway so she couldn't push pram up or down it. Can we help,at all? I could deliver groceries to you or something if that would help. PM me if you need anything (if you can type that much!)

justaboutiswarm Tue 14-Aug-12 09:10:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vvviola Tue 14-Aug-12 09:27:49

justabout the feared D&V doesn't appear to have materialised (phew!), so I can't rain more chaos down on you. I'm at Uni for the rest of the week, but home by 3:30 every day, so if there's anything at all I can do, please please just shout!

justaboutiswarm Tue 14-Aug-12 09:51:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WhatSheSaid Tue 14-Aug-12 09:56:34

I have to pick dd1 up from kindy at 2.30 Mon pm but could come after that - is that too late?

justaboutiswarm Tue 14-Aug-12 10:04:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vvviola Tue 14-Aug-12 15:05:02

justabout do you need help before *WhatShe" gets there on Monday?

I have to be back to collect DD1 at 3, but can certainly be there for a while before...

xMinerva Tue 14-Aug-12 18:11:05


Can't remember who asked me on the other thread but yes we've got some areas to check out when we get there. The lovely justabout gave me a starting point.

Sorry to hear about your hand justabout I'd love to offer to help but will be a bit difficult from the UK. Hope you are better soon.

DP just got home from work so only 3 days left for him. The dc and I had our medicals today, jut gotta wait for paperwork to come back and we an lodge our visa applications, (DP has his already). grin

justaboutiswarm Tue 14-Aug-12 21:43:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WhatSheSaid Wed 15-Aug-12 00:07:48

Got the PMs, justabout, also do you know about Parent Port?

WhatSheSaid Wed 15-Aug-12 00:13:00

Also, if it's a struggle to cook meals (chopping things up etc), Bellyful are fab, I know a few people involved with the west Auckland branch, they have branches all over. They are partly for parents with new babies but also for families with illness/injuries.

justaboutiswarm Wed 15-Aug-12 01:06:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WhatSheSaid Wed 15-Aug-12 01:14:53

Bellyful are great, mostly run by mums, they just get together, cook up huge batches of stuff like lasagne and deliver it to anybody who needs it.

justaboutiswarm Wed 15-Aug-12 06:37:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vvviola Wed 15-Aug-12 22:48:45

No problem at all justabout, will pm you re arrangements.

Do call Parentport again too - just because you had cause to need them earlier in the year doesn't mean you should be excluded from help now.

Hope you are, at least, not in too much pain.

xMinerva Fri 17-Aug-12 11:32:14

Hey, how are you now justabout? Glad you have offers of help.

I'm waiting for the dc and my medical reports to arrive. I'm hoping nice Mr Postman will have them today. If so I can lodge the application for our visas on Monday. Eeekkkkkk.

Dp's got less than 2 weeks now until he flys. How scary.

vvviola Fri 17-Aug-12 21:00:01

Are all the Aucklanders ok after that storm last night? I swear at one stage it was directly over our house. Have never known anything like it.

And would you believe that the incredible non-sleeping baby slept through it all?! (just did her hourly wake-ups either side of it instead!)

I usually love storms but that one was a bit too intense for me!

WhatSheSaid Fri 17-Aug-12 21:23:55

I didn't hear a storm at all. What time was it?

vvviola Fri 17-Aug-12 21:33:52

Must have been around midnight I guess.

Our house was actually shaking with the thunder!

WhatSheSaid Fri 17-Aug-12 21:41:13

Ok, either we didn't get it where I am or I slept through it.

justaboutiswarm Fri 17-Aug-12 22:32:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vvviola Sat 18-Aug-12 01:10:27

Maybe it was our own personal thunderstorm grin Felt very Old Testament wrath of God...

Do you think I should go to Mass tomorrow just in case it means I'm in the bad books. wink

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