Il Veneto Italy with Young Children

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pommedechocolat Fri 06-Jul-12 13:18:28

I lived in the south of Italy when I was in my twenties for 4 years for work and now dh and I have an opportunity to move to the Veneto for work. Work wise it's the perfect opportunity for both of us.

However we have two small ads - they would be nearly 3 and nearly 1 when we moved out.

Can anybody enlighten me on day to day life with children in northern Italy? I would need part time childcare (am thinking english speaking nanny that could help teach them Italian rather than flinging them into a nursery where they won't understand a word) - what is this like? Is there also a network of groups etc based around mothers at home like toddler groups etc over there?

How does pre-school work? DD1 would be due to start when we moved.

Having lived in Southern Italy I know that I could not live there with small children but also know the north is different...

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Ettaras Fri 06-Jul-12 17:45:56

Hi pomme. I lived in the Veneto (Verona) for ten years, until last year. Where abouts would you be living? I could probably answer most questions you have about the area (you are definitely right when you say the north is v. different to the south).

I don't have children but, depending on where you would be, could answer more specific questions or may be able to put you intouch with expat friends with children in the area who would be happy to help.

Feel free to PM me

pommedechocolat Sat 07-Jul-12 20:09:55

Thank you Ettaras. It would be Padova or surrounding commune.

What I think I am really asking is - is it easy to find something along the lines of a part time nanny and is it easy to find expats or locals with children who want to pal up and hang out?!

The current weather in the UK is making our minds up for us a little smile

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Ettaras Mon 09-Jul-12 19:11:18

Pomme, I think that Padova, as a sizeable (and university) city, would have plenty of expats and things going on for children. If you ended up in a small town/village, you would find fewer opportunities (but I suppose that is obvious really) Generally, from what I know from non Italian friends with children living in the Veneto, there are fewer play groups for pre school children than you would find in the UK or those that exist may be church based. However, friends have found groups though, it just seems they had to try a bit harder to seek them out..or create their own!

As for a part time nanny, some people use 'baby sitters' and I don't think this would be too difficult to find. I would also imagine the university would have plenty of reliable students who would love to practice their English with your family, whilst teaching the children some Italian. The other childcare option would be using an asilo (nursery), which is very common.

Summers will definitely be hotter than the UK! (downside weather wise is humidity in the summer and then damp/fog in the winter). I think Padova is a great location, you have the coast and also the mountains within an hour ish and many beautiful towns and cities close by to explore.

misssilverwings Thu 12-Jul-12 12:55:20

Hi Pomme and Ettaras- speaking from experience, rural northern italy is v v different from the UK. My 2 sons were born here 2009/2011 in Como, its been v. hard as there are NO mum n baby or toddler groups, its all extended family, so if you don't have any, you are on your own! Having said that I am sure a town like Padova is better organised than the village where we are.

The local asilo is excellent - they go fulltime and I work fulltime. If you want any advice, do ask!


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