Anyone living in Peru?

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PeruMum Wed 13-Jun-12 14:38:22

Hi there

I'm expecting my first baby and living in the Cusco region of Peru. We're keen for any product advice and to know which good well known brands are available here for slings, mattresses, cots etc. We're from the UK and many of the good products that do make it here are from the States and I've never heard of them! confused Mail order isn't really an option, cos often the stuff we order doesn't arrive, so I really need to take a trip to Lima or Arequipa and shop there, but could really value experienced advice!

Thanks smile

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threeleftfeet Thu 14-Jun-12 00:45:43

I'm not in Peru, but I have been there, what a beautiful place!

I hope you find someone local soon smile

mummysmellsofsick Thu 14-Jun-12 00:48:36

Ooh I've been too. Amazing to live up there in the sky smile

mummysmellsofsick Thu 14-Jun-12 00:58:21

I'd have thought a good sling with all those steps/ unmade roads! Most comfy sling I have (and I have many) is a woven wrap I think it's bolivian

PeruMum Thu 14-Jun-12 15:07:13

Yeah I think slings are definitely the way to go! Thanks smile

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AdoraBell Sat 16-Jun-12 05:36:11

I'm in Chile, if you like I can ask at the baby stores here if their products are available in Peru. I'll be shopping next week, so I'll see what I can find out for you.

mummysmellsofsick Sat 16-Jun-12 12:57:48

All I can say from the UK, as I can't help with shopping, is that I was surprised how little you really need. We have washable nappies and wipes, and I bf, we co sleep and so all we actually needed was baby clothes, nappies, washable wipes, a sling like this, some muslins... that's it really.

How did you end up living in Peru if you don't mind me asking. We were there for a month a couple of years ago. We loved it, although Lima was awfully polluted and we were glad to get out of there.


PeruMum Tue 19-Jun-12 01:33:07

Thank you Adora and Mummy. Really appreciate the advice. We've been told just today of a couple of shops we can try in Cusco, but any other brand names or product details you could share would be great.

I'm really trying to go minimal on stuff! I think you're right - it seems to be such an industry of guilt - that insists you NEED x y and z thing to be a good parent. It's been great watching some of the mums here and seeing how little they have, but how happy their babies are. We're out here working with a UK mission agency but are linked with the Peruvian Baptist Church who have asked us to start a church for them. We're really happy not to be in Lima - I agree the pollution is nasty. Although I think we'll be making a trip there soon to do some shopping! Thanks again girls. Much appreciated.

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mummysmellsofsick Tue 03-Jul-12 08:32:30

Gosh how amazing to find yourselves living there in the clouds full time!

Good luck with the shopping and the baby and sorry I can't be any more helpful. The only shops I went to in Cusco were alpaca jumper and charango shops!

DoctorGilbertson Fri 06-Jul-12 13:06:39

hello! I'm in Argentina - not much help really with the Peru question, just having a general Latin America chat!

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