Moving to DC suburbs - where to live, what to take, so many questions? ...

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Moknicker Thu 07-Jun-12 14:14:49

Hi all,

We have finally got the offer and it looks like we are going to be moving to Washington DC. I have loads and loads of questions for all of you who have been there and done that.

DH is going to be working in Tysons Corner and we are moving there in September. I have two DCs 3 and 20months (at time of move) and wanted a nice area to live in.

We have been told to look at Vienna, Falls Church and Arlington and also Mclean. Keen to get your thoughts on these and any other areas we should be looking at.

Secondly we are getting a "sign on bonus" instead of relocation expenses at actuals which is a bit of a pain as we get taxed on it. But what do you think we should be spending it on apart from the flights - ship all our stuff over (barring electricals) or are we better of saving it up to buy things in the US?

Thank you.

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AKMD Fri 08-Jun-12 12:17:06

No first-hand advice but I do remember some funny accounts of moving to DC in Matt Frei's Only in America.

whimsicalname Sun 17-Jun-12 18:30:02

Hi monicker I hope you haven't completely given up hope on anyone getting back to you. We're moving to DC in August. I've never actually been there, so can't really offer much advice other than to say hi.

We're moving to Pimmit Hills which is a couple of miles SE of Tysons Corner. It's part of the wider Falls Church area, and looks leafy and lovely. It's walking distance to some amenities (library, school, wholefoods, bus route)

We've been allocated a house, so I've mostly been looking around where it is, rather than other areas. But I've heard and seen good things about all the areas you mention. I can recommend getting on google street view and having a 'wander around'.

In terms of taking stuff, we're taking some stuff, storing some. Will you be making a permanent move? I think our whole shipping container will be taken up with marmite and teabags.

I've got 3 boys to move with me, they're just about 8, 6 and 2. Do get in touch!

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