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So about Perth .......

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Mosman Fri 25-May-12 10:40:36

We've had a bit of a change of heart about Sydney, I cannot face the traffic and the pace of life, i'm going to Australia to chill out !!!

So Perth it is, 4 kids and suitcases in 19 days time.

Anyone want to say hi and reassure me it'll all be fine. Wibble

kelly14 Sat 02-Jun-12 19:34:34

I am the 24 hour girl!! everyone has their own opinions!! i grew up in essex uk and am sure people have pretty big views on that place of which i take no notice! i didnt create the place or people in it!

i posted to give another view having lived in sydney for quite a few years.

No i didnt like perth, i didnt like it at the time as i was 21 and backpacking and it was the first and last hostel i stayed in for less than 24 hours, i then lived in vaucluse sydney in a beautiful apartment for nealry the remainder of my year travelling.

Evern now nearly 10 years on with a 7 year old myself and having us lived , worked, schooled in sydney would i ever choose to live in perth, the same i am sure some or all of you feel about sydney.

I have no reason to feel this way, i havnt said anything bad about the place or people as i cant as spent so little time there but surely you have holidays where you know straight away oh god will never come here again.

Everyone is different, it was not a critism of perth just my own thoughts!!!

Mosman Sat 02-Jun-12 20:37:52

For me the traffic in Sydney was off putting along with the rat race feel. I visited whilst I was living and working in Melbourne and couldn't wait to get back to be honest.
NOw i'm even older and longer in the tooth I'd like to give Perth a go. Jobwise the role I was offered was better in Perth, we may end up in Sydney as I suspect DH can earn more there but that's fine because then I won't have to work at all and can get my kids to school before I put my feet up. Newcastle looks lovely.

shellybr Sun 03-Jun-12 01:44:35

Thats one of the reasons we didn't go for Sydney, we want to be by the beach but would of had to leave way out. We love were we are living now, can't afford the suburbs that the others were mentioning as eventually we want to buy. I have been told by people who have been in Perth their whole lives that it has changed massively in the last 5 years alone.

giggly Sun 03-Jun-12 20:44:30

shellybar I doubt we can afford to buy in the burbs mentioned earlier either, can you give an idea of some of the more affordable areas that are not so far from the city.

shellybr Mon 04-Jun-12 00:39:25

We are in Hillarys it takes dh about 40mins on public transport to get to the cbd, it has a very good primary school and is zoned for Duncraig HS which has a very good name. If you go inland a little you have Duncraig, Woodvale and Kingsley they are all closer to the train line and have good schools too.

glastocat Mon 04-Jun-12 10:02:49

Yes we're cheap too, I would also like any info about the more affordable areas, especially ones with good schools for an eleven year old. Also are there any affordable areas not too far from the beach? I know I am asking a lot! grin

Mosman Mon 04-Jun-12 16:29:09

From what i can gather it's the same as the UK the good schools are in the expensive areas, I'd rather have a one bed flat in the good areas than a 5 bed with pool in a not so good catchment.

roary Tue 05-Jun-12 04:16:40

Hi all
I think that one of things that is very interesting about AUstralian migration is that people look for such different things when they come out. I have to say I'm with Mosman on the small flat in the right area thing, both because of schools and also because I like to walk to the shops. But of course for a lot of people (both Aussies and migrants) the pool and the house and the proximity to the beach are the most important thing. Hillarys is really nice, and shelley has pointed out the adjacent suburbs which are nice too!

I suppose in terms of affordable you'd want to consider the area around Willetton, which will be more expensive because of its excellent high school, but then you'll save on school fees! ALso, the southern suburbs and inland suburbs are generally cheaper than the coastal strip, still with very good schools.

To be honest if I were arriving in Perth now and on a budget I'd start with the school district and work from there. Glasto, your 11 year old will either be very close to secondary school age or already there so I'd examine secondary schools very closely. One of the oddities about life in Perth is that state primary schools are pretty solid but secondary schools (because of the enormous private secondary sector, and the religious private schools) are much weaker. I linked above to the league tables and again it's really worth noting how few state schools crack the top 20. I'd identify those schools and search in their catchment areas as a starting point.

Nun we are central west. Will reveal more at eventual meetup! wink

Mosman, you can contact an agent now but it is pretty much impossible to secure anything until you are on the spot. Does your relocation package include any Finding House assistance?

roary Tue 05-Jun-12 04:25:16

am procrastinating from more important tasks but a quick squizz suggests you can rent a house in Willetton for $400/week. I'd go there and sort out the other details as the school is fantastic, it's near the river, and not bad for the CBD (near the train line and Kwinana freeway). Not near the beach though!

giggly Tue 05-Jun-12 23:16:52

I'd be happy with the worst house on the best streetwink

Mosman Sun 15-Jul-12 07:25:38

Well we have been here 3 weeks and i did indeed manage to secure the shabbiest house in the best street, 2 mins walk from nedlands primary so i am delited about that. Just a case of settling in now, i've had a few wobbles, DH still doesnt have a job and not much on the horizon which is pissing me off a bit.
No problem with getting a rental thoug id been told that would be a nightmare and it really wasnt at all.

giggly Sun 15-Jul-12 23:50:31

congrats Mosman, we will be landing on the 16 August and have a 4 week rental in Joondalup. Hope you've not got the only shabby house best street goingwink
Any handy hints most welcone, countdown to shippers coming for their 3 day pack do I really have so much crap

roary Wed 18-Jul-12 06:38:26

Great news on your respective rentals, ladies - especially Mosman, very well done to have gotten something sorted. Will all your DCs be at Nedlands?

Hang in there - I think the first year you are in a new place is a total rollercoaster, and it's very disorenting and stressful to arrive with no job in place. It'll happen though. Do you have something lined up?

We should have a meetup when Giggly arrives.

lisianthus Thu 19-Jul-12 19:43:45

Ooh! I am so glad I have found this thread. I will be there in October, so it's lovely to hear that you are all doing well.

Good luck giggly, we're moving to Kinross, not too far from Joondalup, next week, currently in our temporary rental in Clarkson. Perth has been all I'd hoped for so far, I'm so excited and happy to have made the move...

I'll see how our shipping arrives next week before giving any packing tips, but in case you find the same information saying that you can declare up to $900 of new stuff without paying import duty, it's not true, and if you declare it, they'll charge you for it.. I can't decide if it's better than being charged for time inspecting a couple of bikes etc which we declared (correctly) as recently bought (and therefore squeaky clean) but considering Quarantine spent less than a couple of hours inspecting the whole lot, something must have gone right...

giggly Tue 31-Jul-12 23:43:03

Hi all, survived the 3 day pack with the shippers and my 40 foot containershock Have to say it was one of the most stressful times of my life, not helped by a 2 day hangover.
So countdown begins living at friends/travelodge out of suitcases for next 2weeks then a whole new exciting chapter in the giggly homegrin

Try and enjoy the next couple of weeks, but they'll obviously be emotional.. I found leaving friends harder than family, as I could kid myself (probably) that family would come to visit, while friends probably wouldn't.
Our stuff all arrived intact, it is lovely to see it all again, 2 months on (and even nicer that DH did most of the unpacking while I've been at work!)

Good luck, see you soon in Perth!

trappedInYorkshire Thu 02-Aug-12 17:58:54

Oh, ravenous, would you mind letting me know about Kinross when you get there? We've just had our visas confirmed in last few days, so trying to work out when we might get out there, hopefully sooner rather than later but Kinross / Currambine were the areas we were thinking we'd try and rent 1st of all. Do you know what commute is like into the CBD?

Good to hear it's been as good as you'd expected!

Mosman Fri 03-Aug-12 02:52:52

Hi Roary and everyone moving/thinking of moving.

My children will all be in Nedlands, the little one is at home with dad for now but he will end up there I hope.
So the weather turned a bit for the worse, DH found a job within 4 weeks, after I kid you not nearly 3 years of job hunting in the UK.
It's all been brilliant so far, I'll be glad when our stuff arrives, I feel a bit disjointed at the moment without our bits and pieces, but in some way it's nice not having all the junk lol

Keep in touch

trappedInYorkshire Fri 03-Aug-12 09:49:28

Congrats to your husband, that's great news. Is your job going ok? Sounds like you've made right choice in Perth then.

giggly Tue 21-Aug-12 01:33:46

I'm here! the giggly household has arrived. we landed last thurs and the dc have awful jetlag, both getting up at 2am and not going down again until 6.
Our rental in Joondalup is good and have decided to look in Kingsley/Duncraig for a longer let as we could afford to buy there and if we did'nt get into Duncraig senior then Woodvale is good as well but as dd#1 is only 7 plenty of time.

Our good friends are looking after us and have made the first week much better than imagined.
Would love to meet up in a few weeks once I've got a house sorted, although I am easily recognisable at Hilarys as the stressed tired looking Scottish women trying not to yell at her over tired ddsmile

Mosman Tue 21-Aug-12 07:52:55

Ha well I got sacked yesterday by my Scottish boss because apparently I looked bored in a confrence, this is the day after I was off sick because three kids had been up all night vomiting. I think the word he was looking for was knackered not bored. But hey ho onwards and upwards, I'm staying at home with my kids now because child are is expensive and I've concluded I'm not a good employee with 4 primary school aged children.
That aside I'm really happy with the school, the natives are friendly and life is good. MIL arrives on Thursday so it could be downhill from then onwards lol

shellybr Wed 22-Aug-12 00:01:44

Giggly, Kingsley and Duncraig are both reallly nice. But be careful in Kingsley only some of it is in the catchment for Woodvale the rest is in the catchment for Greenwood HS. Duncraig HS catchment is Padbury, Hillarys Sorrento and Duncraig.

Mosman that suck about your job but heah the summer is coming. We have the same bug running through our house, 5 yr old just recovered and now the 2 yr old is suffering along with the DH. Finger crossed I dont get it at least till he has recovered.

giggly Tue 28-Aug-12 16:02:48

not enjoying this open viewing malarkyhmm

ajandjjmum Tue 28-Aug-12 16:23:07

That's shit Mosman - hope your boss gets the bug! At least you'll get time to start enjoying your new 'home'!

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