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So about Perth .......

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Mosman Fri 25-May-12 10:40:36

We've had a bit of a change of heart about Sydney, I cannot face the traffic and the pace of life, i'm going to Australia to chill out !!!

So Perth it is, 4 kids and suitcases in 19 days time.

Anyone want to say hi and reassure me it'll all be fine. Wibble

giggly Tue 29-May-12 23:23:20

I think we might haveconfused. I decided that we will only look within zone 1 area of the travel zone map as this will make it easier. Of course there are lots of areas that are of limits due to our budget straight away.

Mosman Tue 29-May-12 23:37:37

I have been told carine is the place to be, I am paranoid about schools and people have said that carine has good ones, what do you think ?
Our date has crept forward to the 11th so much to do I doubt I'll have any trouble sleeping on the plane !

roary Wed 30-May-12 03:52:33

Mosman, Carine is very nice (we have very good friends there). The local primary is very good. But it is very different from Mosman which is where you wanted to go in Sydney. It is a 1960s suburb, nice trees, 1960s houses, quite a nice shopping area and a reasonable commute to the city.

I don't know anything about the local secondary school because everyone I know who lives in the area has gone private or to John XXIII, which is the excellent Catholic school (fees but low fees). I don't know if that suggests something about the school or about our friends.

However, the league tables for Perth high schools are very interesting. obviously you have to take all league tables with a grain of salt but here they are:

You want the WACE rankings which are the second table in. Bascially you can see that there are very few state high schools in the top 20 (Perth Mod, Willetton, Rossmoyne, Shenton College, Churchlands SHS). However these state schools are excellent and you might want to consider living in the catchment. Perth Mod is academically selective on the basis of a test that can only be taken once a year so you'd have to do that when you got here.

If you want to remind me a bit about your budget i can make some suggestions, but I'd consider Floreat, Churchalnds, Mount Claremont, Woodlands to begin with. I suppose the equivalent to Mosman here would be Claremont/Cottesloe/City Beach (all with excellent primaries but not cheap).

Good luck, and I really don't mind answering questions, it can be a bit confusing especially as some of the Aus migration websites all seem to direct people to the same residential areas, all of which are full of British migrants and I think there's a lot more to look at.

roary Wed 30-May-12 03:53:42

PS I have a friend who is 'in the know' about primary schools for a variety of reasons and she says that Nedlands and Rosalie in Shenton Park are great, and that Nedlands is probably the best primary in the city!

TheQueenOfSheba Wed 30-May-12 04:49:52

Perth is full of English people banging on about how they left the UK because of all the 'immigrants', completely missing the irony of their situation.

Don't go there - there are much, much nicer places in Australia to live.

Mosman Wed 30-May-12 07:22:00

Well gee thanks for that hmm
Australian's can be dickheads, just as brits can and I've even come across the odd chinese twat, could it be that people are different no matter where they are from i wonder ?

glastocat Wed 30-May-12 07:34:09

I started the other Perth thread, we are pretty much decided now we are going probably early next year. I was surprised at some of the replies on the other thread, some people were very vehement! I think it sounds lovely, getting a bit excited now! bit worried about the prices,but hopefully the wages will match. Half of Cork (where i live now)seems to be there at the minute and they all want to stay, so fingers crossed!

glastocat Wed 30-May-12 07:34:41

I started the other Perth thread, we are pretty much decided now we are going probably early next year. I was surprised at some of the replies on the other thread, some people were very vehement! I think it sounds lovely, getting a bit excited now! bit worried about the prices,but hopefully the wages will match. Half of Cork (where i live now)seems to be there at the minute and they all want to stay, so fingers crossed!

NunTheWiser Wed 30-May-12 07:38:36

Hi, I'm here permanently as of 2010 and loving it! We're close to the suburbs Roary mentioned so I can probably answer any questions you have about them.

Mosman Wed 30-May-12 07:40:37

It's funny because when i was on a tram in melbourne in 2000 i was talking to a girl about returning back to the UK and she suggested going to Cork, it was booming apparently.
I honestly think life is for living if it doesn't work out so bloody what.
the number of people who live by me who never leave the region, go to spain once a year and think they are really cosmopolitan just makes me giggle.

Mosman Wed 30-May-12 07:42:44

I'm just on now, budget wise i think we need to be spending around $500 a week initially but that could be a 2 bed flat. I will have $1,000 a week to spend but not until after Christmas.
Schools are my number 1 priority though, i cannot get that wrong.

HelloShitty Wed 30-May-12 07:57:09

Can't give any up-to-date info I'm afraid as I was there 2002-03, but I'm also at a loss as to why people hate Perth (especially after not even giving the place 24 hours???) I totally fell in love with the place and the lifestyle and would have stayed there had my visa let me. I was living in Karrinyup/Scarborough Beach, which I remember as being very quiet and a bit Stepford Wivesy, but perfectly nice. Beach was amazing!

People were lovely - I guess it depends on who you hang out with but the worst I remember was a bit of light-hearted pommie-bashing. The only negatives I can think of are the remoteness, and the fact that it doesn't have a lot of diversity. I guess if you're a London-lover, you'd probably hate it, but I'm very jealous of you going! Good luck.

Pooka Wed 30-May-12 08:06:10

Have friends who lived in floreat in gorgeous house rented from family. They couldn't afford to buy there though, and moved to carine about 3 years ago. Their daughter has settled into school (local primary) and they seem very happy and settled (one from Perth originally, one from London).

She (Perth born and bred) finds carine a bit Ramsey st. Is very suburban and difficult to walk anywhere interesting especially in summer heat. But isa fine place for raising kids. Just not as lovely as floreat. More affordable though.

glastocat Wed 30-May-12 09:17:59

Mosman, Cork was booming in 2000, that's why we moved here from London (also my husband's family live here, we had just had a baby, were tired of London etc etc. The boom is well and truly bust now though, financially Ireland is in huge trouble, and we are going to be the rats leaving the sinking ship! Lets hope the boom in Perth is a little bit more sustainable than the irish version, which mainly consisted of irish people selling property to each other had inflated prices (house prices here are down 50% from peak in 2007 --thank god we didn't buy--)

glastocat Wed 30-May-12 09:18:45

I would bloody love to live in Ramsey street, looks great to me! grin

NunTheWiser Wed 30-May-12 10:35:51

Subiaco and Shenton Park are lovely with good schools. There's a bit more of a buzz than in some of the other suburbs. Cottesloe / Swanbourne is good for that too. Subiaco, Rosalie and North Cott primary schools are all highly regarded.

Mosman Wed 30-May-12 20:11:25

Flights are now booked for the 11th June, if you see me mumsnetting kick my ass as I am not short of things to do between now and then grin

sunnydelight Thu 31-May-12 01:14:32

Ooh, whereabouts in Cork glastocat? My dad's in Rosscarbery.

What put you off Sydney Mosman? I though you had places for your girls in Wenona and everything.

Don't know if I've said this before (as I do seem to be a regular on your threads!) but personally I would avoid making definite school choices before you arrive. It was actually a MNetter who recommended DS1's first school here - the one we pulled him out of after seven weeks and much grief. It was SO stressful all round, not to mention the hassle and expensive of doing two full High school uniform kit outs in a couple of months. I'm not sure if you're still thinking of private, but for public schools remember you can take your time and look around, then rent in the catchment. Our downfall was arriving at the beginning of the Winter hols ( they start in Perth on 6th July so you should be ok) so we couldn't do anything about schools for a couple of weeks, but meantime had to start looking for a rental so we made a quick (bad) decision.

roary Thu 31-May-12 03:05:32

I am very pleased that so many Perth MNers are coming out of the woodwork. One othread about living here with lots of rude comments and all sorts of people appear ;)

Seriously, on that thread, I just wanted to say that Perth has changed so enormously since we lived here in 02-04. The resources boom has made a city which had very little inward migration absolutely chockablock with people from Elsewhere. When we lived here before I couldn't go to the shops without at least one person asking where I was from (accent) but now you see and hear foreign accents constantly. It's changed the place for the better but as a result I wouldn't take the views of people who haven't been here recently all that seriously.

On where to live: Glasto and Nun make interesting points. Lots of people come to Perth wanting a great big house and great big block. Interestingly real estate ads here always give you the dimensions of the block and not the house, land size is a big thing here. Obviously for this to be affordable you have to be out of the city centre, but if it's what you want then you can get it, and it will be lovely! And indeed just like Ramsay St.

I think I am more like Nun in that my main criteria for living here was living within walking distance of school and shops, and to do that requires living in an inner suburb. For me, anything north of Floreat/Woodlands/Churchlands is too suburban and not my style (and that kind of comment does tend to intensely irritate those north of Floreat, but bear with me!). The older suburbs have central shopping strips with cafes and are lively and have more of a buzz. In the newer ones you get big blocks, big houses, usually huge numbers of kids, quiet, and still a strong comunity feeling but you have to drive absolutely everywhere, which I don't like. But I can see how others do.

So, if I were Mosman, I'd be looking at this very helpful map and given your MN name and what you liked in Syd considering the inner west suburbs that Nun mentioned (Cottesloe, Claremont, SUbiaco, Nedlands, Shenton Park etc). All have excellent public schools and you can see what you'd like. And seriously do PM me as I have visited most of these schools smile With your budget you should be fine especially if you are OK with starting in a flat. We rented a very acceptable 3 bed townhouse in Cottesloe for 700/week, which is a good price for that area.

Private schools in this area are all first rate but expensive!

Mosman Park might be a good place for a short term rental as it is well located.

Finally, and very important: some of the more oversubscribed schools may ask you to leave if you move out of catchment so take that in to consideration. And Sunny is right, try before you commit but it sounds like you'd do that.

Clearly we need a Perth meet up now!

Bridle Thu 31-May-12 04:28:35

Hi Mosman, I'm an Aussie from Perth (now living in Spain though) and I've got to say that I agree with Roary about considering the beautiful suburbs of Floreat, Churchalnds, Mount Claremont, Woodlands to begin with. They are expensive though. (I have no idea what your budget is.)

Schools are very good around Willetton/Bull Creek/Shelley/Rossmoyne area too. (Where I used to live! smile ) I know many families who've moved to these areas from rural Western Australia or from overseas (Asia and South Africa) specifically because of the schools (both public and private). These areas are also chocca-bloc full of spacious, green parks, children's play areas, bbq/picnic spots and public open space/bushland reserves for recreational purposes. (Although the same could be said for many areas of Perth.... it's something I miss terribly!) Truly a wonderful place in the world to raise children.

As far as private school goes, I wouldn't worry about considering it for primary education.... public primary schools in Perth are good in any suburb except for the lowest socio-economic areas.... but you may wish to think about it for secondary. If you're on a budget, a Baptist or Catholic school would be your best option, if not, any of the other denominations offer very high rate educations too. If money was of no concern for me, I would book my children into either Santa Maria Catholic girl's school or Aquinas Catholic boy's school. Unlike the majority of Catholic schools in Perth, these are very expensive... but they offer a first rate education and I've heard nothing but rave reviews from parents who have children attending these schools.

Well, that's all I can think of for now... if I can help with anything at all, just let me know. smile


glastocat Thu 31-May-12 10:18:18

sunnydelight, I'm in the city, but love it down West Cork! The last time I was in Roscarberry there was a horse fair in town and I wanted to buy a baby donkey but my husband said no. grin. I also went to the beach there one scorching day and there was really thick fog on the beach, it was the weirdest thing I've ever seen! But that's Cork for you. We usually pass through there on our way to Clonakilty which has my favourite pub in the world, DeBarras. So yeah, I know that area very well, and love it, nowhere more beautiful when the sun comes out!

NunTheWiser Thu 31-May-12 11:25:28

We need a meet up when Mosman gets here! Where are you, Roary?

giggly Fri 01-Jun-12 22:40:28

have spent all night searching for a short furnished let I'm needing some wine

Mosman Sat 02-Jun-12 08:56:22

The company I shall be working is providing us with 2 weeks accommodation and then we have to find somewhere ASAP.
I can't decide if it's worth contacting some agents whilst still over here.
9 days to go for us

puds11 Sat 02-Jun-12 09:01:00

My sister has been living in perth for the past 6 months and she loves it. Shes planning on staying there long term i think sad I will miss her.
You will have a fab time dont worry.

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